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  1. A Waste of Water(OOC)

    Guess I'll burn one. Fort save: 1d20+7 8 What cruel dice god did I make mad? Fort save: 1d20+7 26 Rerolled. Much better.
  2. A Waste of Water(IC)

    "How about I do this?" as he splashes his feet in the toilet into the man's chest, before temporarily overcoming the cuffs and making a pole, slamming his head into the ceiling. This stunt had tired him out, and he searched for a device on the man's belt.
  3. A Waste of Water(OOC)

    Fort save: 1d20+7 12 I think that's worse than a stun.
  4. A Waste of Water(OOC)

    Initiative: 1d20+5 15 Im going second.
  5. A Waste of Water(OOC)

    Extra effort to use my powers to hit him with a water strike, any negatives or positives before I make the roll?
  6. The Greatest Show on Earth (IC)

    "A powerful foe no doubt. But for all that, he was arrogant, something we can exploit. Ruining his little game is probably first priority." "We already wounded his pride. He will come harder than before."
  7. The Greatest Show on Earth (OOC)

    I'll walk around, getting a feel for the general level of panic and confusion that may go around me.
  8. The Greatest Show on Earth (IC)

    "Now Hyperactive! Coordinate your blows with mine!" A swing from the left, though missing, was meant to guide his foe into hyperactive's own punches.
  9. The Greatest Show on Earth (OOC)

    Time to activate the master plan! +3 kolo. Gonna roll to hit: Attacking Director: 1d20+13 14 Missed automatically.
  10. The Greatest Show on Earth (IC)

    Coughing and wheezing as he gets up, he bellows "Time to unseat the director! I am not done yet." Then he sees Hyperactive had snapped out of it. "Back in your body? Good, didn't like the mind control scene anyway. Awful storytelling." He then swings again, this time hitting home. A hewing swing from the left contacts the director.
  11. The Greatest Show on Earth (OOC)

    Ok, Hp spent, gonna beat this guy up: Attacking Director: 1d20+10 25 Dc 25 to resist that.
  12. The Greatest Show on Earth (OOC)

    Hits. Tower shield is now up. Toughness: 1d20+5 9 Looks like im flying.
  13. A Waste of Water(OOC)

    Does he seem to have anything related to these cuffs? And how easy is it for me to use my cuffs as a bludgeon?
  14. The Greatest Show on Earth (IC)

    Swings and misses. He keeps his composure as he tries to keep his shield between him and his mind controlled ally.
  15. The Greatest Show on Earth (OOC)

    Nope. Does not hit. Rolling to hit the director. Attacking Director: 1d20+10 11 NOPE! I FAILED THAT ONE HARD!