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  1. Raven is able to shake off the attack. She mutters, "Damn things are sturdy." Then, she launches into the same routine as before, yelling "Cry of the Raven!" before sending a black bolt of energy flying at the damaged drone.
  2. Failed by 10. Didn't really want to be staggered, so spent a hero point. Passed this time
  3. Raven smirks softly inside her hood before making quick gestures with her hands and muttering strange words. Then, she points to the leftmost sentry and says "Cry of the Raven!" A black beam of force hurtles toward the drone.
  4. I'm still here; if I can act I will but I'm under the impression that Archangel is up
  5. In preparation for my turn, how far apart are the drones attacking me, and how close are they to others(people and drones)?
  6. Initiative for Raven is 14+3=17
  7. Raven looks at the square for a moment. "Well, this is my most common method of attacking. She backs away a bit, muttering strange words, her hands flying out of her cloak as she makes strange gestures. She then holds her hands out in front of her, fingers pointed up, and says "Cry of the Raven!" A black bolt streaks from her hands and into the blue energy field. "However, if you would prefer a test of strength as well..." Raven lowers herself to the ground and takes up a decidedly martial arts stance. She closes her eyes, seeming to focus for a moment before her right hand flies forward i
  8. Thank you for hosting and basically running things. It really was a lot of fun :)
  9. Raven shakes the officer's hand as she goes to leave. "Thank you, Officer. Try and put some sense in him, if you would, but don't be too rough on him. He was trying to do the right thing, in his own twisted way. He just didn't have any respect for harmony." Raven sighed as she left the station. Guess there's no finding him tonight; he must be out of the sewers by now. But I'll find out what he's up to, and how it affects the harmony of this city. She makes strange gestures and mutters strange words once again before whispering "Fly Through the Night." She appears almost instantaneously in h
  10. A slight glimmer can be seen around Raven as she steps into the Wreck Room. She then makes a few quick gestures and begins to hover about 6 inches off the ground. "It appears as though at least part of this test will involve us working together towards a common goal and that combat may be involved. I prefer to stay at range from my target, and I assume the same applies to you, Arrowhawk." She nods at him and then turns to Archangel and Sentry. "Do either or both of you prefer close combat?"
  11. Do you need anything from us before the trial starts? Should we describe how we enter the Wreck Room?
  12. Raven sighs. Guess I won't be finding him today. "The young man ran off under my direction so that we would not be further injured. I don't believe I will be able to find him, but I will direct him to the station if I see him again. You may call me Raven. I'll be happy to come down and make a report, if it is required."
  13. Either works for me, but Raven isn't much interested in talking to the press
  14. Raven brings back the affectation to her voice that makes it difficult to determine her sex. "This man was was chasing a young man through the sewers. I do not know the reason, but the pursued was doing nothing but running, and this man was using these." She places the guns on the ground by the officer. "He hit the young man a few times and me once as I was attempting to defend the young man." She shows the officer her wound quickly. "I believe you should take him into custody."
  15. It's no big deal cause I could just move the body with my telekinesis, but for future reference I don't think I can actually teleport others.
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