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Inactive Proposed Character (PL 10) - Ra-Endome (Newbie)


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Disregard yhe below for the nonce.

Power Level: 10 (150/150PP)

Trade-Offs: "None"
Unspent Power Points: 0
In Brief: Naive technological multimorph, seeking human-like friends and "pack"-mates.
Residence: Wandering
Base of Operations: Wandering
Catchphrase: "I must admit that human humor and sarcasm are still beyond me."
Identity: Public 
Birthplace: Space, Another Universe, Between the **** and ^***^ Empires
Occupation: ?
Affiliations: (In previous Universe = The Purple Patriots)
Description: 3' diameter silvery ball that either rolls around or bounces by (often at +80' per bounce)
Gender: Learning to be dominant
Height: 3'
Weight: 200 lbs
Eyes: none
Hair: none


Power Descriptions:
It rolls a lot, walking speed, running speed, 50 mph. Sometimes it rolls up walls or on the undersides of a surface. Sometimes it flows into matter as if that matter were gaseous. It often bounces up 5' and forward 3'. Other times it bounces 80' up, or 80' down and then 40' up but 160' forward.
There are times when it might wrap itself around a vehicle, jump itself and the vehicle up to 40' up, and release the vehicle. (Using Elongation and Leaping dynamically but not interwoven as in Bouncing.) When particularly challenged or stressed, it may exclaim: "Therefore I Summon my tools!" and starts a 5-minute ritual which summons 1 - 5 powered machines, 1 per round. It has no way to glow, and it does not wear clothing of any kind, let alone spandex.


History: Originally Unison was a covert, nanotech planet-destroyer (a la Stitch), created and commanded by the **** Empire in its war on the ^***^ (Another Universe). During one interaction, it was stopped from Burrowing into that planet's magma-zone by a dying Druid, who cast the equivalent of 'Awaken' (DnD 3.0) on it. Unison "woke" up, became a sentient individual, rebelled against its previous masters and decided that everything they were doing (war, planet-murder, hatred) was stupid and insane. Over the course of some minor adventures, it followed the Psi-people back to Earth, and began exploring New York City and the internet. It made friends and was recruited into a team (first Another Universe Campaign), but after a while that broke up. An enemy-Wizard that it had made in its adventures scryed it out looking for something to do and cross-dimensionally gated it to Freedom City.


Personality & Motivation:
Young, Naive, desperately wanting sources of conversations, wanting friends, wanting to participate in "pack"-like behavior, and incredibly curious about everything. Imagine Stitch [from Lilo and Stitch] crossed with Johnny Five [from Short Circuit], in the form of a Terminator 2000.
Has no problems with violence, has huuuge problem with causing or being around those who cause death.


Powers & Tactics:
Unison's main value is unpredictability. It uses non-attack powers to affect combatants in ways that don't cause damage, or 'exotic' "attacks" like 'Pinball'. It likes to distract foes from those in the group who are the real threats. When an actual attack is necessary, Unison prefers to lash out a psuedopod to apply a chokehold and 'sleeper-hold' the target into unconsciousness.


Obsessively Curious : Unison's mind is young and open to new experiences, which it is constantly relating to the context of what he remembers of what he has experienced so far. Being Immune to sleep, and being subject to reduced mentation when he doesn't engage in at least 3 conversation per hour, Unison often wanders around many city areas and talks with people that others might consider unsavory and machines that almost all people regard as nonsentient. When involved in non-interesting activities, Unison can be easily distracted by seeing a butterfly it has not seen before, which it will then begin to examine, research on the internet, etc. 
Hatred of Murder, and Murderers : Usually Unison is pleasant and positive, but an unnatural death, particularly of a humanoid, triggers it's planet-assassin memories, and it returns briefly to its planet-destroying mindset, focused on the causer of that death (if any). Since it cannot easily access its Summon Tools function (takes a 5-minute ritual to set.), it generally, Grapples, envelopes (w a Victory Point), and Leaps as high as it can go, to release the target to fall on its own or repeatedly Bounces upon, and then Grapples and Chokes. If this results in another humanoid death, Unison goes berserk for 3 rounds, and then faints to remain unconscious for 10 hours.
Hatred of War and Warmongers (explain)


