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Crius (PL 10) - Thunderbolt7

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Power Level: 10 (150/150PP)

Unspent Power Points: 0

Trade-Offs: None


In Brief: Crius is a "newborn" human/alien fusion with control over the force of gravity.

Catchphrase: None yet.

Theme: The Kids Aren't Alright - The Offspring


Alternate Identity: Caroline Ackerman (legal secret ID); Atsuko Kagame (true personal identity)

Birthplace: (as Caroline Ackerman) Buffalo, NY (as Crius/Atsuko Kagame) a wrecked car on the edge of a cow field about 18 miles outside of Syracuse, NY.

Residence: Currently homeless.

Base of Operations: Freedom City in general; no specific location as of yet.

Occupation: Unemployed former medical technologist.

Affiliations: None as of yet.

Family: No remaining close relatives.


Age: 26 (physical chronological); 7 months (actual physio-psychological)

Apparent Age: mid-20's

Gender: Female

Ethnicity: mixed Asian/Caucasian.

Height: 5' 11" (71"/180 cm)

Weight: 168 lbs. (76 kg)

Eyes: (as Caroline Ackerman) Brown (as Crius/Atsuko Kagami) glowing Sapphire Blue

Hair: (as Caroline Ackerman) Dark Brown, straight with slight wave, shoulder length. (as Crius/Atsuko Kagami) Black with indigo highlights, short (somewhere between cropped and pixie cut).

Caroline is tall with an athletic build, thanks to the healing/bolstering effect of the fusion that created her. This is a change from her pre-fusion physical appearance, which was significantly slighter and an inch and a half (4 cm) shorter. Thanks to the effects of her mental fusion, she is truly ambidextrous, with no preferred hand. Her features just barely hint at her mixed Japanese/English ancestry; her appearance is essentially Caucasian.

She currently has a limited wardrobe due to her unemployment and homelessness, although her clothes are of good quality and well-maintained. She tends to dress warmly, with pants, long-sleeved shirts and waterproof hiking boots. As Crius, her costume is a pair of black pants and a black long-sleeved tee, over which is a sapphire blue long-sleeved coat-like garment, cut off just above mid-thigh, with a high, upright collar. The coat is open at the front top and bottom, and secured by a gold belt with black trim. Her legs and feet are clad in metallic gold, flat-soled boots, and her hands in metallic gold gloves. Her "costume" also includes significant changes to her hair color and style, and to her eye color.



Transition began to warp perception, but the pursuer's Binding had already begun to manifest. In desperation, Gaa'ke-me pulsed its need to Ship's installed intelligence, KU. Instantly, tendrils of power and control lanced to and from Gaa'ke-me, allowing it to direct a burst of matrix-flux around Ship, while simultaneously dumping reserve quanta into the Transition field. Gaa'ke-me fluctuated in agony as the Binding, matrix-flux and Transition field fought, twisting the second- and third-order space in and around Ship.

"Transition failing," KU sent.

Gaa'ke-me considered its plight. Capture was unacceptable. Discorporation was unacceptable. Resources were nearly exhausted. Time-

"Singularity," warned KU.

Gaa'ke-me linked its perception to KU's sensorium. A cataloged singularity was within the cone of flight, although its influence would be negligible at superluminal- ah.

Gaa'ke-me directed KU. "Bring us there." The inertial sumps sang as Ship altered course. Mere [seconds] remained. The Transition field's bolstering was leaking away rapidly, although the Binding had been rent by the matrix-flux.

"Warning-" began KU.

"Override." They were almost there; the pursuers had lost precious [microseconds] with the unexpected maneuver.

Gaa'ke-me rearranged the power/control links; KU remained silent. Then: arrival. Gaa'ke-me executed its plan. Dangerously deep in the singularity's warp, the Transition field received an ultimate burst of energy, just as a new Binding began to manifest. The Binding was too little, too late, and the singularity changed all parameters. KU, playing its part in the plan, shielded Gaa'ke-me from the worst of the agony and pushed through this last, desperate effort. "Survive," was KU's final message.

Then, Transition obliterated all thought.


Caroline Ackerman glanced down at her phone, then swiped the red button, silencing the annoying buzz. Not now, not today, and quite possibly not ever. After this week, she needed today - a day without interruption, a day to deal. Anger and frustration threatened to overwhelm her for a moment, but even at the posted speed limit, navigating the winding and very rural two lane New York state highway demanded full and constant attention, and she easily mastered her emotions. Time enough for that, later. Another eighteen miles, and then she could begin to deal with- no, no; that way lies madness, Caroline, she reminded herself. Maybe the radio...

