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It is Bank Robbery Time!

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Ben Popkin or better known as Super Thug is flying over the buildings as he planning to perform the bank robbery. He need cash for having afford to buy drugs or something that will increase his powers.

As he finally arrived at front of the Eastern Seaboard Bank building. The first thing he do is just simple crashing through the doors with help of his super strength as he threating them, "Give me all your money! Or else I will start wreaking this place and all of you too!".

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"Ok! I will get the money Psi! Keep the watch out for the capers!" Super Thug screaming back at him. He and Psi have recently working together for this robbery. It is always good a extra villains if they are gonna encounter other superheroes.

Super Thug fly over the tellers counter and then he smashed one of the counters to scare them off. He pulled out the bag he have brought with for the robbery and then he throwing it to one of the tellers.

"Hurry up and put all the money inside the bag! If you don´t hurry up now I will started pounding at your head!" He screamed at the tellers.

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Psi looks directly at the teller in question and with the aid of Mind control tells him to do what ever Super-thug says, it could get ugly if he chose to be a hero.

He also orders everyone in the bank that they'll never mention his existance or prescence in this robbery.

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