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  1. A clever use of your powers should make it a tight squeeze but it should be doable. There is no crack along the ground, however, that goes any further in (It just goes lower into the ground before stopping - the whole thing probably slides downward to open). You'll have to sneak through lengthwise, which means you will be visible on the other side from viewers who are not looking at the door straight on, and any sort of camera/trip laser that might be in place would still pose a threat until you got out of the door crack. For Fox's information, the heightened DC and heightened risk for the computer use is for opening the door during a heightened security alert. Your efforts at taking a 10 will still allow you to do anything that would not normally compromise security, as you are a friendly user. Feel free to put your imagination to use as the story continues.
  2. I apologize for the late post. Creature Feature and GM Lights and SHADOW (GM postings marked) GM Only Mysteries Infinite: The Palace of Fortune
  3. As the message finishes displaying, Silhouette finds a hint of air being taken in through the side of the rock, close to the location of the biometric scanner. While its exceptionally well hidden, especially in the cold of night, there is a faint trace of what could possibly be a gap within the rock, and the crack is just large enough and symmetric in design to suggest a door or other entryway, despite all the pains taken to make the entire rock look natural from top to bottom. There's not a lot of room in the gap right now to wedge much inside at the moment without a little creativity or brute force. Considering what you've learned, forcing the door open may cause an actual alert rather than an overly cautious level of alertness. There's no telling, however, which way is more dangerous - forcing open the entrance of forcing yourself through via computer.
  4. Also, I forgot to mention to Fox: You succeeded in your roll. You know that the alert was not caused by your computer interference. The information displayed is available to friendly, usual users of the system. They're not allowed in at the moment. You can try to spoof a higher up person, but that will require a more difficult roll, particularly since you don't know anyone in the system. There are also harsher consequences if you fail. Computer DC, with the datalink, DC 27.
  5. I use updated character notes in my adventures, simply because I'm not nearly thorough enough to remember or copy down old character statistics. I trust you guys not to put your points in powers to specifically defeat an adventure of mine. We'll consider your attack a critical hit. I'll post the result when LS confirms his action. I imagine he's still going to sustain the barrier, but he can still move or take an action that does not require the use of his magics.
  6. That's a search check and the DC is determined by how well-hidden the thing you're looking for is. For something like this, it's about DC 23 (25 -2 for knowing what you're looking for). You also need to specify the general area that you are looking, as searching larger areas takes much more time.
  7. With Nick still trying to catch his breath, and the need to hold the aquarium in two different places, Kid Cthulhu has no choice but to get closer to the center of the Parlor, in order to be able to see both cracks. The horrific sea creature screeches an ungodly wail as the source of its mental anguish comes closer. The smell of ozone overcomes the usual fishy odor as lightning crackles between the various giant eel heads, focusing the power forward. In a startling and rather unnerving display of cooperation, six of the heads open their hideous maws, projecting a singular blast of lightning straight at you. With the barrier erected, Kid Cthulhu has nowhere to go... ...But barriers are good for more than holding water! With quick, creative magic on your side, you hold the shot of lightning dead in the air as the barrier forms a "U" shape, covering both the aquariums and yourself. The barrier eventually gives way way under the ferocious might of the deadly blast, but not before you have time to tilt your head to the side, the blast missing by mere inches. You've managed to buy yourselves the precious resource of time, but its quickly running out!