She had left one of the wooded regions and was back in an area of hilly fields, none showing evidence of cultivation - not unusual, as this was decidedly cow country. As she glanced over to direct her right index finger at the radio's power button, a glimmering of oddly-colored light caught her eye.

Over the field ahead of her on the right, something flickered and shimmered. Something huge, insubstantial, and perspective-defying, and so alien to the eye that Caroline could make no sense of what she saw. It certainly overshadowed the sight of the suddenly-whipping trees and grass, as superheated air above the thing vented upwards, drawing vast masses of cooler air along the ground to fill in behind. It caught her open-mouthed attention for a split second too long. By the time she felt the hard tug on the steering wheel, as the drifting tires (given additional impetus by the sudden, strong winds) hit the sandy shoulder of the road, it was too late to react. The steering wheel was wrenched from her hands as the car lurched off the road and through the cattle fence, bouncing hard as it went from smooth road to rough field, and then caught up on one of the small trees that dotted the field's perimeter. The airbag punched her in the face, flattening her nose, driving her glasses frame and nose pieces into the soft skin around her eyes. She could feel the little shocks as her insides jolted around at the abrupt changes in momentum, and intense pressure in a band across her chest and another across her belly. Nothing hurt, yet; the shock of the situation had both compressed her personal experience of time, and extended certain moments, and she was trying to figure out how she'd gotten from there to here and what the hell had just happened why isn't the radio on?

Then it all caught up to her, and the lancing pain took her. She couldn't breathe, she couldn't move, everything was blurry and bright. Unable to inhale, she tried to scream out her pain. She managed a short whine, then began to panic because now she had no air left in her and she still couldn't inhale-

A supreme exertion, a shuddering gasp, and blessed air filled her lungs but THE PAIN! ohmygod the pain. She realized that she was injured, and badly. She took shallow breaths; those merely hurt. The phone. It was right next to her on the center console. She tried to turn her head and focus, but her head refused to turn and her vision was blurry, and it was so bright! An attempt at blind grasping brought only more paralyzing agony. Now a ringing dizziness began to claim her, and the world and her pain began to spin away into gray...


Gaa'ke-me contracted in terror. Cold and dark! Where had Transition taken it to? "KU!" KU did not respond; Gaa'ke-me felt the power/control links failing one-by-one. KU was dying, the neural net collapsing; only autonomic functions remained. Ship's sensorium reported a vast mass nearby, but nothing was visible. A warm radiant was not too far away, but the invisible mass of cold death held the dying Ship - and Gaa'ke-me - in its grip. No; discorporation refused! Such efforts to have expended only to end thus? No.

In a burst of desperation, Gaa'ke-me summoned all possible links to Ship, and engaged the ultimate emergency protocol, integrating the remains of KU and the raw power of Ship into its own self. The power should protect it long enough, long enough to find sanctuary, respite, safety at last. It was Ship's ultimate sacrifice.

Not enough. The Cold-Dark was all-pervasive, the energy bleed was too great. Only moments remained before final darkness. Search, search -

A mind! Alien, yes; but a mind nonetheless. Gaa'ke-me reached out, and recoiled in fear. The mind was encased in cold-dark. But Gaa'ke-me sensed the alien mind's fear, and confusion, and pain. The mind was dying. It reached out again. An image, and understanding: Gaa'ke-me had been the proximal cause of this mind's dying state.

I die. It dies. The final hope is lost. Gaa'ke-me pondered a moment more. There is nothing more to lose, and everything to gain. It reached out. Dying one: attend. I yield. Gaa'ke-me sensed confusion, but also hope. An invitation.

Over the field, a great, mind-bendingly complex structure of light contracted into a brilliant sphere roughly the size of a tennis ball. The sphere condensed above the wreckage of the car, then dropped inside. The light vanished a moment later, the roaring winds dying down soon after.


The first passer-by failed to see the car; it was going in the opposite direction and the driver's attention was not on the other side of the road. The second one, just a few moments later, saw it and slowed. The driver called 9-1-1, then continued on.

The third passer-by saw it and stopped. He got out and hurried over, then stumbled and turned, trying to master his heaving stomach. His brain blotted out the visuals. He fumbled out his phone and called 9-1-1.

