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Content warning: sensuality and off screen sex.


This was not as bad as Moira thought it would be. There were a few manufactured homes here, but spaces for mobile homes too. It certainly had it's homeliness. There were a few kids running around the grounds with sticks. They pretended to be heroes. She watched them for a bit as she searched for Maxie's mobile home. They carried on about being The Knights Of Freedom, eliciting a small laugh from her.


Finding Maxie's home was just a matter of following directions. Google Maps didn't go in these areas, so she had to traverse back and around. She almost went in a circle before she found it! At least it fit the description. She sighed and hoped it was the right one. Knoccking on the door she waited. The sky was a bit dark, rain maybe?

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Maxie sat up with a start, rubbing the sleep from his eyes.  "What in the world?"  He wasn't expecting anybody so it was a surprise.  Figuring it was a Witness or a salesman he stumbled to the door and opened it, shirtless.  When he saw the vision that was Moira standing in front of him he suddenly became very aware of his half nakedness and stammered out a greeting.


"Oh, h-hey Moira!  This is a surprise,"  he then remembered them having a conversation about giving her a tattoo and slapped his forehead.  "Oh right, of course, the tat.  Come on in!  Let me just clear off a space for ya real quick."


Maxie moved his box of tattoo supplies onto the counter of his small kitchen and then threw the clothes that were piled on his couch and threw them in the bedroom then shut the door.  Maxie was nervous, and he wasn't sure exactly why.  Wasn't like he was new to doing tattoos or anything.


"Please sit, you figure out what it is you want done?  I can do just about anything ya want."

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His jovial attitude and confusion made her smile, "yeah, I didn't mean to sneak up on you like that," she said entering Maxie's abode. A man's home is his castle. No matter how small. She watched him scatter, "well, really I should have called." She thanked him with a friendly hug before sitting down. Pulling a piece of paper out of the side of her shirt - she was wearing a form fitting black tshirt with a logo for X1, a local band, on the front - she opened it up. "I have a few designed. Though I don't want them all at once," she smiled looking at a few of them and then up to Maxie, "here take a look," she said handing the paper to him


There were various doodles, but the finished ones stuck out. A couple of sentences written in Greek and Spanish. A sun, heart, wine bottle, axe, stacked in front of each other, respectively. A sleeping angel. A laid back pixie. A very well drawn fire (at least she thought so!).


"I know you can do them," she grinned, "probably a little... OK a lot better than me."

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Maxie smiled as he started to study the pictures.  Most people, and almost all with their first tattoo, want something that they feel defines them.  A reminder of things they treasure, things that mean something to them, a great deal in most cases.  Taken individually there was no interconnectedness to the drawings, but taken as a whole they represented the story of a person, it always did.  So while he was scanning the pictures and thinking of ways to improve or tweak the design his smile wavered a little and his hand trembled when he saw the flame.  To make sure his expression wasn't showing he turned around and cleared his throat.  He told himself over and over again that it was just all wishful thinking, that it didn't mean what he thought it meant.  There could be some greek fire god or something this represented. He scolded himself, silently reprimanding himself for being so full of himself. He shook his head, then cleared his throat again  and said while his back was turned.


"These are really good Moira.  You have talent for drawing that many would envy fer sure.  I kind of get some of these, what they mean, and I know tattoos are very personal so you don't have to tell me what they mean, I'm happy to do any one of 'em or all of 'em, spread out over time of course.  You just tell me which and how big darlin' and they're yours free of charge."  Maxie turned back around smiling and set the paper down reverently before putting on his shirt and walking over to the kitchen table and started pulling out what was needed.


"Suppose yer gonna have to tell me where you want em as well.  Also how much do you want me to tweak these designs, I can pretty much leave em as is if ya want, or I can embellish a bit on them.  It's gonna be on your body forever so yer the boss here."  Maxie smacked his head again and turned to the fridge sighing.  "I am a rude host, I'm sorry.  You want something to drink?  Water, beer, orange juice or a soda?  That's about all i got i'm afraid. Though I do have some nice scotch as well if ya want."

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She saw him falter, and knew which one he was looking at. With a grin and a chuckle she leaned back in the seat, putting her hands behind her head. She nodded when he mentioned about the meaning. They did. Anyone who knew her knew what every picture meant. The sun, heart, wine bottle, and axe were for her celestial family and connections. The sleeping angel was for someone long gone. The pixie was for her best friend. And the fire was for him. She felt close enough to him after all these months. And he was a tattoo artist. So, was there a rule against artists drawing something that they meant to someone?