  8. Within moments, the dull glow of subdued lights discretely flicker on as a screen-like hologram projects itself from a projector you could not sense before, despite your affinity for the electronic. PRISONER INTAKE SUSPENDED. PARAGON ALERT 3. PLEASE STAND BY UNTIL ALERT HAS BEEN LIFTED. ALL PERSONNEL BE ALERT FOR POSSIBLE PARAGON ACTIVITY
  9. Whoever hid the electronic device did a masterful job. You only feel the ping of a presence twice before the sense fades behind the latent white noise of the rocky ground, the foul weather, and the bustling modern city. There were definitely wires somewhere - a pulse with a distinct direction was sent. A careful search inevitably brings you to the source - a rather large, jagged rock that appears completely natural on this terrain. With a little investigation, you find a decently-sized hole, made to look rather inconspicuous. A green panel inside the hole lights up ever so slightly when you move something inside. This is an electronic. And not just any electronic. A biometric device! Considering the position of the hole, its likely made to scan the face and eyes of someone bent over. It's an odd discovery, to be certain. There's no way that anyone in the car had any time to use such a device, no matter how efficient it is, considering how closely you were following. Up to now, you've seen no one else in the area either.
  10. Carces

    Player Away Thread

    Good luck to you wherever you go, Moira. My computer has died. It's been on its last legs for a while and has finally bitten the dust. Unfortunately, that means I'll have to post even less than my already-reduced rate, and I will not be able to rejoin chat until such a time as I have purchased a new computer. I sincerely apologize to those of you waiting for replies in my threads. Rest assured, I will endeavor to continue posting as often as I can.
  11. The water below the cliffs combined with the depth of the water may make the electronics below out of your reach - particularly if the car did indeed have some type of watery method of locomotion. Even still, the scan is worth giving a... There! For a brief instant, you do sense the presence of an electronic down somewhere in the depths. It's small, and somehow familiar. It's also moving - at the moment, it's currently moving away from you. You have only a short amount of time before it will move out of your sensing range. The water looks remarkably perilous and the side of the cliff treacherous. If you want to proceed downward, you'd need a plan. However, there is also an electronic signiature somewhere behind you, and this one does not move. You're certain there were no street lights or similar electronics coming up to this cliff, so the presence of another electronic is peculiar indeed. It feels confined and very difficult to sense - it would have likely gone beneath your notice if you had not taken the proper amount of time to search. It's nature is definitely questionable, but at least its on land. Unfortunately, if you take the time to investigate where precisely the land-based electronic is, the water-based one may disappear from your reach... "Car water-jet!" Travelling at high speeds down the large pipe of the secret SHADOW base, a hovercar held Vance Malloy prisoner, and surrounded by heavily armed and very annoyed SHADOW agents. His imagination ever active, Vance had spent the time deducing that the base was somehow under water (Protip: pipes are a dead giveaway!) and was now engaged in pushing his luck to determine how exactly a car gets into a secret underwater base. "Secret high-speed water elevator! Super-Tech water teleportation device!" The guard to Vance's left throw up his hands as he ranted in a surprisingly high-pitched voice. "You're just... you're just adding the word 'water' to things, you stupid kid!" "Water Rail! Water Zip-line! Highly sophisticated water-explosives with amazingly calculated water trajectories!" The excitable guard turned to the others. "Someone shut him up! Please!" A particularly large guard large SHADOW agent grabbed his gun tight, leaning in towards Vance. Despite the fact that each SHADOW agent wore a mask, Vance could somehow see the menacing scowl and blood-thirsty gaze. "Listen here, runt. The only reason you're still conscious is that we want you to scream for your little friend. If you don't shut up this instant, I will give you something to scream about when we got there. You got that?" The large agent snorted loudly right into Vance's face, who turned away and scrunched up his nose to avoid the guard's rotten breath. After a moment, the guard leaned back into his seat as the ride continued quietly. "Water telekinesis graviton beam!" Groans came from all of the soldiers as the thin guard shook his rifle. "I will END you, you little runt!"
