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Kindness to Every Living Thing (OOC)

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Using Extra Effort to stunt off her composite Environmental Control/True Sight power.

Environmental Control: Light (Partial) 2 (Extra: Linked; Flaws: Range (Touch))  [1PP]
+ Super-Senses 10 (True Sight (Vision Counters Concealment, Counters Illusion, Counters Obscure (all), Detect Hidden))  [10PP]
+ Comprehend 2 (Languages; Speak any language, Understand any language; Extra: Linked; Flaw: Duration (Sustained)) [2PP]

Fatigued from Extra Effort.

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She recognizes the name of al-Darsah from her own world - Amir al-Darsah, aka Typhoon, is a notorious supervillain in the Dr. Doom model, ruling the independent Kingdom of Socotra. Sounds like his double isn't too dissimilar! 


As for that low, low, incredibly low Notice check, well - 

http://orokos.com/roll/311593 = 22! 

As far as Cerulean knows, she made a clean getaway. 

You can go ahead and get one more post in, then I'll get us to Iceland where more stuff can happen of some variety or another. 

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*Nina al-Darsah goes on 24

Nina: 24

Cerulean: 13 

Nina goes ahead and attempts her Damaging Move Object vs that troublesome Create Object. (she picks up and throws some water; this will be a full-round action) 


http://orokos.com/roll/314253 19 

That does hit a flat-footed Cerulean

That is a DC 23 Tou save for that Create Object.

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Move action is 5,000', which I'll assume is enough to get her over land somewhere in the bay.

Activate Mirror Images as a free action, 50% concealment effect.

Ready an action:  If Aquabitch pursues in person, or sends some sort of water-based attack her way, she'll respond with a Kamehameha -- Blast 11 Line AoE, 25' in diameter and 550' long, Penetrating 5 and +5 bonus knockback.  Toughness Save DC of 26, or used as a countering power vs an aquatic attack.

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Shifting +2 to All Out Attack, hoping to get that hit in and trusting that the diversionary images will handle any counterattack that might still resolve.

Light Bolt Spray Attack (+2 All Out Attack): 1d20+13 14

...well.  That's not entirely helpful.  Going to have to HP that one, I think.

HP Reroll:: 1d20+13 15

...just, wow.  So, that's an attack roll of 25, with a Blast 11 with Autofire,  Current defense is 11, with 50% miss chance from Concealment.

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