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Diary of a Teenage Grue

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17th November 2012, Earth Orbit

So after sixteen years in deep space I’ve finally made it to Earth! Baby slipped into orbit invisibly going unnoticed at Goonhilly, they passed over Cape Canaveral without a blip, Woomera and Jodrell Bank looked straight through us. It was v. exciting, fresh TV signals bouncing all around us, but I had to make a very important decision were to go?

Cardiff in the UK looked pretty good, or maybe London, they seemed pretty friendly to aliens and use to their presence. Or maybe Japan, but I’m not sure about all the Kaiju running around. And of cause there’s Freedom City who are accepting of almost everyone, though they seem a little jittery about shapeshifters atm so a little caution may be needed. And Uncle Pseudo lives there so they can’t be that unfriendly to us Grue.

So a little
time to think things through is in order. Besides Earth looks so pretty from up here.

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Supplemental (I've always wanted to say that)
I’m finally here on Earth! I can feel really gravity and everything, which is much like Babies grav-plates but cool nevertheless.

So it seems that a previous Grue had set up this warehouse for there plan’s as well as a bank account quite full of money. Mother Unit tells me that it was all gotten legally, I guess they didn’t want to attract attention, and they even have those stocks things. Mother Unit assures me that as long as I don’t spurge, say on Centurion #1, I should be okay for quite a long time, it seems she can handle the shock thingy to keep the money rolling in.

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18th November 2012

I must apologize to you the hypothetical viewer of this diary for not introducing myself from the start, something I shall now endeavor to correct.

My designation is D-162-806 Series MM, it doesn’t exactly roll of the tongue I know Mother Unit normally called me D. I suppose I’ll need to pick a human name soon, when I start to walk among them. After all is part of my mission to Earth to acclimate and assimilate into human culture, which is weird because in the Freedom Friends the Grue we’re all about deception and conquering the Earth.

Also with me is Mother Unit a highly advanced Artificial Intelligence that runs my little ship and has look after me since I came from the birthing pod. She’s more or less the entire ship but she lives in a little cube with these cool squiggles all over her. She also more importantly stores all my television programs and movies for me to watch.

Finally there’s the ship itself a Birthing Unit, though I call her Baby, she technically part of Mother Unit but her subsystems have been running for so long she’s a separate entity in her own right. I’m often go to sleep listening to her telepathic singing, it’s a really beautiful thing.

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