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With the goal of developing support for the each area of the in-universe setting and dividing responsibilities more evenly among the Ref and Guide teams we're introducing 'departments'. The basic idea is to have smaller sub-teams more focused on each area to make it easier to organize content and keep track of who needs to do what. The departments are:


  • Bedlam City - trollthumperAvenger Assembledalderwitch
  • Claremont Academy - Tiffany Kortaangydurfolopi
  • Emerald City - HG MorrisonAri
  • Space - GizmoThevshiElectra
  • Character Approvals and Edits - FoxEcalsneergKnightDisciple

You'll notice right away that Freedom City at large doesn't have its own department. That's because the core of the setting already gets plenty of support and will remain a more communal responsibility. 

What will these departments look like in practice? The Refs in each department will be aiming to be GMing at least one active thread in their area at any given time and will generally be developing that area and setting up larger plots. If a player wants to know if a story idea is a good fit for Bedlam they'll know they can talk to troll or AA specifically, if a space-specific rules question comes up then Thev or Gizmo will be the go-tos. Meanwhile Fox and Ecal will be focusing on character approvals and edits, looking to streamline that process. 

Guides who are comfortable GMing will be tapped more frequently to help run threads in their area too but the main responsibility for them will be creating and maintaining guidebook pages relevant to their area such as NPCs and major events. They'll be the first place to go for players with questions about that part of the setting. Obviously Guides aren't able to do approval and edits but those in that department will focus on building resources for new players. 

Importantly this won't mean that any of Refs or Guides can't help with stuff outside of their department!  Everybody will still be able to run threads in any part of the setting, all Refs will still be doing approvals and character edits as needed. The idea here is make things easier when someone is asking 'who do I talk to about this?' or 'what should I be helping with?'

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