The rescue arrived about eight minutes later. The third passer-by caught a glimpse of her as the volunteer paramedics loaded the stretcher into the back of the rescue. He was vaguely puzzled; somehow, she looked different... but to be honest, he could not really bring to mind what he'd seen before, although he would suffer from periodic nightmares for months to come. So much blood...


Caroline Ackerman was in the ICU for just over eighteen hours when she got out of bed, carefully detached the IV and instrument leads, and walked out of her room, a little unsteadily at first but quickly gaining confidence. Somehow, no one noticed her, only her belated absence; the alarm at the unstaffed nurses' station unheeded for too many minutes. The woman who had just arrived from Caroline's workplace didn't know her, and so passed Caroline in a hallway without a glance as she went in to fill out the insurance paperwork on Caroline's and their employer's behalf.

She wandered the halls for a bit, then found herself in a distant waiting room. It was occupied only by an older couple, dozing in their chairs. There was a television on, the volume low, showing continuous news coverage from around the nation and the world. Caroline sat down near it and watched it intently for a time. She ignored the couple when they awoke and left; they, in turn, paid little attention to her.

A hypothetical observer who might have seen Caroline in the ICU, would have remarked on the physical changes after seeing her leaving the waiting room. Body slightly taller and fuller, general mien much more certain. No evidence of physical trauma. Hospital gown now replaced by... well, they would pass for street clothes, jeans and a shirt, in dim light or from a distance.

Eventually, she perceived disturbance related to her absence elsewhere in the building; time to leave. In the hallway, the being once known as Caroline Ackerman looked around. Letters of orange light drew her attention: EXIT. Yes, exit. Out. Away. She proceeded quickly but without haste to the stairwell door, considered the panic hardware for a moment, then pushed and entered the stairwell. She went up, two flights, then a third, before coming to a locked door at the very top landing. She paused again for a few seconds, then placed her hand over the lock. The assembly shuddered and rattled for a few seconds, then went quiet again. No, too subtle, too difficult. Not-Caroline stepped back and considered for a moment, then made a complex mental gesture, mirrored by slight but relatively cruder motions of her arms and hands. A vague, nearly invisible shimmer appeared in front of her, then enveloped her; she vanished from sight. An instant later, she reappeared on the roof, a few feet away from the stairwell door. The vague shimmer vanished a moment later.

It was dark out, well after midnight, and the only sound apart from the crunch of rooftop gravel underfoot was the hum and low roar of the various HVAC units dotting the roof. She looked up for a little while, watching the stars in their slow courses. Then she gently drifted up into the sky, vanishing silently into the night.


Months after her disappearance from the hospital, Caroline Ackerman stepped off the bus at the main terminal in Freedom City. Dressed for the winter cold in a knee-length dark blue coat, loose scarf, hat, gloves, and winter boots, she slung her duffel bag over her shoulder and took a firm grip on the strap as she walked to the nearby street corner. Finally, she was here. Freedom City. Home.


Personality & Motivation:

Crius is quiet and attentive, always trying to accurately perceive and understand the events transpiring around her. Her near-death experiences and fusion have caused her to lose a good portion of both sets of memories, at least some of it permanently, but two advantages she has gained from her origin are an Eidetic Memory (in regards to new experiences and recovered memories) and true Ambidexterity, thanks to the re-wiring of her brain. She uses her Eidetic Memory to help her integrate information as her new-born personality continues to heal, grow, and evolve. On those occasions when buried memories resurface, they are usually Caroline's. She tends to be verbally unresponsive unless directly addressed. In anything more than a simple social situation, she can be easily distressed, and if so, may have a poor reaction - running away, bursting into tears, sudden rage.

Her motivations stem from the pre-fusion experiences of the two primary entities that formed her. Gaa'ke-me was a soldier-spy for a race of energy beings at war with an enemy, racing to bring crucial intelligence back to it's people while being pursued by said enemy. Caroline Ackerman, meanwhile, had been a medical technologist who had blown the whistle on low-level corruption she'd accidentally discovered at the hospital she worked for, and was experiencing a good deal of unpleasant backlash from hospital administration and co-workers because of it. Post-fusion, Crius watched MANY hours of news television, with particular attention to superhero-related news. Her personality traits combined with what was essentially an imprinting experience in her early days of existence have basically made her want to be a hero. She has an innate drive to fight evil.


