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  1. He really ought to stop the underground fighting.
  2. "I don't know what your talking about, but bad move showingup." Golden guarding charged towards the men who just entered pulling back his fist and the attempting to strike him with a powerful blow.
  3. Reflex Fail Toughness Sucess
  4. "I'll follow you to hell if that's what it takes ape!" His golden energy pumping following Tyranny Eagle with a sudden burst of energy flies towards him completely ignoring the decrease in air and sudden coldness, andattempts to down him with a two fisted downwards hammer. Bellowing a powerful roar.
  5. He glanced out of the corner of his eye some costumed figure jump out from under a car and acrobatics away and lock a door. The bullets bouncing off not even feeling them him he was able to think for second. Is he the one- His thought process stopped as another rocket was launched at him, hitting him dead on. Boom! "Stop doing that!" He shouted bounding towards the man who kept on launching rockets at him swinging all out a powerful haymaker.
  6. Reflex failure Toughness Save failure by 1
  7. Golden Guardian blasted after him going threw the hole in the sky roof his golden aura pulsating. "I'll show you king of the sky!" As golden guardian flies straight towards him he pulls back his fist attempting to knock him out.
  8. The Golden Guardian didn't attempt to hide as he entered stepping over the unconscious man. He confidently walked in. "What's goin on here boys? Looks like somethin awful illegal." He cracked his knuckles. "Why don't you put down those weapons..." He said stone cold, raising his huge stone hands into a fighting position.
  9. Golden Guardian slowly descends touching the ground softly. Gun fire stopped. Probably not a good sign... He beings searching for a side entrance, not wanting to go threw the front door.
  10. Yea GG showed up and is viewing the scene, could I have an update on the situation outside before he springs into action?
  11. Overhead the Golden Guardian was taking a pleasant night time patrol flying over Greenbank, earlier that day he had helped a cat out of a tree and a old lady walk across the street. It'd been a relaxing day. Up until he heard gun fire coming from down below, from a large abandoned warehouse. Something was going down, and it was bad news for Greenbank. He quickly descended from the sky viewing the scene.
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