Her bartender brain got to thinking about mixtures when he offered drinks. "Get me what you have for the beer and orange juice," she perked up from her relaxed position, "actually nah," she remembered that he didn't have enough to shake anything and didn't want to mess up his kitchen. "I'll take the orange juice. I'll show you mixing later." She looked around. From the outside the place looked small, but there was quite a space in here, clutter aside.


"As for where the tattoos go," she lurched forward, pulling up her shirt to a midriff, and showing off her stomach and sides. She hoped he wouldn't jump out of his skin, but she's been known to have that effect on people. "I was thinking about here," she said stroking her side, "for my mementos of Angel, Lynn, and you. Maybe you can bring the three together, make a mural of sorts?" 

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Spitfire nodded and put back the beer when she decided on just the orange juice, then decided against it and pulled one out for himself.  It wasn't a fancy micro brew but it had alcohol in it, which is good enough for poor southern boy like hisself.  


When Moira showed him where she wanted the tattoos he almost dropped the glass he had pulled for her orange juice, and was quite proud of himself for a second for not doing it, before she so bluntly mentioned the fire tattoo was for him and then did drop the glass.


"Sonuva-" Maxie cursed under his breath.  Luckily it hadn't shattered (it was plastic) and there hadn't been anything in it yet to spill.  He bent down, berating himself for his fumbling, and picked up the glass, put it in the sink, and got a new glass for her.  He filled it with the orange juice and grabbed his beer then handed her the glass.  


"Moira darlin' I don't know what to say, obviously I'm touched, and more than a little proud.  You mean a lot to me too.  Which I'm sure is about the most obvious statement I could have made by now.  I know I don't say a lot about how I'm feeling unless that feeling is hunger or thirst or just plain orneriness, but, well they're there, those feelings.  You should know that.  Lord, I should be better at this,."  He shook himself and smiled.  "Listen to me, I sound like bumblin fool, ramblin' on like that.  Now let's see about getting you some proper art on that unblemished tapestry eh?"


Maxie picked up the paper once more and looked from it to the midriff, putting the pieces together in his head how they could fit together.  A mural, he thought, was a fantastic idea, but tricky.   You had to put them in the right order to make sense, to look like a cohesive image and still maintain their separate meanings.  It was a challenge he hadn't had in quite some time and he actually started to get excited as he pulled out a sketch pad of his own and started sketching out designs that incorporated all of them.  He produced 2 sketches that he thought had promis, the Sleeping Angel and the Pixe side by side and surrounded by fire, he didn't much care for that one, made him think the fire looked like it was burning the other two which felt wrong.  The second sketch he liked better, it had the sleeping angel curled up on the ground, the pixie sitting, leaning against a tree, and both were bathed in the light of a roaring campfire sparks coming off where the wood had burst.  It felt peaceful to him,  the designs were essentially the same as what Moira had given him, just some small tweeks to make it a scene instead of just symbols.  He still wasn't sure about it though, maybe a third one.


"These are just drafts, thought i'd throw somethin' together for you to look at, tell me what you think.  Don't think you gotta take em as is cuz you don't, you can say you don't like either of em, and that's fine.  This kind of tattoo, your first, it means a lot, and if you ain't happy with it, you will regret it and never get another one.  And I need more excuses to see you so we don't want that."  Maxie laughed and winked at her.  "If you got a specific vision in mind on how to put these together then tell me and i'll see what I can doodle up."  





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Moira watched Max work with awe. It was Apollo who showed her the love of artistry. He even gave her her fist tattoo. The sun on the back of her neck that read 'My Beloved' in Greek. Though Moira and Max had been hanging around long enough, she felt connected with him. They survived Hell. And came out, well, not unscathed, but closer.


She enjoyed the artistry of the first one, but it really didn't say what she wanted. It was beautiful though. The second one however lit a spark in her eye. Trying not to disturb him while he worked she leaned in close while he sketched. "That's really good," she whispered. She was no muse. But she was glad to give an artist inspiration. She pointed at the tree, with  glee, "I was wondering how to work in another person, but you did it without asking." She remembered Stesha, and wanted to draw her humanoid, but could not think of anything. "maybe a vine or two trailing down it?" She really didn't want to unhumanize Stesha, but she had no idea!


