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  1. Have 4 weeks of nightmarishly long work hours, the likelyhood of me feeling anything less than trashed is minute. I'll see if I can get anything done, with regards to posting (mainly getting a new character up and running) but don't count on it.
  2. Shaking his head, Damien puts a hand gently on Lynn's cheek, his eyes filled with tenderness â€I could never fear you...†pausing, he considers how to phrase what he is about to say next, â€... I envy you. If you're aware of the fact that you're in your own story, then I have read the story of myself, and even though I know every twist and turn in it, I still follow the story to it's very letter, knowing full well what is going to happen. A spectator in my own life.â€
  3. Damien regards Lynn quizzically, and speaks softly â€and what truth is it you wish to discover about us fey...†he raises his arms up, in an almost over-exaggerated shrug â€... our nature?†he smiles, as if the answer is simple â€like the animals of the wild, we fey are brought into this world and live not only by our instincts, but something much, much deeper than that: the dryad need not incentive, nor teaching to desire to protect her trees, nor the nixie taught about mischief. We simply know, and whilst many of us may show cunning and adaptability when against adversity, we are still but slaves to our original designs, to do otherwise would be to invite our own ends.†he pauses, taking a sip from his cup.
  4. Vigor returns to Damien's face upon hearing the request, he practically springs up from his chair, before heading off to a section of his bookshop, a dusty corner, â€I've got just the thing over here,†whereupon he begins taking various books from the bookshelves, amassing a smaller stack within a relatively short period of time â€take your pick, whilst none of them are even close to accurate, they're a good read.†he gives her a wink.
  5. Feeling nostalgia welling up inside of him at the scent of the dandelion wine, Damien smiles. â€Sharitha†replies he in the feyan tongue, then, with a polite nod he takes his first sip of the beverage. A familiar warmth spreads itself throughout his body, a taste of a home long since abandoned, the thought brought a measure of sadness to him. Regret was too strong a word; a sense of how things could perhaps have been said and done differently. But the smiling face in front of him, reminded him of what would have never been, had he not lived as he had, which stopped the notions in his mind from going any further. Taking another sip, he fixed his eyes on the fully-fledged feykin that was now in front of him, smiled, and asked â€what do you intend to do now?â€
  6. Chuckling at the girls response, Damien nods slowly before taking another sip of his own cup, â€you are indeed correct, the changes wrought to you are far subtler that you might expect, I have but given you the potential, the rest is for you to discover...†all at once his face changed, a mix of worry and secrecy and he speaks to her in a somewhat hushed tone of voice â€... likewise, I must express that you be cautious, there are those amongst us fey who do not like the humans and what they have done with this realm, some will see your connection to the Otherwhere a grave offence indeed...†he pauses, remembering the wounds that had been inflicted upon him â€... to the point where they will try to... rectify what they perceive as a grave error,†as he speaks, Damien's voice grows softer and softer, until finally he falls silent.
  7. Lynn, having been out for a sizeable quantity of time, left Damien with few things to ponder before she woke up. He hoped that what he'd done was genuinely what he was supposed to do. He didn't dwell too long on it though, after all, Lynn would probably be a bit queasy when she woke up, so he prepared some tea. When she woke up, he chuckled gently as she realized her lack of clothing, then he poured her a cup of tea, before answering her question, â€It was most successful, even if you don’t feel any different, you need to adjust to your new powers as they manifest themselves. But for now, drink.†with that he gave her the steaming cup â€It’ll make you feel a bit better.â€
  8. Closing his eyes, Damien made sure one last time that Lynn’s connection to the fey realm was complete. Content with a job well done, Damien reached down and touched Lynn gently on the cheek. The expression of affection, turned into one of mild amusement â€Honestly, I’ll have to teach you about proper.†with that, the two of them are engulfed in his powers and in the same instant they we're inside Damien’s dusty old shop again.
  9. Damien stopped dead in his tracks, as well as train of thought, he could sense her connection to the fey, and he knew this sensation intimately, it felt as if he’d been struck by the lightning bolt of inspiration. A single word came to his mind, â€eureka.†whispered he with triumph, I’ve got it. Focusing his eyes to see only the ebbs and flows of the faean magic, he had his realization confirmed; of course he knew what to do. Sensing the tickle of her slumbering powers, Damien gathered his strength and sent a small surge of power through Lynn, meant to awaken feykin.
  10. I love it, and it does work with what I already had in my mind. You actually just cemented it firmly as an action!
  11. Damien began pacing, reciting an old Celtic incantation meant for luck; moving around always helped him think. Perhaps if he united the glamour and the soul, no that would be too dangerous for both. This was getting more complicated than he had imagined, â€know what to do, bah.†repeating the queens words, as Lynn had told him, Damien scoffed.
  12. I realize that this is formidably late to be returning to the site: but I never realized until now that the URL had been changed. :wallbang: Anyway, I'm back, so expect to see something from me in the near future.
  13. Dalkaresh: Well, It's A Marvelous Night For A Moondance Midnightnight Madness
  14. â€ÂYes, most certainly. Stand inside the circle, and be still.†is Damien's reply, somewhat distant now, his mind already starting to wander: Awakening a feykin was easy, their connection to court’s powers is much akin to a floodgate, either it is there there, or not, dribbles were not unheard off, but more often than not, led to full awakening sooner or later. All a normal feykin needed, was a little push from someone on the right side of the gate, as to open the path before them. But Lynn, Lynn was different; after all, her soul was draped in a shell of glamour. What to do, what to do. All the while, Damien continued making the “Magic Circleâ€Â, five stones to the circle, as to make the traditional Wiccan pentagram, some candles on each stone, just to set the mood.
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