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HG Morrison

Wait a minute... You guys aren't the real Avengers! - June Post Counts

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Ace Danger: 2+3+5=10 posts=1pp+1refpoint=2pp


Blarghy :toot: Silver advancement

Adept: 2+3+2+8GM=15 posts=2pp

Leviathan: 4+4+7GM=15 posts=2pp

GM: 7+2= 9x2=18



Breakneck: 3 posts=1pp

Spitfire: 2+5=7 posts=1pp



Eclipse: 1Rollover=1pp+1refpoint=2pp

Gaian Knight: 2 posts 

Gremlin: 1Rollover=1 pp

Grim: 3 posts=1pp



Jack of All Blades: 2+2+1= 5 posts=MAXED

Reagent: 2+4+5+1+5Rollover+8GM=25 posts=3pp+1pp=4pp

Rock: 6 GM=1pp

GM: 2+4+1=7x2=14 posts



Ditra Fifty-Five: 1+17Rollover=18 posts=2pp

Grimalkin: 1+2+6+2+1+3+2=17 posts=MAXED

Miracle Girl: 2+2+2+2=8 posts=1pp+1pp=2pp



Gabriel: 2+2=4 posts=MAXED

Judex: 8 posts=1pp

Nevermore: 2Rollover= 1pp

Sun Walker: 2+1=3 posts=1pp :toot: PL11 Advancement

Thoughtspeed: 3+2+8GM+2Rollover=15 posts=2 pp

GM: 4 posts x 2



Vita Nexus: 1+5+1=7 posts=1pp


Kolohehonu :toot: Bronze Advancement

Greasy Gear: 1GM=1pp

Hyperactive:2+1+24+3=30 posts=3pp+3PP=6PP

Kid Kamehameha: 5GM=1pp

GM: 3x2=6


Moira Morley

Scion: 6+1+1=8posts+8GM=16 posts=2pp

GM:2+2=4 posts x 2=8



Ardent: 2+2=4 posts=1pp+1refpoint=2pp

Nightingale: 1 Rollover post=1pp

Willow: 2 posts = Maxed



Barrier: 2+1=3 posts=1pp

Bird of Arms: 4+2+1+43GM=50 posts=4pp+1refpoint=5pp

Bonfire: 5+2+1+1+16GM=25 posts=3pp

Sha'ir the Spellsmith: 2+1+1=4 posts=1pp

GM: 13+10+3+3+2+1=32x2=64



Blue Jay: 2 posts=1pp

Brigandine: 8 posts=1pp

Corona: 1GM=1pp

Chrome: 7 posts=1pp+2pp=3pp

Miras: 3+3=6posts=1pp

GM: 1x2=2 posts


Sandman XI

Vitalus: 2GM=1pp

GM: 1x2=2 posts



Endeavor: 2+3= 5 posts=1pp



Sophistemon :toot: Bronze Advancement

Presto: 2 posts=1pp


Upgrade: 4 posts=1pp

GM:3+3=6x2=12 posts



Bloody Mess: 15GM=2pp

Flintlock: 4+21GM=25 posts=3pp

Lord Steam: 4GM=1PP

The Red Rat: 10+15GM=25 posts=3pp

Starshot: 1+24GM=25 posts=3pp

Synth: 12+13GM=25 posts=3pp

GM: 11+24+11=46x2=92



Asad: 7 GM=1 pp

Bliss: 2 posts=1pp

Errant: 1post+14gm=15 posts=2pp

Zenith: 9+5+3+5+8+2+4+2=38 posts=3pp+1refpoint=4pp :toot:PL11 Advancement



Tiffany Korta

Dr Thorne: 1post=1pp

Emerald Spider: 1 post=1pp

Frostbyte: 1+1=2 posts=1pp

Miss Grue: 2 posts=1pp

Ms Brittania: 5+10GM=15 posts=2pp+1refpoint=3pp

The Scarab III: 1 post=1pp

The Traveller: 1 post=1pp

Triakosia: 1 post=1pp

Warrior Woman: 3+1= 4 posts=1pp

GM: 1+3+1=5 posts x 2=10



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