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  1. ic

    "All right, will do." He did as commanded, pulling down his pants. Then he started his big bluff, at first grunting quietly, then steadily increasing his volume until it sounded like he was screaming at the top of his lungs. He was trying to mimic constipation, so that he would have a bit longer to get himself out of his cuffs. While he was screaming, he was fiddling with his cuffs to the best of his ability.
  2. ic

    "So who is your employer's name? Out with it. Also, considering your tone, did you even care that you were going to harm people not in on the movie?" Roland says, frustrated by the fact that this man has not answered any of his questions.
  3. ic

    "Because this was a bank robbery a, and b, the people inside the bank beyond the bank manager were not under the impression that this was faked at all. So what is your name, and who is your employer?" asks in a commanding sort of voice.
  4. ooc

    Also, gonna bluff constipation. Bluffing Constipation: 1d20+13 26
  5. ic

    "News paper ad? Oddest way to recruit someone to a bank heist, but I digress, who was the man who hired you? Do you at least know his name?" asked Roland inquisitively. "Beyond the question of employers, how would you have known that all of this was possibly staged?"
  6. ooc

    oof. That's not a number I can reach. I guess smashing would way too overt as well. Am I able to use some technical knowledge to figure out how these cuffs would unlock?
  7. Did we see any drones in the building while we were in there? I am assuming they ran off once we got rid of the threats, if they were there.
  8. ooc

    What can I tell by these cuffs? How easy would it be for me to slip out of them? If failing that, would the risk of dumping them in water make it easier to get out of them? Or am I able to pickpocket the keys from him? Beyond that, how easy would it be to distract him with small talk? I am willing to provide the necessary rolls.
  9. ooc

    Current Events: 1d20+17 30
  10. ic

    "Alright!" He shouted, knowing that if the boss goes down fast, than the rest of them will go down even faster. He stars his rampage by hitting the first in the face with a javelin, then charging the second and knocking him out with his shield. The others met face first his hammer, him ducking and weaving with his shield before he incapacitated them all. After the fight, he built a set of glasslike cuffs out of water for each of the criminals, for their hands.
  11. ooc

    Odd question, but has the Red Lion done anything before this particular heist? I'll roll if need be.
  12. ic

    "Fancy looking manacles. Though why all the gems in them? Guess they got some purpose. Now, what's your employer like? How is he going to take over? And would he share the crystals?" As he says this, he begins to fidget a little in his seat, but not in the way that he was trying to get out of the manacles, but to rather subtly signal that he needed to go. He didn't need to, but it was worth a shot.
  13. ooc

    I think he would try to fish for the answer from one of the guards, and also bluff the need for a bathroom break. Bluffing the call of nature: 1d20+13 23
  14. ooc

    Would I be able to bluff so that they would take me to the bathroom or do they already know my power? Because I am going to probably bluff.
  15. ooc

    How aware are the guards and are they more concerned with pay or brainwashed?