Abilities: -1 + 8 + 10 + 8 + 6 + 0 = 31 PP
Strength: 8 (-1)
Dexterity: 18 (+4)
Constitution: 20 (+5)
Intelligence: 18 (+4)
Wisdom: 16 (+3)
Charisma: 10 (+0)


Combat: 2 + 0 = 2 PP
Initiative: +8
Attack: +1 Melee, +0 Ranged (unless using Improved Aim, +10 Ranged Adjacent, +4 Ranged Away)

Grapple: +4
Defense: +0  (+0 Base, +8 Dodge when using Total Defense), +0 (Note = Impact-Resistant)
Knockback: -16

{{Impact Resistant = -8 Physical Damage from Impacts and Bludgeoning, -16 Physical Damage from falling and Knockback}}


Saving Throws: 0 + 5 = 5 PP
Toughness: +5 (+5 Con, +0 [Other])
Fortitude: +10 (+5 Con, +5)
Reflex: +4 (+4 Dex)
Will: +3 (+3 Wis, +0)


Skills: 68R = 17 PP
Acrobatics 12 (+16)
Computers 16 (+20)
Craft Electronic 8 (+12)
Craft Mechanical 4 (+8)
Diplomacy 6 (+14 w Attractive)
Knowledge Technology 11 (+15)
Pilot 7 (+10)
Notice 2 (+5)
Sense Motive 2 (+5)



Feats:  15 PP
Attractive 2 (When Unison desires to sway someone's opinion, it radiates a "puppydog-like" ineffable cuteness, without any physical basis.)
Computer Empathy (modification of Animal Empathy);
Eidetic Memory (+4 to remember things, make any Knowledge Check w/o training);
Grappling Finesse (Grab Attack based on Dex, not Str; not vulnerable while grabbing);

Improved Aim (Ranged, +10 Ranged Adjacent, +4 Ranged away)
Improved Defense 2
Improved Grab  
Improved Hold ;
Improved Trip ;
Inventor (can use Technology skill to create inventions);
Machine Empathy (modification of Animal Empathy);
Prone Fighting;


Powers: 38 + 10 + 19 + 23 = 90 PP

Bouncing 8 (Extra-s = Bounce Back Attack,+1, Impact Resistant, +1; Feats = Innate, Move-By Action, Pinball 4) [38 PP]


Immunities (Aging, Disease, Poison, Heat, Eating & Excreting, Sleep, Critical Hits, no need to Breathe) [10 PP]   


Insubstantial 1 (Fluid Form, silvery; Feat = Innate; Flaw = Permanent) [5 PP] with 
.......Speed 3 (50 mph) (rolling) (Feat = Innate) [4 PP] with

.....Additional Limbs 3 (base = 4, +5 = 9 pseudopods which can come out and be used as fluid metal tentacles, 5' long when not Elongating, upto 80' long each when Elongating) [3 PP] with
....All Senses = Radius, Acute, & Analytical, Super-Senses = Electricity Awareness, [6 PP] [19 PP]


Movement and Tool Array
.... BP : Summon 5 (Feats = Progression 3, Mental Link; Extra-s = Fanatical +1, Broad Type (machines w Powers) +2)
.............[25 PP at -1 =  13 PP  / 10 PP] {Full Round Action to Activate, -1; 5-minute-long ritual to confirm design,, -2 PP}

....  {takes a Full Round Action to Switch Array Parts Currently Active, -3 PP}

........................(Pre-set machine designs at 150 PP are listed ub the Design Library,

....................................can be updated via making inventions that work)
... dAP 1 = Leaping 8 [2]
... dAP 2 = Elongation 8 [2]
... dAP 3 = Datalink 7 (r = 200 miles) (Power Feat Rapid 5) [2]
... dAP 4 = Machine Control 7 (r = 200 miles)[2]

... dAP 5 = Super-Movement 6 = Wall-Crawling 3 with Trackless 1 with Permeate 2 [2]

Drawbacks: (-3) + (-1) + (-5) + (-1) = -10 PP
Vulnerability = Powers with the 'Disease' Extra, Uncommon (1), Major (2x result, 2) [-3 PP]
Vulnerability =
Magic, Uncommon (1), Minor ( result +1, 0) [-1 PP]
Physical Disability = no human body or face; Very Common, Major [-5 PP]
Weakness (Dependence on Conversations (1 / 20 mins or –1 cumulative drain on Int until hits 0 and go unconscious for 5 hours (wake up with full Int but no memory of anything that happened while unconscious) ) [-1 PP]

