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The Thread of Recently Concluded Threads


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So, a few months ago somebody in chat brought up the suggestion of creating a thread for people to link their recently finished threads. This would make it easier for others to then read them, as they could just read everything at once when the threads were concluded.

From what I gathered, people were generally in favour of the idea (correct me if I’m wrong), but the idea, like many things, was lost to the woes of time. I decided to finally bring it back around!

If you have recently finished a thread, feel free to link it here. If you’re feeling fancy, tell people what PCs are in it, and maybe give people an idea of what’s in the thread. If you link somebody else's, please ask them for permission beforehand!


I’ll do the first one, with


Blarghy’s Preying Mantis

A strange power signature coming from an abandoned factory in a small, slowly dying town attracts AEGIS’ attention and Agents Warne and Stone, also going by Adept and Upgrade, are sent out to investigate. As Warne’s past catches up with him, it turns out the attention was justified…

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The Young Woman and the Sea

Dr. Tristan Delacroix--known to some as Leviathan--arranges the Grand Opening of his new local charity, OCEAN.  Unknown to him, one of the reporters at the gathering is secretly Miracle Girl, who comes to the rescue when a pair of odd villains arrive looking to kidnap the young doctor.  Tristan's troubles may not end there, because this problem has deeper and stranger roots than the heroes expect.

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Fantastic Bloggers and Where to Find Them

Leviathan arranges a meeting with Bonfire, to discuss his plans of giving himself some public attention. Almost immediately, theirmeeting gets forcefully interrupted, and the two get involved with something bigger than themselves, something that has been after Bonfire for a long time. And something that connects far deeper than either of them would expect...

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