Powers & Tactics:

Crius has control over the forces of gravity, and the instincts of a spy. She tends to try and remain unobserved by her targets, using Dimensional Pocket to lock away the bad guys, or protect innocent bystanders from the fallout of super-powered combat. She uses her short-range Teleport to move unpredictably around the battlefield, and can use it to move into and out of any Dimensional Pockets she has created - usually to reassure those innocent bystanders. Her Mass Sense allows her to sense targets that are concealed, as well as when she is concealed, allowing her to remain difficult to spot, if not completely unobserved, in most situations. If she is outed, her Impervious Force Field, high Dexterity, Defense, Reflex save, Evasion, Improved Initiative and Uncanny Dodge help keep her in the game.

Once forced into overt combat, Crius will add Move Object to her repertoire and use it to any positive effect, including misdirection: using her "super strength" to lift and/or throw something massive, for example. Her innate tendency towards subterfuge means she's quite happy not letting her foes know what her powers really are; Force Field + Move Object can look an awful lot like super strength plus invulnerability. She has not yet considered the possibility that such subterfuge could end up biting her in the posterior.

It doesn't crop up a lot, but Crius is essentially immune to gravitic effects, countering such on an instinctual level, although she can "countermand" her immunity at will.


Power Descriptions:

Crius' powers are almost entirely gravity-based, and as such present virtually no visual cues when activated. A very sharp-eyed observer might notice a "heat shimmer" effect in the area of an active gravity effect, as the distorted gravity field bends light to a degree. Her "Instant Costume Change", however, is rather dramatic; as her clothing changes, it seems to erupt out of the previous clothing; the hair and eye color changes are rather less dramatic, but still obvious. The total effect is nearly instantaneous, taking about a tenth of a second.



Double Secret Identity: Crius has two secret identities. Her cover identity is that of Caroline Ackerman; she uses the legal identity of her human body to maintain a legal presence on Earth. However, her actual mind - her personality - is a fused composite of the alien energy being Gaa'ke-me, the human Caroline Ackerman, and fragments of KU, the AI of Gaa'ke-me's starship, and she considers herself to actually be Atsuko Kagame (adopted from her maternal mother's and grandmother's family and personal names). So Crius' "true secret identity" is that of Atsuko Kagame; her "legal secret identity" is that of Caroline Ackerman.

There's Too Much Confusion: Atsuko Kagame is, in many ways, a deeply confused person. She suffers from the residual emotional fallout from two near-death experiences, has only partial memories of her two pre-fusion component lives, and is a fusion of two almost completely inimical life forms plus the remnants of a broken alien AI, and further saddled with the vague knowledge of unhappy circumstances just prior to the fusion on the parts of both life forms. Confusion and uncertainty are her normal states. In her civilian identities, she finds human culture difficult to navigate. As Crius, she does better - things seem simpler, fighting the bad guys, but as a civilian, not so much. The fact that she learned most of her post-fusion information on the world at large from television is kind of a 50/50 split between benefit and detriment to her mental healing and development.

Living on the Edge (Wealth: Struggling): Thanks to Caroline Ackerman's whistleblowing, car accident, subsequent disappearance from the hospital, and apparent "brain damage" - loss of memories and strange behavior due to the mental fusion - she has been left with no job, no friends, and limited (basically insignificant) contact with Caroline's few remaining, distant relatives. With no steady source of income, she currently subsists on money from a very small insurance settlement, severance pay and the sale of essentially all of Caroline's personal property, which, even carefully husbanded, is going to run out sooner rather than later. She is aware that she is going to need to do something about her situation, but given her current mental state, she cannot yet motivate herself to attend to the upcoming crisis.

Blacklisted: Thanks to Caroline's pre-fusion whistleblowing, she is likely to have a difficult time finding a new job as a medical laboratory technologist. Further hampering her is her partial loss of knowledge about the profession, although she did earn (and still holds) a BS and two national certifications (ASCP and AMT) in the field. While intensive study combined with her Eidetic Memory should rectify the latter problem, blacklisting is the greater issue (historically, whistleblowers have a very difficult time finding employment afterwards, even if their job was specifically to be a whistleblower).

