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To: Daniel Mitchell, marketing director for Herbal Dreams hair care products

From: Dr. Estelle de Havilland, ASTRO Labs

Dear Mr. Mitchell, once again I am flattered by your offer, but I do not feel in all good conscience that I can become the spokeswoman for your new line of shampoos and conditioners; though I did briefly use Herbal Dreams Moisturizing Shampoo while I was attending school, in all honesty I was not happy with the product. This isn't to say I think your line is without merit, merely that it did not work for me personally.

That being said, I have been developing a few products of my own; as you know, hair care is now, bizarrely, a much larger part of my life than ever before, so I take all of this very seriously. If I came up with some successful new formulations, would your firm be interested in developing and marketing them?

As you can guess, since my rather remarkable transformation it seems the entire beauty and hair care industry is parked outside my home day and night, despite my firm refusals to see them. However your company has been very thoughtful and has respected my privacy, which means a great deal to me, hence my counter-offer to you. Please respond at your earliest convenience.

With warmest regards,

Estelle de Havilland, PhD

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June 29th, 2009

Ah, to be home back in Freedom City! Yes, it's true I was born on Long Island and spent seemingly half my life within a stone's throw of Harvard Yard, but Freedom is somehow different; New York reminds me too much of Father and the current unpleasantness, while Cambridge Town almost feels like a childish dream. No, Freedom is the city of my future, and I look forward to returning there with nothing short of unfettered delight. It will be a long flight into Jordan International, but I should sleep well out of sheer exhaustion if nothing else, though perhaps a little nightcap might be wise.

On the economic front, sales of my toy line have been poor in the States for sometime now, perhaps due to what my agent refers to as my 'complete and utter unwillingness to do anything even remotely heroic'; there may be some truth in this, but I also smell just the faintest whiff of Father and his cronies meddling. Then again, I may be becoming paranoid. At any rate, I'm told boxes of Gossamer Glitter dress-up dolls and various action playsets are crowding the shelves of discount malls across America. I weep at the thought of the poor little dears filling landfills 'til the end of time, or at least the planet; perhaps there might be a way to recall them and recycle the plastic?

But the future is not completely without a silver lining; for some reason, sales of 'Golden Cloud Princess Warrior' merchandise (yes, this is how I am known in Japan; we all have our crosses to bear) have been nothing short of phenomenal. For legal reasons, we've had to explain how 'Cloud' got her powers with a different 'origin story', so the Japanese team came up with a far-fetched tale involving me (or at least my anime avatar) leading an expedition up the Amazon in search of a legendary organic hair care product, which I find to be truly hilarious. However, the wide-eyed blond heroine is still a chemist and a defender of the rainforests, so I suppose she's still a somewhat positive role model for young Japanese girls.

One last note before I must close my laptop and get ready for my flight. Dear sweet Sunny, my beloved sister, has been my man in Havana on the Japanese cultural scene for some time now, and she recently called me from the embassy in Tokyo with news that I've received the highest honor a gaijin can from the Empire of the Sun: immortality as an unlockable character in a Capcom fighting game! She said that Emily has mastered most of my 'moves' and has proudly trounced all her friends from the diplomatic school on numerous occasions, and that she has never been more proud of her Auntie Stelle.

So, that is all for now. Upon landing, I must call Doctor Archeville to see if he's free in the days to come; I'm hoping he will be able to assist me in my latest endeavor.

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