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  1. High Note IC

    Not her preferred kind of crowd, but whatever. Sounds like a good gig anyways. "Aw, but you and Slug made such a cute couple," Val teases, but doesn't press the subject. "I've got someone in mind for this one. New group called Kitty Riot! This... well, let's just seem like it's their idea of a good time. And I like their style; I think they'll bring a lot to the set." She was always one to take a chance with an up and comer, and give them more freedom than they'd normally get in their situation. Sometimes it backfires, but she remembers when she was first starting out. It's good to pay it forward. But there's something she just can't drop. "He really changed his name to Zyte. Guyste." She spaces the two words out, not liking the taste. "I hate this guy already. I'm guessing no middle name to ruin the stupid?"
  2. High Note IC

    Val waves her hand at the coffee as she kicks back in a chair, looking out the window to the city below. "No, thank you; I swore off rocket fuel after the last time. You're a stronger woman than I am." Last time Val tried Amanda's idea of coffee, she was sure the crash after would kill her. Then again, Amanda's probably still alive because she drinks so much of the stuff she never comes back down. She turns her gaze up to the clouds as she considers. "Yeah, I think we can do some good, there, and I've never been one to say no to the camera, but let's have our own security solution on this one, okay? I'd rather have a crew we trust if you're not a hundred percent on Mr. Savant, hm?" She doesn't recall a 'Burj Khalifa,' but she can figure out enough. "I'm guessing we ain't gonna fit a crowd up there. What's this, a playing all to the camera thing, wind blowing, panning city shots, that sort of thing?" A live audience is always better. Get that energy going, revel in it, but she can do the business well enough without.
  3. Room of Danger (seventh edition) OOC

    Standing by for GM.
  4. Active Threads for December 2017

    Val Room of Danger 7th Edition
  5. Room of Danger (seventh edition)

    Hm? Who's this? As someone new enters the stage, talking like another cape, Val takes interest, and decides this may be a bit of a show. These two newly minted villains don't seem like the sort who could be especially dangerous. This might make for a good show. The star digs out some cash from her pocket, puts it near the register, then grabs a glass and pours herself some Jack.
  6. Room of Danger (seventh edition)

    Yeah, that's definitely weird. This could do for a closer look. At a gap in the exodus, Val ducks low and dives through, for the first cover she can find.
  7. Room of Danger (seventh edition) OOC

    This is going to go well: Stealth: 1d20+10 14
  8. Room of Danger (seventh edition) OOC

    Attempting to reduce the general chaos and get information. Skill Mastery on Diplomacy. Enhanced charisma up, and assuming Attractive doesn't apply; result of 27.
  9. Room of Danger (seventh edition)

    Val wanders the street, hoodie up and shades on so she isn't immediately recognized, when a stampede busts out of a nearby club. What the Hell...? Well, that ain't right. She makes her way over to the group, and tries to bring a little order to the chaos. If nothing else, make sure no one gets trampled, and maybe get a few answers, "What happened?" she asks on of the more stable looking individuals as she wards off the runners from stepping on someone who stumbled and collapsed before helping them up and to the stability of a nearby wall.
  10. Character Edits 2017

    Updates for Wayward. Updated image link, now that Photobucket is dead. Increased Mind Reading to rank 10, now capped, raising array to 11 points; increased Enhance Charisma to 10 within that cap, and both added Objects to Comprehend and increased Communication to 3, again within the new cap. Updated skill totals and Attributes for new totals. Cost: 5 PP Added immunity to aging. Cost: 1 PP Total PP Available: 6 PP Total PP Spent: 6 PP PP Remaining: 0 PP
  11. We Are The Cartoon Heroes

    Val might be interesting. Her powers are few and minor, but they could be fun tooninated.
  12. Oni Oh No!

    "May I?" Sam leans over, and with a few taps, magically gets Tona's phone to do what she was trying to do, somehow. "So... it's basically a tabloid?" she skims some headlines. Definitely tabloid. "I kinda hope it isn't legit. People vanishing isn't exactly fun." Today, Sam sports an excessively short pair of denim shorts and the baggiest green sweater, with a big, ruffly collar for no apparent reason. As she goes back to her own seat and downloads the ap on her own phone, and continues browsing. "If I find anything about a laseratops, I know it's a hoax." She sips her coffee.
  13. The Death Song(OOC)

    Yes. Helping. It's not a happy side-effect of Wayward getting some.
  14. The Death Song(OOC)

    What a mysterious antagonistic force. I'm sure it won't come up and be relevant again at any point.
  15. Oni Troubles

    Jay and magic? Sounds like a fun time for Kit. A little thing like PL disparity's never bugged her.