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Ronin 20 Q


It is a featureless cellar. Brick, damp, a little mould in the background. There is just one low powered bald lightbulb, illuminating Ronin from the side.

The interviewer has voice a low, distorted voice and is never seen as the recording begins.


This is not a professional or artistic interview. It is cheap, amateur. The video is for prosperity, to be done as way of explanation. Entrusted to the most trusted, for distribution in case of death or incarceration.


1.       Where are you from?

Nancy street. That’s where I grew up. Probably where I’ll die. No, I’m not saying more than that.


2.       How would your friends describe you?

Loyal, for sure. They know I have their backs, and, give or take, I got theirs. We stick together, through thick and thin. Trustworthy, you can call it. Determined, yeah, determined. I got something to do, you can bet I’ll do it.


3.       What’s your deepest regret?

I was in the army. I shot people. I guess some of them deserved it. I guess some of them didn’t. I don’t regret my time in the army, but I regret pulling the trigger.


4. What motivates you?

I grew up on Nancy Street. In Bedlam. It was never a bed of roses, but now it stinks. Rotten to the core. People got to come together, build a better city. Starts with your street.


5. What is your greatest strength?

The people. Always and forever.


6. What do you love?

My family, I can’t tell you their names. Not here, but you know them if you dig enough. I’ll say this, I owe pretty much everything to my Grandmother. Without her, and her wisdom, I don’t know where I would be. Six feet under, or in prison, maybe. If it ain’t people you are talking about, then music, kung fu films, and noodles.


7. What do you hate?

Plenty of people to hate, but I try not to let hate rule me. That poisons the soul. But, truth is, corrupt cops. They make thugs look like angels.

Other than that, I hate Country and Western Music.



8. What do you fear the most?

Guns, bombs, betrayal, death. I fear lots. But fear is only a feeling. It does not define me, does not control me. I act without fear, because I am one with my fear.


9. What gives you the greatest Joy?

I guess when I stop someone going down the wrong road. You can’t make someone do what they don’t want to, but when can give them a choice. And sometimes, just sometimes, that means they can choose a better one.


10. How do you feel about the state of the world?

World’s a goddamn mess, cleaned up by the people in it. There are good people, lots of good people. But they get infected. Like a virus. Something in the air, makes good people turn sour. Cities, countries, the bigger they get, the worse they get. And once the rot sets in, it’s a devil to get out.


11. How does you get along with others?

Huh, I get along fine. I assume people are straight, honest. I assume people are kind, or at least have a drop of kindness in them. I’ll kick back, have a beer, put on some music. Hell, I’ll even dance if the tune is good. But someone crosses me, I’ll come down on them hard.


12. Where do your loyalties lie?

With Nancy Street, where I grew up. With the people I grew up with. And the people I served with. The good cops. Anyone who is honest and tries to make a difference.


13. Are you single?

I am. My sacrifice. Not that I wouldn’t want love, but I don’t have the space for it. Not now.


14. Are you a fighter?

I am. You come at me with fists, I’ll meet you with fists. You shoot at me, well, then you throw away that right.


15. What style?

I’ll use any style. I know Karate, Akido. I watched a ton of kung-fu films. Jackie Chan, Jet Li, Bruce…you know, he was the man, after all. Use what works, discard what does not.


16. Do you consider yourself a role model?

Hell no. I mean, yes. Stand up for what’s right. Look after your family, your neighbourhood. Be noble and honourable. All that. But I wouldn’t say to a kid do what I do.


17. Are you spiritual?

I am. Philosophy. Zen. Keeps your spirit healthy. Keeps you focussed. I don’t believe in any God, at least, no God that religion tells us about. We got to find our own God, not be told what God is.


18. Do you work alone?

I believe a man stronger with people than without. But I will follow my path with people or without. So do I work alone? Sometimes. Sometimes not. Whatever gets the job done.


19. What do you think about people with super powers?

I judge them same as any man. On their actions. With power comes responsibility, if a man can lift a building, I hope he is better at keeping them standing than tearing them down. I got big respect for superheroes, like in Freedom City. At least, most of them. Doing something good. I don’t know if I can call them brave, though. Nothing brave about facing down an armed thug if bullets just bounce of you.


20. What is your ambition?

Clean up the streets. Maybe that will never happen. But one day I hope it’s free from fear, with cops who are straight, and people that are strong.

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