Got My Eye On You: While no one knows that Caroline Ackerman is actually Atsuko Kagame/Crius, it is known that something happened to Caroline. Her records are very clear about her pre-fusion physical appearance and the extent of the damage she suffered in her automobile accident, and her subsequent incredibly rapid recovery in the ICU and physical growth. Furthermore, she is still involved in the legal proceedings of her whistleblowing incident, although the proven loss of memory (which includes essentially all the details of the incident) has put her role on the back burner for now. She is not in the public eye, but there are people out there who, for various reasons, have questions for and/or interests in Caroline.

Enemy: Unknown: Before appearing on Earth, the alien energy-being Gaa'ke-me was fleeing an enemy in an attempt to deliver crucial information to its own people. This enemy very nearly caught Gaa'ke-me before it escaped; they may well still be in pursuit. Crius' only memories of this are impressions of soldier-like duty, the need to combat evil - but also a sense of a need for caution and subtlety. Gaa'ke-me had, after all, been a spy.

I Did Not Know That: Crius has, deep inside her mind, a hidden "file" of information concerning Gaa'ke-me's racial enemy. Crius has no idea that it is there, and cannot access it herself. It would be of great help in Gaa'ke-me's people's war against their enemy.

So Cold. So Very, Very Cold (Vulnerable (Cold), Common [+2], Minor [+0]): Crius has a mostly psychological weakness to cold, thanks to the Gaa'ke-me component of the fusion. Gaa'ke-me hailed from somewhere else - possibly another dimension, or another universe, or perhaps someplace in this universe like the vicinity of a quasar, or the core of a Seyfert galaxy, where there is little or no solid matter, superabundant energy, and a very high background temperature. Gaa'ke-me's first encounter with matter was traumatic and, to it's perceptions, intensely and fatally cold. Unfortunately, this impression was retained after the fusion, and while cold is physically no more or less of a threat to her than to any other human being, psychologically, cold weather makes her quite anxious, and actual cold-based attacks can be particularly effective on her.

Abilities: 2 + 8 + 4 + 4 + 0 + 0 = 18 PP

Strength: 12 (+1)

Dexterity: 18 (+4)

Constitution: 14 (+2)

Intelligence: 14 (+2)

Wisdom: 10 (+0)

Charisma: 10 (+0)


Combat: 18 + 18 = 36 PP

Initiative: +8 (+4 Dex, +4 Improved Initiative)

Attack: +9 Base

Defense: +13 (+9 Base, +4 Dodge), +13 Flat-footed (Uncanny Dodge)

Grapple: +8

Knockback: -1


Saving Throws: 8 + 10 + 8 = 26 PP

Toughness: +2 (+2 Con, +0)

Fortitude: +10 (+2 Con, +8)

Reflex: +14 (+4 Dex, +10)

Will: +8 (+0 Wis, +8)


Skills: 48R = 12 PP

Computers 5 (+7)

Concentration 15 (+16)

Knowledge (life sciences) 1 (+3)

Investigate 4 (+6)

Notice 13 (+14)

Profession (medical technologist) 1 (+2)

Search 9 (+11)


Feats: 8 PP

Ambidexterity (ignore off-hand penalties to checks and attack rolls)

Eidetic Memory (+4 bonus on checks to remember things, including saving throws against effects that alter or erase memories; can make any Knowledge skill check untrained)

Evasion (if make Reflex save vs. an area effect, suffer no damage)

Improved Initiative (gain +4 to Initiative)

Luck 3 (start with 3 extra Hero Points)

Uncanny Dodge (mental) (cannot be surprise attacked; retain dodge bonus when surprised or flat-footed)


Powers: 50 PP

Feature 1 (Instant Costume Change) [1 pp] (Innate; Fusion; Self-image)

Flight 5 (250 MPH) (Feat Subtle.) [11 PP] (Gravity)

Immunity (gravitic) 2 (Feat Selective.) [3 pp] (Gravity)

Super-Sense (Gravity/Mass Awareness) 9 (Sense Type: Mental, Enhancements: Accurate 4, Acute 2, Extended [100' Increments] 1, Radius 1, Ranged 1) [9PP] (Mental super-sense, gravity)

Singularity Mastery 22 (44 pp Dynamic Array, Feats Alternate Power 4.) [26 pp] (Gravity)

Dimensional Pocket 10 (Base power) (100,000 lbs./50 tons [45.4 metric tons] capacity) (Feats Accurate, Dynamic, Progression 1 [range], Subtle. Extras Duration 2 [sustained (lasting)]. Flaws Distracting, Fades) [24 PP]

Force Field 10 (Feats Dynamic, Subtle. Extra Impervious.) [22 pp]

