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Automatic Post Counting


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We've begun to implement a more automated system for post counting to take some of the strain off our staff.  The full implementation of how this will be used is still being worked out as we test the system further to ensure it's accuracy.


What we need from you all however is to ensure that the ITEM PREFIX for all IC threads is "IC".  This is what the post count script uses to tell that a thread is eligible for counting.  


For those not aware the item prefix is set as follows.  

  1.  In the first post make the IC tag by entering IC in the Tags input field followed by a comma.
  2.  Directly below the Tags field is the Item Prefix drop down which lets you select a tag to be the item prefix, select the IC tag from that menu.
  3.  Continue to complete your initial post as normal. 


*If you have an IC thread without the prefix the person who made the thread can edit the first post and follow the above steps to add it.  If there are any questions feel free to ask here.

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