She hugged him when he showed her the final product. "Apollo himself would be pleased with such work," she lied. Apollo, while not haughty, did prefer the things he made. It was a compliment. "Why don't you have your own place? I know a few tattoo artist that get by on less." She caressed the back of his neck absent-mindedly looking at between the art and him. "I could offer you space at Morley's, if you wish." She put her forehead to his, "it's a start, huh?"

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Maxie smiled and looked up from the drawing at Moira, his face beaming with pride over her compliment.


"I actually had a shop before, when I first moved to the city. Didn't stick and I left for a while.  Though Morley's is in a good area of town, might open my shop up near there when I get around to it."


When her hand touched the back of his neck it was like electricity ran through his entire body, but only goosebumps arose from his flesh instead of smoke or sparks.  He felt his hand start to tremble and swallowed hard.  He closed his eyes as her head touched his and took in a slow ragged breath, when he exhaled a small trail of smoke escaped his lips.


Max shook himself a little and made a visible effort to slow his breathing before smiling again.  


Max reached into a drawer in the kitchen and pulled out a small remote.  It was about then that Moira noticed that though most of Max's place was homely and filled with second hand items, the sound system was top shelf, and wired throughout the entire home.  Max hit a button on the remote, then slowly cracked his neck before picking Moira up in his arms and carrying her to a tall kitchen chair.  He looked into her eyes without blinking throughout the short trip setting her down gently.


"You sit here, turn around so your facing the back of the chair for me,"  then he slid up a rolling office chair next to Moira as Uptown Funk started to blast from the tactically placed speakers about the home.  Maxie pulled out a sharpie and popped the top and made a little throat clearing noise before nodding to Moira's side.


"Gonna have to have easy access to that darlin'."


Max tried to focus on the work, being professional had never been an issue for him before, but he was finding it more difficult with Moira.  Still he soon fell into a trance of sorts while drawing and put every ounce of his talent into the picture.  He wanted her to love it, moreso than if it was some stranger, and so it took a bit longer than normal, every sweeping line and blocky corner, every gossamer wing and crackling flame done with the care of a surgeon before finally arching his back and popping it to sit up and look at the finished drawing.


"Whatya think?"

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She thought about the area where his new shop would be, knowing exactly where it could be. Taking mental notes, she told herself to remember that place across the way to see if it was still available. West End wasn't too bad of a neighborhood. besides, he'd pick up some good clientele while there too. She also made a note to talk to Wesley to see if he could help a fellow artist out. Or did other artists protect their business? She was not into the tattoo scene. Maybe she would after this? Not that she had many more that she wanted. Times change, huh?


She gasped suddenly and laughed as he sat her in the chair. "More access, huh" she questioned looking up at him with a sinister grin. She pulled the tight shirt from her body covering herself. Modesty, she had a silly thought, sure. I can do that. She saw him flustered for a bit and it amused her. She would have said something, but she didn't want to frazzle the guy putting things in her skin that could mark her forever. It was quiet for a bit. Except for the music and the work. Uptown Funk, Do I wanna Know, some grindy metal. Other songs.


Eventually the markered masterpiece was almost finished. It was an hour later, dark outside. she yawned and smiled, he was doing his thing. And to wit, it looked great. She knew not to put actual faces on it, faces and names. Avoid those. Unless you want them forever. "Looks nice," she said impressed. "I'm guessing the actual work will take a little longer?"

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Maxie set the marker down and cracked his fingers, nodding absently.


"Yeah, probably about 3 or 4 hours.  You want to take a break before we start?  A refill on that OJ or somethin'?"  Maxie grabbed her drink and his empty beer, throwing the latter in the trash and grabbing another.  He closed the door to the fridge and leaned against it, taking a long pull from the bottle before looking back to Moira, his eyes lingered on her longer than he meant them to, then looked down at his feet.  "The tree will probably take the longest, that and the fairy wings, but for 2 different reasons.  Those heavy lines on that tree will require a few passes while the wings require slow delicate work.  I see you've gotten a tattoo before so you know the drill on the pain,"  Max laughed and shook his head, "That is if you can even feel that as pain.  Considerin' I seen you wrestle a giant metal bull I doubt you're overly worried about a few little needles."

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  • 2 weeks later...

The piece was smaller than she thought it would be, enough to hide under a shirt. Only a few people would see it. He was right, the whole unblemished canvas would be long gone. But she felt that it was worth it. Angel, Lynn, Stesha, and Max would be with her forever in some form. That's what she wanted.