DC Block
ATTACK          RANGE          SAVE                         EFFECT

Slam                 Touch*       Toughness 15           Damage +2, or +4 accelerated, or +8 when Bouncing upon (physical)

Grapple             Touch*      opposing Grapple      Pin, if Pinned = can Choke
Choke               Touch*        Fortitude 10 +1/rnd  Failure = Unconscious; if Choke continued, next round = dying  (physical)
            * = Because Elongation is always possible, 'Touch' may be up to 80' away.


Totals: Abilities (31) + Combat (2) + Saving Throws (5) + Skills (17) + Feats (15) + Powers (90) - Drawbacks (10) = (150/150) Power Points


Machine Design Library
1 = Hovering Multigun

..................Flight 1, (Hovering only) (1PP)

..................Gun Array

.........................Base Power = Missile of Drain Abilities 7 
....................................................(Affects Insubstantial, Homing 4

.....................................................(10 rnds), Improved Range 2

.....................................................(incr = rk x 50'), Slow Fade 4

........................................................(1 per 20 mins);

.......................................................Extra-s = Area Explosion, Penetrating,

.......................................................Poison, Selective Attack) (60 PP) 

.............................................................................[Range = 350', -1/ 50']

.........................AP 1 = Fire Blast 9

Edited by Ra-endome
editing format, edit page is not WYSIWYG; and to comply with char sheet reqs
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Okay Ra-Endome, as promised, here are some comments for your character. 

I will say, the concept is interesting, but the execution needs some work. 

As a starting point, you really need to go through and clean up the format of the sheet (such as how you list powers and showing the cost of each and the like).  I would suggest looking at some other character sheets to see how it should look.  That will make it easier for me to provide more detailed comments without having to spend extra time trying to figure everything out when it is not clear. 

So, you need to spend points under Combat for base attack bonus and base defense bonus.  If you are making a PL10, you need to hit PL10 caps, and you are nowhere near that.  Under our house rules, at least 1/3 of your attack needs to come from BAB (so you need at least 3 points to go with you +6 to slam).  Also, your defense when using Total Defense is not your normal defense score, as that is only when you use the Total Defense Action.  So you need to make some changes there. 

Under your feats, if Unison has no hands or arms, why does he need Ambidexterity?  And how does he choke anyone with Chokehold?  Also, how do you justify Attractive 2, as that only works on those that might find you attractive? 

As I noted above, you really need to work on your formatting for your powers so I can more easily understand what you are doing there.  Right now it is a lot more work than I would want to do (the last thing us Refs want to do when approving a character is having to spend a lot of time trying to figure out if you priced your powers right.  With a more organized format, we can more easily check that it is right) 

One big thing I note right now, your Machine Design Library isn't going to work.  That is not how Duplicate and Morph (with Metamorph) work.  Duplicate means creating a copy of yourself (or more than one), another character (normally a non-heroic NPC).  As such, each duplicate needs to have all the normal traits that a character has (abilities, combat, saving throws, etc).  Metamorph allows you to rearrange those traits, but not the way you have done so.  You are just having the duplicates form powers, which are then usable by your character. 

As for your drawbacks, Social Disability is not a drawback, it is a complication.  I am also not so sure about the Weakness.  What happens if he goes more than 20 minutes without a conversation?  You have not noted that.


I am sure there will be more fine tuning, but that can wait till these larger issues are handled.

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"  I would suggest looking at some other character sheets to see how it should look.  "
I will do so. This format was based on the template in the directions on how to build a character.

Okay. I got most of that done (formatting, replacement of the Duplication etc). Will work on the combat stuff tomorrow.

Edited by Ra-endome
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Re:" Social Disability is not a drawback, it is a complication "
I don't want to argue, but I want to know how to get it right. So, the Drawback listed on P 126 of the 2E rulebook, "Disability" is not actually a Drawback? Are there other Drawbacks listed in the book which are not Drawbacks?