Move Object 20 (Effective strength 100: light 4k tons/medium 8k tons/heavy 12.5k tons/max 25k tons/push-drag 64k tons. Heavy load examples: cruiser, loaded freighter) (Feat Dynamic, Subtle. Flaw Limited Direction [only up/down].) [22 pp]

Teleport 10 (Distance 1000' as a move action, carry 100 lbs.) (Feats Change Direction, Change Velocity, Dynamic, Subtle, Turnabout. Extras Accurate, Dimensional. Flaws Limited [Dimensional extra only applies to Dimensional Pocket], Short-Range.) [25 pp]

Drawbacks: none = 0 PP

DC Block


Unarmed Touch DC16 Toughness Damage (Bludgeon)

Dimensional Pocket 10 Ranged DC20/10 Reflex/Will Trapped

Move Object 20 Ranged DC20 Reflex Trip

Move Object 20 Ranged DC20 Strength Grapple (pin, no damage)



Totals: Abilities (18) + Combat (36) + Saving Throws (26) + Skills (12) + Feats (8) + Powers (50) - Drawbacks (0) = 150/150 Power Points

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Okay, Tackling this real quick. Not going into very specialized rules interactions, that’s something the rednames can deal with :P



Not doing this one just yet, might do it later (in another post), or not at all, depening on the mood. (Hey, I can be lazy sometimes)



So Cold. …. Would actually be a drawback in this case, not a Complication.



All good.



Flatfooted is Half the Base Defense rounded … up or down, I’m not quite sure on first glance.

I’m not sure what tradeoffs you’re going for, as that’s something you probably forgot to fill out at the top of the sheet. If you’re going for 10/10, I suggest raising Attack by 1 in order to hit caps.

Grapple is Attakc Bonus + Strenght Modifier + some other things, which in this case would be 10.


Saving Throws:

Your Toughness currently is at 2. This means that, by FCPbP standards, a weak breeze will knock you out. I assume this is simply something that was overlooked as I know how you worked ion the character. Since you have 13 Defense, you’ll probably be looking at 7 Toughness. Bought through Powers, but worth mentioning here.

Your exotic saves (Fort, Ref, Will) are a bit high, I believe the general guideline is all three together at around 24 for a PL10, but it’s personal preference more than anything. You’re currently spending a lot of points here though, which may be worth investing in something else. One point invested in Reflex could be two in Dex, where it also offers a lot of skill bonuses.



Can’t find anything directly wrong here. Concentration 15 is a bit high, but can probably be explained. As a general note, Profession isn’t something that will  ever really come up (especially as you have Knowledge : Life Sciences) so that’s one skillpoint you can spend better on something else.



No need to spell out what each of them does, even if that’s more stylistic than anything, and probably totally acceptable. I’m not actually sure on how this works exactly, but I believe you’d need a mental sense to have Uncanny Dodge based off of that (and I may be wrong here, so don’t take my word on here). At the moment, it would only work off of your Gravity Awareness (which might be the intention, if so, ignore this).

Luck 3 is totally fine, but I’d generally suggest against it unless you have a character that plans on power stunting a lot, as it takes some tension out of the game. Once again, personal preference more than anything.



(Quick Note, only giving the exact PP costs a quick look, not calculating everything)

You’ll probably want to do a 1 + 11 + 3 + 9 + …. And so on at the top, to make counting PP costs a bit easier.  

I’m actually not quite sure how a permanent effect (Immunity) interacts with Selective, probably something to clear up before submitting the character.

Gravity Awareness will depend on what you plan to do with it, up to some interpretation, but not wrong by any means.

For Arrays, I suggest using BP: for the base power and AP: for alternate powers, or having everything be moved inwards once to make it a bit more clear what’s part of it and what isn’t.

Dimensional Pocket, you’re using Progression [Range], by default it’s Touch Range, so I’m not sure this’d do anything. If you want having some range, I suggest using Extended Reach instead, it does what I assume you want to do in this case.

Ah, here’s the forcefield. I suggest taking it out of the dynamic array, just to make things easier (and as you probably won’t be moving any points to/off of it). Granted, I have no idea how this works caps-wise, but I assume it’s rather iffy.

The other two look good, as far as I’m aware.



As always, I make mistakes, so I may have said something in here that’s not correct. There’s also some rules interactions where I don’t know what exactly would happen, something to definitely ask the refs about.

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