She nodded as he explained his part, though out of the corner of her eye saw him look away from her. She smiled. That whole thing about them. They had been close. Close enough for her to have ink of him from him. She stood up and walked over to him "Max," she said hugging his chest, looking at him intently, "thank you. I know you probably hear that from a lot of people. But I mean it. Thank you." She rested her head on his neck, "if not for you I wouldn't have got through some things." she rested her head for a few seconds before looking up at him, "the whole Hell thing was intense. But you've supported me in other ways. As a hero and as a friend." She softly kissed his cheek, and laid her head back on his neck, "so from the bottom of my heart, thank you."

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Max wrapped his arms around Moira and kissed her on the top of her head.  She was wrong, he didn't hear thank you all the time.  Mostly when doing the hero thing the civvies were too preoccupied with being in shock they were still alive to thank him, that and he was used to being looked down upon for having been a carnie most of his life.  No matter how many he saved he was still that freak from the circus.  But not to Moira, and that's what mattered to him.  He tried to hold onto that feeling.  The feeling of her gratitude, her care, her trust.  He felt that if he could do that, if he could remember that he was that hero for her, then he could be a hero for everyone that needed him for a long time to come.


All his nervous energy seemed to ebb out of him as he held her, because this felt right to him, and he was no longer worried about what he was doing wrong, or what was going to happen, he was just happy.


"Thanks, Moira.  You have no idea how much it means to me to even know you, much less feel your gratitude.  And, of course, you're welcome.  Any time you need me, I'm here for you." With that, he lifted her face to his by her chin and kissed her softly on the lips, lingering there for a long moment before breaking away, opening his eyes, and looking into hers with a smile.

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Max's warmth became a sensual heat. There was no way to avoid feeling what she was feeling. No more words need be said. They experienced this before, but it was a loveless carnal going through the motions. In Hell. This however, they were fully aware of their actions. It may have been a little bit less weird here, but it felt natural. Their passions flowed freely and more intimately. From one side of his home to the other. The two had the endurance both physically and mentally to make this last a while. Eventually falling asleep in each other's arms.


She was the first to wake up. They shared a sheet and nothing else. She smiled, "well, i guess we can start that tattoo another time," she whispered to herself. Sitting up, she kissed him on the forehead. First times - she counted this as their first time, Hell was not - were always memorable to her. A bond was made between them. Moira always felt this bond with the people she loved. And it would take something heinous to break that bond.

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Max awoke when he felt her kiss and smiled without opening his eyes for a long minute.  He couldn't remember a time he'd been this happy and this tired at the same time.  It was that sort of delirious happiness you get when everything is right in the world and you feel like tomorrow could only be better.  Max felt that way because of Moira.  A part of him wondered if he was getting ahead of himself here, but he pushed it to the back of his mind.  He was tired of being scared, of taking things slow, of guarding his heart like it was some fragile thing.  He had been worried that what had passed between them in Hell would taint this, make it feel wrong, or worse yet, make it not ever happen.  He felt a fool for worrying now.


Max reached up a hand and lightly brushed Moira's back smiling up at her.  "Hey you, goin somewhere?"  Max looked down at her side and bust out laughing a deep belly laugh that Moira had never heard before.  "Looks like I'm gonna have to redraw that," he said pointing to the now unrecognizable black smudge mark that covered the side of her waist like she'd rolled in ink.

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Moira felt good that Max felt comfortable to open himself up to her like this. "Not going anywhere until morning," she pointed to the night sky through the curtain. It was technically early morning. She enjoyed her time with Max, slinking back into his arms and giving him a soft kiss on the lips. She sighed happily and let him moment hang there, cuddling with him. "About that tattoo though," she said breaking the silence, "we'll wash it off and try again." She looked up at him seeing his reaction. "I really don't know the proper procedure when it comes to ink. I've only had one other and well, that was 'different'." She referred to her sun tattoo from Apollo on the back of her neck.


She perked up again, "how about we get cleaned up and I show you where your new place would be if you decide to take it. Not saying I won't take no for an answer, but I'd at least like to show you what you'd be working with." She rolled on top of his chest, playfully pinning him. "If you don't, well, I have ways." She flashed a mischievous grin.

