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Pulling a Heist


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There's been a little lull in the villainy as of late, and nothing solves that more efficiently than a good old fashioned heist. And as we all know, there is no better place to rob than the museum. Whether you're looking for a really obscure magical text, a rare metal that mysteriously disappeared off the face of the earth years ago, just some magical do-dad to complete a ritual and increase your power ten-fold, or just something to sell on the black market, the museum has it all. And to top it all off, they're usually guarded by old codgers in their 50's and 60's.

So what I propose we do is that each of the villians have their own target in mind, and while planning their capers, discover the other villains' plots and for whatever reason decide to work together, safety in numbers or something.

Anyone interested?

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Well, there's actually such a heist going on right now. The Ghost led a group of several villains in to steal a set of gems. That museum has been the target of three such heists, so by the time you'd attack it, it would be as protected as Fort Knox. I might try to find another target that's less heavily guarded.

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Might I suggest Fawcett and Batson Architecture?

(Why? Because they (in particular, their 78 year old senior partner Frederick Fawcett) built Pyramid Plaza for the Scarab, which means they (or at least Frederick Fawcett) knows where the Scarab's lair (full of the secrets of old heroes and still very much cutting-edge scientific and magical gear) is concealed.

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To shreds, you say?

I never really got a firm bite on the apple, and it seems like you've got a good robbery plan going.

F and B is a pretty soft target, they don't think of themselves as having high security. But they are the weakest link to getting into the Pyramid Plaza and the Scarab's lair underneath...

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