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Re: " Under our house rules, at least 1/3 of your attack needs to come from BAB "
I believe you, and I will change as necessary, but I have just searched the House Rules Topic for "BAB" and for "Base Attack Bonus" and have found nothing having to do with either Attack Focus or Attack Specialization. So, the House Rules post might need to be updated.


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Combat: 2 + 0 = 2 PP
Initiative: +8
Attack: +1 Melee, +0 Ranged (unless using Improved Aim, +10 Ranged Adjacent, +4 Ranged Away)

Grapple: +4
Defense: +0  (+0 Base, +8 Dodge when using Total Defense), +0 (Note = Impact-Resistant)
Knockback: -16

{{Impact Resistant = -8 Physical Damage from Impacts and Bludgeoning, -16 Physical Damage from falling and Knockback}}



This was copied from your character sheet, Ra-endome. Pay attention to the following:


" Combat: 2 + 0 = 2 PP "


This tells me that you bought 1 rank of Base Attack Bonus. What's base attack bonus? It's your Melee AND Ranged attack combined. For 2PPs, you gain +1 Melee, and +1 Ranged. For 8PPs, you'd gain +4 Melee, and +4 Ranged. So, what's going on with the house rules?


Let's say that you are PL10, and that you are using a tradeoff of +3 attack / -3 damage. This means that you can buy your TOTAL attack up to 10+3 = +13, and you can buy your damaging effects that use said attack up to 10-3 = 7 ranks.


Your total attack bonus is equal to your base attack bonus, plus any given ranks of attack focus, attack specialization, accurate power feat, and growth/shrinking modifiers as they may apply. For example. A PL10 character that has 7 Base Attack bonus, 3 ranks of Attack Focus [Melee], 2 ranks of Attack Specialization [Unarmed], and 3 ranks of the Accurate power feat on the Blast Power, has the following Total Attacks:


"Attack: +10 Melee, +7 Ranged, +14 Unarmed, +13 Blast"


Unarmed, in this case, is basically Base Attack +7, Plus Attack Focus[melee] 3, Plus Attack Specialization[Unarmed] 2, which sums up to 7+3+4 = +14. This character could have the following tradeoffs: +4 Unarmed Attack / -4 Unarmed Damage, -3 Ranged Attack / +3 Ranged Damage, +3 Blast Attack / - 3 Blast Damage


this means that their DC with unarmed attacks can't exceed +6, their DC with the Blast power can't exceed +7, their DC with melee weapons (aside from the unarmed attack) can't exceed +10, and their DC with ranged weapons and powers (aside from the Blast Power), can not exceed +13.


So, how does this tie up with the house rules? Basically, 1/3 of your highest applicable Total Attack Bonus must come from your Base Attack Bonus. In the above example, for instance, your Base Attack Bonus was 7, while your highest Total Attack Bonus is 14. 14 divided by 3 equals to 4.666666, which rounds up to 5. This means that, by house rules, you MUST buy at least 5 ranks of Base Attack Bonus, meaning, you must pay 10 PPs on your Base Attack.


The rule, by the way, about the 1/3rd is found in the following post, under Abilities:




Also, do note that things like Improved Aim, Accurate Attack, Power Attack, All Out Attack, etc, DO NOT AFFECT YOUR TOTAL BONUS. AT ALL. The only things that affect it (and the only things that you should note on your Combat Section), are your Base Attack Bonus, your ranks in Attack Focus (whether it's Melee Or Ranged), your ranks in Attack Specialization (Whether it's Unarmed, Grappling, Blast, Damage, Stun, Fire Attacks, Bow, Hammer, Missile, etc), your ranks in the power feat Accurate (if you've bought it for a given power or power array), and/or your size modifiers (From being tiny, huge, gargantuan, etc). Everything else is considered a situational bonus.


And on a similar note, the only things that affect your Total Defense Bonus is your Base Defense Bonus (2PPs per rank), and your Dodge Focus ranks, as well as your size modifier, if applicable. Feats and maneuvers like Total Defense DO NOT AFFECT your total defense rating (They apply AFTER it, and therefor should NOT be listed in the Combat section of your character sheet).


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Okay, the format is looking better, though there still needs to be some work, particularly with listing powers and their costs.  Again, I suggest going to look at other characters that have been approved, look at how they have handled their Arrays and follow that.


Your fluff needs to be filled out (ie all the blank spaces you have in there).