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Max laughed and looked up at her with probably the largest toothiest grin that ever graced his face and put his hands on her waist.  "How could I ever say no to you?"  Max pulled himself up out of the bed, lifting Moira in his arms as he did and carried her to the shower, not once taking his eyes off hers.  He couldn't remember a time in his life he felt this... alive, or felt this much electricity when around another person.  Max noted that the mirror had fogged up and the shower head hadn't even been turned on yet, and only dimly realized that his skin must feel like he had a temperature of 110.  Moira didn't seem to notice or mind and so he just used his finger to draw a smiley face in the condensation on the mirror, then kissed Moira deeply, sucking in a breath and letting out a thin plume of steam from his nostrils.


"But after the shower, I'm drivin', hope you brought a hair tie."

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They did eventually get the smudge off her body after a while, cleaning up after that. She didn't bring a hair tie or a change of clothes. After drying off - which was easy enough with a guy who could heat his breath - she scurried around the place to retrieve her pants, shirt, and shoes. "I'll come back for the art later," she nodded towards it as she got dressed.


She playfully tossed her hair a bit in front of him. "Sure," she said, "bike ride would be much more fun than what I had in mind." she began to glow a soft golden aura and her eyes to match.from her hand, a marble archway appeared and through the door was the place Max had seen so many times before, Morley's. Before he could touch it it disappeared as did Moira's golden aura. She smirked, "besides, you can never ride too many hogs in your life."

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Max's mouth gaped open as he stared at the archway that just appeared in his tiny living room.  He'd seen Moira do pretty incredible things, and they at once scared him, and filled him with awe.  But this was something he'd been completely unprepared for.  Her demeanor, her actions, they all were very human and it was easy for Max to forget, at least in the specific sense, that she was the offspring of gods.  The stark reminder was humbling, and he felt that feeling normal humans get when faced with real Power.  Then he felt a sort of pride all over again that a being, a woman like Moira would confide in him, trust in him, feel for him.  Having no frame of reference he imagined it's what the very religious felt when they said that their god loved them, and they loved their god.


Max shut his mouth and shook his head a bit before laughing, astonishment evident in every breath.  "That. Was.  Awesome!  I had no idea you could do that!  Makes my hog and my little running on fire trick look like, hell I don't even know what.  You really are amazing, Moira."


Max then smiled and handed Moira a helmet on instinct before realizing how ridiculous it was to do so.  Still he made her take it.  Rules is rules, and nigh invulnerable or not, he wouldn't be the reason she gets hurt.


"You are right though, never can have too much time on a bike.  It's freedom incarnate, at least that's the way it feels to me.  Now let's go have some fun!"

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She looked at the helmet and then to him, "ok, your bike your rules," she grinned. The morning air was a lovely scent. It wasn't as late as she thought it was. Apollo bid her good morning as the sun was about to rise. He had tried to reach her earlier, but she and her love were busy in the shower, cleaning. She bid the sun god good morning and asked him for a safe passage into the city. He agreed, as watching the sunrise was one of her favorite things to do if she was up in the morning to see it.


The silent conversation ended as she and Max got on the motorcycle, "nice," she said getting on after him, "your design," asked putting her arms around him. Max was all about the safety, but he was right, the helmet cramped her. Then again, it was better to be cramped than skinned up. "Now let's get this ride started," she said playfully bumping his helmet with hers.


The view was obstructed by the helmet, but she still watched the sun peaking leaning her head on Max's back as she watched the early morning colors muted by plastic. It was still beautiful. The ride from the southside to the west end was a ways a way. Enough to enjoy the whole of the celestial view. But they made it, in one piece, to Morley's.


Closing time was about two hours ago and the clean up crew had done their job. This was only partly her place. She and her mortal father co-owned it. She'd inherit the whole load when he passed on. She felt pride in the business. Even though there were other places in town that had better marketing, Morley's had regulars that were very loyal.


"Come on," she said excitedly taking off the helmet after he stopped. She'd pointed him to the back so she could get in through what she wanted to show him in the first place.

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"My design?  Nah, I just bout it cuz it has fire on it.  I may with my next bike but I got this one for a steal."


The streets were all but deserted to begin the morning and so the time they made was good.  Maxie liked having the road to himself, and Moira.  He felt her arms around him as they hugged corners and sped down empty streets.  Even with the ride blowing the wind away from him, he could smell her.  It was a heady mix to him, he couldn't pinpoint it, the soap from the shower, the smell of the morning sunshine, in essence, she smelled like joy.  He didn't let his thoughts linger too long on it.  He wanted to pay attention to the road.  If you start daydreaming on a motorcycle you could get dead fast.  When they pulled up Max had to hurry to keep up with her.  Her exuberance made him chuckle and he jogged after her.  He let her lead him and as she did he watched her intently, now off the bike he could take all the time to daydream that he wanted.  


