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  1. Every monster mash needs someone who could create a distraction! I'll keep this up a few more hours, then work on the threads
  2. Yeah, not hitting civvies. Hitting civvies BAD. So, I'll just power stunt an area move object to get the civvies out of harms way as per discussion in chat. Move Object 10(extras, area(burst), selective; flaws, distracting) I'll be going for the largest group, or the one in the most danger that I can see. I'll also use a free action to yell at them, trying to get them to not resist the effect(if that requires a diplomacy roll or something, tell me)
  3. Ok, quick question; With my area attack being able to hit 600 5 ft cubes, would I be able to hit every zombie, or how many would I hit? Regardless, I'm gonna be trying to hit the largest number of zombies with this attack: Graviton Eruption Attack Roll (1d20+6=8) ....if I was reasonably sure I'd hit something with that. Reroll time! Graviton Eruption Reroll (1d20+6=9) ....wow, that sucked. so, IIRC, that's +10 to the roll, for a total of 19? Well, anyways, that's a DC 29 toughness save to every zombie I can hit
  4. More like beaches beside the casinos on the Boardwalk, but yeah, if you're sure then...
  5. hrm, ok then, I'll spend a hero point(I believe that's for Inspiration, yes?), as for size...Hmmmm, would a 4000 gallon tank be a reasonable size, or is that too big?(For comparison, that's about 1/4 the capacity of your average swimming pool(which is about 18000-20000 gallons)
  6. *looks for a third time, notices luck as an enhanced feat*....whoops, though I can see the reasoning for it being an enhanced instead of regular feat! Sorry about that, and it's good to know about the bruise thing. I am wanting to do this right... Note:HP corrected
  7. ...yeah, grotesque, you might want to rethink this, since he'll definitely be near water, though I'm not saying no...
  8. Who'd be up for beating back that fiendish fish known as Sharktopus? I'm throwing Dyne into this, and this is definately a PL 10+ adventure, and suggestions for where to do this would be helpful.
  9. Breschau's fierce attack leaves the massive lizard stunned! It seems he found a soft point in the gator's incredibly thick hide... Meanwhile, the other two gators spread out, seeking a quick meal! One lets out a surprisingly loud, low rumble at Robin, attempting to throw her off balance, before striking with its massive jaws! The other runs surprisingly fast to a family trying to flee them...and attacks! Panicing, the run as fast as they can, but a little girl trips! As the gator opens its huge jaws, she screams "MOOOOMMMY! SAVE ME!" before the gator clamps down, trapping the girl in its mouth! What will the heros do now?!
  10. Ok, Gator's turn: Gator A:Stunned! Gator B:Move Action, Move toward civilians! Standard Action: Grapple with Engulfing Snare; Snares a child!!!!!!!! Gator C:Startle Robin as a Move Action! Startle Roll (1d20+17=18) (note, i forgot -5 for doing it as a move action, so that's a result of 13) Regardless of results, gator C attacks Robin! Attack Roll (1d20=13) I'll need an opposed roll(intimidate or sense motive, whichever you prefer) from Robin, though I'm pretty sure the gator still misses either way... Also, everyone gets a hero point for the complication of a gator chowing down on a little girl! Next round, she moves into the gator's stomach(noted as Dimensional Pocket on the stat block), where she has to survive the gator's stomach juices! Any result of stun on the gator automatically frees the girl at any point.
  11. Yep, gators have a defense of 10, so unless you completely blow your roll... Toughness Save (1d20+14=16) AAAAND Gator A's stunned staggered, and bruised! Looks like Breschau found the soft spot behind their eyes...(or, he just completely blew his toughness save!)
  12. "Hello, Dr. Havilland, I see they've roped you into this as well. Heh, I'm pretty sure we've most definately filled out the 'expert' portion of this program!" Though he smiles at the good doctor, inwardly, he's steaming a little. 'Oh, you're the only one who would talk to us!' 'Everyone else said no!' 'We basically got laughed out of the house!' So, they could get other people after all, eh? I'm going to have 'words' with the producers after this is over, and they better be giving up a good portion of their gross profits to my charity when I'm done, or so help me...! He turns to Jennifer. "I'm ready whenever everyone else is."
  13. ok then: Round 1: Breschau (1 HP) Gator A Gator B Gator C Valkyrie (4 HP)(not joining till round 2) Robin (2 HP) Victory (2 HP)
  14. On advice from refs, posting gators' stat block. Might work these up into full NPC's at some point, though you can feel free to comment on the uberness/crappyness of the gators PL 9(130/135) tradeoffs:-5 attack/+5 damage -5 defense/ +5 toughness Abilities:0+0+2-4+4-6=-4pp Str:34(+12) Dex:10(+0) Con:24(+7 ) Int:6(-2) Wis:14(+2) Cha:4(-3) Combat:4+6=10 Attack:+0(+2 base, +2 Attack Focus(melee),-4 gargantuan) Defense:+0(3 base, +1 Dodge focus, -4 Gargantuan), Flatfooted 0 Grapple:+25( +4 attack, +9 str, +12 Gargantuan) Knockback:-17 Initiative:+4 Saves:14+3+3=20pp Toughness:+14(+7 con, +7 innate Protection) Fortitude:+15(+14 base, +1 con) Reflex:+3(+3 base, +0 Dex Will:+5(+3base, +2 will) Skills:36r=9pp Concentration 14 (+15) Intimidate 14 (+17) Notice 8 (+10) Feats: 5pp Attack Focus(melee) 2 Dodge Focus 1 Improved Initiative Startle Powers:20+8+36+7+19=90 Dimensional Pocket 4+ Linked Corrosion 5(flaws, limited(target has to be helpless); Feats, Innate)[20pp]-STOMACH! Protection 7(feats, innate)[8pp]-gator hide Growth 12(extras, continuous; flaws, permanent; feats, innate)[36pp]-HUGENESS! Strike 2(feats, mighty, innate)[7pp]-Om Nom Nom Snare 8(extras, Engulfing(+0); feats, Innate, Obscures Senses(visual and auditory))[19pp]-GULP!!! -4+10+20+9+5+90=115
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