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New-Player, looking for some guidance.


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Sorry to crash in un-invited. I was looking through the voting forums for some MnM sites. I've been on Dndonlinegames.com, and I've been trying to get head-way into MnM games, but to no avail. I have no game experience in MnM, but i've been reading the book and fooling around with different character models, even asking and receiving a little help from a fellow forum-goer on the Dndonlinegames.com site.

So, basically, what i'm asking is if anyone has any room in any game for someone with a very shaky understanding of the system and creation, having never played it.

I have one PL 3 character that was being prepared for a game, but hasn't really come to fruition yet.

Thanks for your time.

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Welcome Ryoga.

There are not really any games on this site, technically, this is all one big game.

There is a thread for rules for the board (regarding general rules and character creation rules). You can have one PL 6 character and one PL 10 character at any time. If you have particular questions about character creation, there is a section of the form to ask those. If your ready to submit a character for approval by the GMs, that is in the character bank.

Things here are pretty player run, with players coming up with story ideas for their characters. Sometimes working with other players, or getting a GM to help them with things.

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