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Two questions on the Power feature for HQs

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One of the features an HQ can have is "Power" -- it can have any appropriate power as a feature. The power "cannot have a total cost greater than twice the campaign's PL or a rank greater than the PL."

Q1) Does the "or" there mean that a given power need only conform to one limit or the other, or must it conform to both restrictions?

I ask primarily because one of the powers I want for Archeville's HQ is "cutting-edge equipment & a masterful library": Enhanced Skills 78 (+6 to thirteen assorted skills; total cost 19.5pp). That fits the cost limit (he's PL 11, so nothing an cost more than 22pp), but not the rank limit (PL 11, so 11 ranks).

Q2) Could an HQ have the Power Enhanced Feat (Minion) or Enhanced Feat (Sidekick), to represent an in-house A.I. (or bound spirit or somesuch)?

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1) I'd allow your example, because each of the skills have 6 ranks. If the Power could be divvied up a different way and fall under both portions of the "or", then I'm not concerned about how it's recorded on the sheet. I do feel that the "or" means that both criteria must be fulfilled. That's to preclude someone from getting a very high ranked power or a very expensive power. Those restrictions are enough to allow for something like a Blast at PL effectiveness. While someone could conceivably flaw a more expensive power like Disintegration down to make it cheap enough to use at full PL, that's where we as GMs would need to step in and say that the flaws are going too far, if they are.

2) I would not allow this. The Power feature on HQs is bought with equipment points. Minion and Sidekick each provide effective power points per rank (15 and 5). If you spend one pp on equipment, you get 5 equipment points. If you then spend those five equipment points, you have 25 or 75 pp to put into your sidekick or minion. I feel that's abusive, even with the restriction that the sidekick or minion can't leave your headquarters. Just because anything can be represented as a power as of Ultimate Power doesn't mean that it should be.

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