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Thread in distress.

The Sailor

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Okay, as it seems one of the players has gone AWOL, I am looking for 1 or more players for "A Community Service". I'll keep looking for a +1 for the next few days, as I'd rather not just run a thread for one player only.

If you're wondering about angles into this, keep in mind this humanitarian mission isn't secret, and if your character is civic-minded, they might have this in mind (simplest way in). After all, clearing Agent Orange contamination is a thing. Of course when it comes to supherheroes, sometimes bad things find them. Here is the thread and OOC, if you're interested, tag the ooc and feel free to write yourself in as on the ship. If you have questions, you can ask them here before tagging the OOC. Note the most I want involved in this is three players. I'm not counting the AWOL. I'm moving their character into the background.

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