A crooked smile played across his lips as he followed her into Morley's.  He was curious about what she was going to show him, sure.  But he was just happy to see her this excited. 

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  • 2 months later...

"Remember what we were talking about last night," she said proudly guiding him around the back area, leading by the hand. "I just thought I would show you where you could be working. Of course you know the place but," she opened a door to an empty room. It was a nice size, not too big, not too small. It was a little bigger than his trailer and much more spacious. "What do you think?" She stood behind him giving him a look at the room. "Yours if you want it," she spoke softly in his ear. She leaned on his side looking up at him, trying to read his thoughts. "Though don't feel like I'm forcing your hand. I just see a friend in need. And I'm the giving sort."

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Max looked around the room and nodded appreciatively.  It was a nice sized place, big enough for one chair and a counter and some other things, maybe a piercing station.  It wasn't what he was looking for long term, but neither was his trailer.  Max got goosebumps as Moira whispered in his ear and felt his heart beat faster reflexively.  A smile played across his lips as he answered.


"This is great Moira, would be a good start to get me out of the trailer before I get a proper shop. And I hope by now you consider me a little more than a friend,"  Max winked and drew Moira into his side, kissing her on the head.  "This is really above and beyond though, Moira, it's amazing."

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Oh... OH! Moira had done it again. There were people she loved. Max was one of them, but her non-monogamy stance was, well, some people didn't understand it. She slowly walked into the empty room. "Max," she turned around to face him, "I want to start by saying I've had this happen before." She put her hand on her chest where his heart would be, "please don't take this the wrong way." The air was so thick with silence it was deafening. "I love you," well, here went the bombshell, "I don't do relationships like that." She sighed, the look on his face, it was... "You're a friend. A friend that I love very deeply." Poor boy, if heartbreak had a sound it would be the only sound she heard.

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Confusion played on his face for a moment before understanding dawned on him.  Max knew she could feel his heart beating faster under his shirt and tried to calm his reaction by clenching his hands.  Stupid!  He chided himself, How could I be so stupid!  She was a greek goddess after all, they had different ideas about relationships.  How could I be so blind to this!  This is what happens Max when you let your feelings blind you to what should be perfectly visible right in front of you!


Max continued to work on keeping his breathing under control and bowed his head, not wanting her to see the tears on his cheeks or the anger in his eyes.  After all it wasn't her fault, he'd been the one to make the mistake here, not her. Max then quickly turned around and started for the door.


"Oh no, yeah, of course.  I get it.  No big deal right?  I mean, I just meant we were more like family or really close friends is all,"  Max winced at the pathetic nature of the obvious lie.  It wasn't going to fool anyone.


"Listen I, uh- I gotta get going, just remembered I have a thing to do.  I'll call you later yeah?"  Without waiting for a reply he started walking fast for the door, intent on getting out of there before he embarrassed himself further.  He barely noticed the light smoke trailing from his nostrils as he walked, apparently the fire living just behind his throat was hoping to scorch away the pain he felt in his heart.

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  • 5 weeks later...

Moira hated every time she had to do this. Hurting a true friend was hurtful to her too. She had to let him go now. He was obviously wasn't going to listen. She opened her mouth one more time, trying not to put her foot in it. "If it means anything to you - it does to me - you were more than familial love." Still he went away. She let him go. She stood in the door way for a time after the door was shut... into a million pieces.


"More than familial," Aphrodite questioned.


"Now's not the time, mother," Moira tossed back. She was quiet for a moment and then sighed. "Actually, you've not been through this with me before. Have you?"


"No dear," Aphrodite said somberly, "and I know you want to do something. I could fix everything for you. Have him eating out of the palm of-"


Moira rubbed her temple, "No no no no," each one getting angrier. "Listen," she said somberly, "I'm not looking for help. Just advice."


"Time will ease his pain. Your pain. Time eases all pain," Aphrodite said trying to comfort her child. "he'll go on. And if he truly understands, he'll come back."


Moira scoffed at the thought of this being on him. It wasn't. She should have said something earlier. She pulled out her phone and opened a text box to him. No words. Nothing came to her mind.

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