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  1. As it turned out, Dawnstar was not perfect. Every human deserved a chance to surrender. Every human had some good somewhere in them. This human had taken that chance to surrender, and used it to convince her that he honestly didn't have any good in him. Being a pig was easy to shrug off, but toying with the lives of others in order to insult the person trying to save them wasn't. With a deep sigh, Dawnstar spoke in a somewhat beleagured voice. "Counter offer," she began, then slugged the power armored man in the helmet, hard enough to dent the metal. "You sit here and wait for the police. I'll go dispose of those explosives on my own." Dawnstar sighed and flew slowly towards the ship, her voice booming impressively as she did so. "Has anyone who works here made the ill-advised decision to stick around the possibly-exploding ship? I can get rid of these containers one at a time, or just toss the entire cargo into the bay, but it would help if I knew which was which." Of course, Dawnstar was entirely prepared to just start shucking crates far out into the water, but it would be much faster and safer to deal with individual possible-bombs instead of just assuming all of it was dangerous and saving the ship/sailors.
  2. Well, since he's going to just stand there and let me do it... Punch will cure! -2 All-Out Attack: 1d20+10 27; Toughness DC 27 vs the punch.
  3. Grenades. Ras-Izh's mind immediately began racing. Two kinds of explosives at the moment, and...how close were those civies? Hopefully they had had the sense to run when the blasting and smashing had started happening. If she could punch him out before he set off anything grenade-ish, that would be optimal. If she failed, she'd probably eat explosives to the face. Dawnstar didn't care about things like that, of course. She was immortal...but this man wasn't, meaning his life was worth infinitely more than hers, even if he was a criminal. "You can surrender now," she warned, hovering her face mere inches from his helmet, "and be taken in for due process. Alternatively, I can hit you so hard you forget what year it is, then deal with the bomb you've decided to endanger innocent people with." Everyone deserved their chance to surrender. Even though he'd already had his, there was no way he'd actually hurt the dock workers over something this trifling. But just in case...
  4. Dawnstar is readying a punch to interrupt him if he attempts to do anything other than surrender. I don't think I can apply maneuver bonuses to readied actions, so I'll assume this is just a standard thwack.
  5. Toughness, bruised -1: 1d20+11 24, bruised (2) Punch will cure! -2 All-Out Attack: 1d20+10 20, using free All-Out Attack maneuver. Toughness DC 27 Defense 16 this round.
  6. Right. Villains liked to talk about their plans. Dawnstar would have to do something about that, and soon. Hopefully she could do so after she knocked this guy out, though. Unfortunately, he was much better at defending himself than she was...and frankly, that was irritating all on its own. Distracted in her thoughts, and the thoughts of the people who very well might be killed if she didn't stop those bombs quickly, she missed a duck and got slugged in the ribs. "Nnfh!" Good. He was close enough. Hit him again. Dawnstar's fist came up into the suit's belly the moment she was given an opening, connecting hard with the metal beneath her fingers. In the recoil of the blow, her voice came in very low. "Lucky, huh?" Leaving herself open to get a good shot in was a bad idea, but she needed to put this man down. Now. He didn't seem to be having much of a problem hitting her, so why would she worry about her failing defense? Put him down before he puts you down.
  7. Toughness, bruised -1: 1d20+11 14, punch ailed pretty bad. Bruised -2, dazed, staggered. Hero point. Hero point reroll, toughness -1: 1d20+11 29. Successful save. Hopefully, punch will cure.: 1d20+8 9, nat 1, my dice hate me.
  8. Did he literally just kick her in the butt? Oh my god he did. Fortunately, Ras-Izh's rear was a little more durable than a mortal woman's. She grunted and turned around with an annoyed look on her face. "Classy. What'll you do next? Pull my hair?" This man was getting irritating. Like, severely irritating. The stories her mother had told her of walking the earth as a goddess had included nothing about frustratingly persistent chauvinistic pigs in power armor. She tried another punch, but this time it seemed it was she who was upset. Her fist soared harmlessly wild, her otherwise-immaculate hair flying out of place in sheer irritation. She needed to reevaluate her strategy. Take a moment to exploit her healing factor and come in for a second go. But no...he was going to keep shooting her no matter what, and if she backed off, she'd be putting others in danger. That was absolutely unacceptable. Keep tanking the baddie.