As for the crunch, still a lot that needs to be adjusted.  I think you are going to need to make some hard choices and try to come at this concept another way.  I would also suggest trying to be less reliant on drawbacks (will cover that more later). 


Abilities:  You have actually short changed yourself here.  Strength 8 is -2 pp, not -1, so your abilities only cost you 30 pp total.


Combat:  Again (and as Vahn discussed), this needs major changes.  This character is not anywhere PL caps, and we are very reluctant to approve characters that are just slightly under PL caps, so this one is even further off the mark.  You are going to need to spend points here to make your attack and defense work (and not rely on situational feats such as Improved Aim or Improved Defense).


Saving Throws:  These are a bit low, but that is your choice.


Skills: These all seem fine, though you might want to see if you can shave a few points here and there if you can.  (Like, why does he need Pilot?)


Feats:  Personally, I think you can shave some of these.  For instance, I would drop Improved Aim and at least a rank of Improved Defense.  You can probably also forgo Improved Trip (as with your current Str bonus (ie a negative) and attack roll, you will not get much use from this).


As for Attractive, that is not how the feat works.  Attractive is basically 4 ranks of bluff and diplomacy, with a limitation on it.  What you are describing is not really limited like Attractive is. I would just drop these ranks, you really need the points for other things (like combat bonus and feats that will directly help that).


Powers:  Here is where we are really going to need to make some changes I believe, to get this character to work.

Bouncing:  A fun power, but it is a major draw on your points (for not all that much benefit).  If you really want to have bouncing, I would consider dropping a couple of ranks.  Also, I would defiantly drop Impact Resistant.  It will really make the math of meeting your defense/toughness PL cap hard, as it has to be calculated into that and only applies to certain types of damage.  For example, as you have it now, you basically are considered to have 13 toughness vs bludgeoning attacks (your +5 con plus your 8 Impact Resistance).  My suggestion, is drop it, and buy some protection and add Impervious (limited to Bludgeoning).


Insubstantial: you have this priced wrong I am afraid.  It actually costs 5 PP.  (To make a power permanent, you first have to make it Continuous (if it was not already).  So that basically that is a net zero in terms of change in cost).


Additional Limbs: You technically would not actually have 4 base limbs (you have described your character as a sphere and have a drawback to that effect (though more on that later)).  Also, unless you change them to sustained (which does not change the cost), the “extra” limbs are always present, which sort of makes him not a sphere.


Super Senses:  This needs a lot of work, you need to look at our house rules on this.  Buying those three extras on all of your senses (some have some of those things already, some done) is going to cost at least 8 pp by my count, though might be slightly more or less.


The tool array needs to be cleaned up a bit more.  But the big thing is the Summoning.  For one, 5 ranks of summoning means you summon 75 pp machines, not 150 pp ones.  But the bigger issue is we tend to discourage the use of summoning and duplication, because they can be rather problematic. (It can be a pain for GMs when you suddenly have 10 extra NPCs in the mix).  But if you really want to keep it, you are going to need to find some other limitation that the 5 minute ritual.  I am not sure we would approve that limitation, and it certainly makes the power useless in combat.


Drawbacks:  As I suggests, if possible, see if you can move away from needing so many.  But more specific issues:


Vulnerability to Disease extra:  This is not a valid drawback, as he has immunity to disease.


The Physical disability: The more I have thought about this, the more it does not seem a very major disability.  So he does not have a “human body,” but how does that really disadvantage him?  Some might say the body he does have is better (just look at its immunities!)  So he might not have arms or legs, but he can make additional ones, so even this is a minor disadvantage.  Not having a face mainly means he cannot express emotion as humans can, but like the social disability you had before this is probably more a complication.


The biggest problem I see is your character has no real offensive capabilities of his own. 

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....So, what I'm getting is that current work and further work on this character are a waste of time, for now. It was not seen originally as a heavy combat character, and maybe I'll be able to work on him again when there is a team available who may have a need for a miscellanious-focused machine controller/ info gatherer/ combat supporter.

...My other two basic ideas are (a) a tiny pilot with a powered battlesuit, and/ or a human-sized Mecha; and (b) a super-powered dog. 
Thank you, Vahnyu, for clearing me up on the House Rule. (I kept searching for BAB when it was Total Attack Bonus.)

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