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Getting Back In The Saddle

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Right, so, I've pretty much caught myself up on goings-on, and anything I've missed I can probably be filled in on on a one-on-one basis....


That means it's time to get my characters back in the swing of things! 

And while I don't have the collection some of our members do (*cough*Gizmo*cough*TiffanyKorta*cough*), I've got more than one, that's for sure!

I'll go down the "list" and talk about where things stand right now (and I'll provide updates as character statuses change), and some ideas on what may have been going on for the characters while I was gone.



-He was at UCLA taking college credits and dating a cheerleader.  Then he finished classes, but oh no ninjas! He's wrapping up his final senior year quarter at Claremont. He will be joining the thread(s) centering on finding Errant, meaning that as of the beginning of April (chronologically) he's available.

-He's got a pending update so if we get him going in a thread I'd like to not immediately be in combat until said edit is completed (it's a fairly big edit!).

-He might be good for Claremont action, but just as likely he could work with graduates, other speedsters, etc. Pretty flexible!



-He's maxed out so no edits needed!

-I'm assuming he was just doing hero work and being over at the Monastery a lot on Sanctuary. Busy busy busy!

-He's in the FLA so threads with them are kind of natural. I'm sure we'll figure something out!



-He's getting rebuild pretty extensively. So this isn't necessarily right away, though his rebuild is my next "mechanical project". 

-He's been training, and other vigilante Cowl stuff. There are probably a lot of frightened criminals out there!

-He has a year left at Claremont (graduates in 2017). So that's a natural tie-in.

-He's a brooding scary unpowered vigilante cowl type. They probably have secret conventions that are filled to the brim with understated black gear, brooding, coffee, and tasteful romance novels. AKA he could team with other cowl-y types.


Cobalt Templar:

-I think I have a few points to spend here. I might rework him some anyways, we'll see. 

-Maybe he was off getting married? I'll have to talk to AA about that...

-His biggest hooks are a.) the Liberty League (he's sorta-kinda affiliated?), and b.) other Young Freedom members. 

-He's a big burly not!Green Lantern who happens to have some decent magical knowledge (even if his magic is generally limited to "make a sword of magic blue fire to hit the bad guy with"). 


Sun Walker:

-Might rebuild him as a PL12.

-Honestly kind of my lowest priority right now. Not saying he's going away but he's definitely not going to be rushed into production, as it were.

-He's a magical martial artist descended from Sun Wukong. So, you know, there's that.

-May or may not have Into Space.


I'm not begging for threads or anything, especially since only 2 of my characters are fully (or near-fully, in TS's case) ready to rock in any thread (social or combat). But! Better to start now.

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