  12. Nope. Dragonfly chose to slow down and be more cautious, so the saving throw is made through the choice. Sil won't need one either as Dragonfly is stopped at the edge. By the way, at any point during the adventure where Silhouette and Dragonfly are conversing and you're not waiting for a response as to what happens, feel free to post without me. I don't have quite as many opportunities to post and the posts I make have to be fairly large to encompass anything anyway. Don't feel obligated to wait for me. :)
  13. The cold wind of the night has already taken the car's warm exhaust away and the car itself, a usual beacon of heat in a miserable night such as this, is nowhere to be seen. Fortunately, the high speed coupled with the rocky terrain created enough heat with the friction of the tires to make an adequate trail. Undoubtedly, the heat in the ground here would not last long, but there is ample time for Dragonfly to track the tire marks... ...where it leads to a deadly drop to the tumultuous tides below! Even reducing your speed, it takes quick reflexes and quicker wits to stop before plummeting towards a normal driver's watery grave. With the trail never stopping, an uphill course followed by such a sudden drop, and the already-poor road conditions, its impossible to see the drop until you're already on top of it. A quick glance gives you the facts. It's likely not an illusion, as illusions tend not to work well with infravision, save those from particularly powerful practitioners. A hologram would likely have an emitter, which gives off a very high amount of heat as well. In both cases, it would be foolish to set up an optical effect when its already hidden by the uphill slope. There's no doubt that the car went off the cliff, down to the jagged rocks and crushing waves of the ocean. This does not bode well. Creature Feature woke up, having blacked out for a short period from the sudden fall and crash. His chest ached where the seat belt had grabbed him, likely stopping a far more grievous injury. He shook his head, trying to gather his wits. "Uuuuuuuuugh... you guys aren't very good at driving, are you?" Creature Feature mumbled to no one in particular as he cradled his forehead with a hand. When the door suddenly opened, Vance whipped around to see two hooded, uniformed figures with rather malicious-looking guns looking into the car. Both of them sported the familiar symbol of a black, S-like lightning bolt: the symbol of SHADOW. "Out!" commanded one of the men, as he readied his unusual rifle towards the car's back seat. Vance was no weapons expert, but he knew these guys were not playing around. Exiting the car, Vance noticed no less than 6 of these armed soldiers, all standing in what appeared to be a large, metallic tunnel. There was also a seventh person - a thin man in a white coat with slicked-white hair. His large, mirror-like spectacles reflected the light from the screen of a strange, hand-held device he carried. Breaking his permanent scowl, he spoke up. "Trackink device. Check him." Immediately, two of the guards swarmed over Vance, grabbing the tiny tracking chip from his pocket. "Hey! Give that back!" and displaying it before the old SHADOW scientist. Giving the soldier a nod, the SHADOW operative crushed the tiny device with his bare hands. Meanwhile, the thin german looked up at his screen as he scratched his long, beak-like nose with curiosity. "Interestink. Ze boy is knowingk of ze device. Too stupid to use clever hidink place. Amateur job." "Hey!" Vance squealed in protest. The scientist turned to start walking as he continued to shout orders. "Remove all ze electronic devices ze boy has. Throw zem in ocean. If he is not cooperatink, ve vill give ze ocean boy too. Expectink hero for to be giving ze varm velcome!" Despite the warnings, Vance struggled fruitlessly against the grip of two soldiers while a third removed his watch. He bit his lip as he watched the soldier open a mesh grating that revealed flowing ocean water concealed underneath the flat runway built into the metal tunnel. The soldier tossed his video watch into the water, where it was swiftly taken by the current. With his panic button gone, Vance swallowed hard. Looks like I really am on my own here for now. I sure hope Sil and the genius-lady can find me...
  14. The attack goes through your impervious toughness, Nick. It's a DC 29 toughness save.
  15. The bolts of mystical fire fly out, findings their target - the sea hag's magical barrier, erected only through sheer force of will, stops most of the attack, but not without a price. With little other alternative, she stumbles to her feet, staggering towards the kitchen door in the hopes of finding sanctuary against the mystical onslaught. The beast, however, is simply too enraged to mentally assault successfully. With surprising single-mindedness, the creature roars a cacophony of ear-piercing shrieks. Charged with a hellish burst of lightning, the creature thrashes at Nick Cimitiere, who has nowhere else to go.
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