  9. Well that was less effective than she'd hoped. Her fist had connected, but even after being repeatedly dented, that armor refused to give up. She needed to back up and try another strafing run...but that would have to wait a moment. The loud man who shot quiet at people had her by the arm, and that simply would not do. Ras-Izh wrenched her arm away the moment she felt an armored gauntlet on it. She had no need for silly speeches and repartee. As she broke away, Dawnstar delivered a floating kick towards the man's head, more power than care thrown into it. That...proved to be an ill-advised idea. Her boot sailed harmlessly past the man's helmet. She needed to be more cautious about where she placed her attacks. Bringing the hurt was optional, compared to actually landing a blow in the first place. "On our first date? For shame, good sir!" she mocked idly, with a smirk on her face. She was doing just fine. Maybe a bit of wit would go a long way. If she could keep him getting reckless like this...
  10. Oh god a grapple check.: 1d20+18 35, lucky freakin' roll, and I am so glad for that. Punch will cure! -2 Power Attack: 1d20+6 9, oof.
  11. Punch will cure!: 1d20+8 24, Toughness DC 27 vs the punch.
  12. Never let your enemy recover. Never give them a chance to get back on their feet. Dawnstar took the momentary lowering of her enemy's defenses as a cue to hover forward, a left cross coming in during the aftermath of the calamitous assault she had just mounted. The sound of steel buckling beneath her hands never really got old to her, and as she made her second attack, she thought to call over the villain's shoulder. Because Dawnstar was not a stupid girl or a glory hound, her attention turned momentarily to the civilians on the docks around them who hadn't yet fled. "Get clear of here and call the police!" Her voice was clear, despite the annoying blast of pure "shut up" she had endured moments ago. The humans around her needed to be safe, and more importantly, the authorities needed to be alerted. This scuffle would be over shortly.
  13. Once again, Dawnstar failed to avoid a blast from that stupid suit. Since this was her first real combat experience in a while, it did make a bit of sense that she seemed to be so poor at flying out of the way. The blue beam of solid silence (THAT SHOULD NOT HAVE BEEN SCIENTIFICALLY POSSIBLE!) slammed into her red leotard, smacking her resistant flesh against her rigid Ultiman bones, and leaving her in a slight amount of...discomfort. "Piddling, huh?" Ras-Izh responded, ambient sound allowing. If her blasts were so inconsequential, maybe it was time to break out the big guns. Her vril laced back into her body, her muscles tensing with cosmic power as she reoriented her body downwards and shot like a bullet directly at the armored man below. She had had just about enough of his condescension, and it was time to show him the error of his ways. With her fist. There was an audible crack as a super-empowered fist collided with the metal of the Tyrant's suit, trailing an aura of golden glow behind in mid-flight.
  14. Avoiding the ouch gun: 1d20+12 23, failed by 2 and bruised (1). Dawnstar switches her array to Enhanced Strength, flies into melee range, and punches. Punch will cure!: 1d20+8 28, critical hit! Toughness save DC 32 vs punch!
  15. He leveled some kind of gun at her. Dawnstar, naturally, took this as a cue for aggression. Unfortunately, she reacted too late to avoid the wave of...something coming at her. Silence wasn't supposed to be a physical force, and yet it was right now. The wave collided with her head-on, and Dawnstar grunted in response. Total silence overcame her, including the thrum of vril in her body. Fortunately, she was made of tougher stuff, and managed to keep her stuff together (if only just barely). Her response was immediate and violent, a screaming bolt of cosmic energy from her outstretched hand. Or rather, the bolt would have been screaming, if she wasn't surrounded by quite unnatural silence. A lack of sound didn't make it any less dangerous, of course, and the golden glow lanced down with surprising accuracy for someone who was actually quite ill-experienced at hitting moving targets. Fortunately for Dawnstar, her enemy wasn't moving.
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