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The Greatest Show on Earth (OOC)

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That's an extremely good Notice check! From the description Hyperactive dashed out to you on his way to the hospital, you recognize the kind of electronic system that's used to give cues to actors - which means the transmitter for it must be somewhere very close by. Looking around, you can spot a man in the vacant lot behind the bank holding what looks like a large walkie-talkie. The man is of boring appearance - blandly white, brown-haired, but dressed in a beret and white and black striped shirt like a stereotypical Frenchman - or something else you can't quite put your finger on

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I'll dump him in the Shadow Zone per the ic. I'm leaving him close to the Attometer, not in it, but in visual distance. 


As a note, time flows differently in the Shadowzone. What might be minutes for us could be seconds, minutes, hours, days... years. Or other wonky time effects. Just wanted to throw that out there. 

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