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Uffish Thoughts (OOC)

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OK, so, my Telepathy's Perception ranged and I'm using my Mental Awareness to perceive Eileen's mind, so no to hit is needed, iirc. As for HDR photography, if you're not familiar with it, it stand for High Dynamic Range - some times with Imaging tagged onto the end. I've got an example here. On the left is the 'standard' image, and at far right, the HDR image. Basically, enhances contrast and brightens the image up considerably, but can look somewhat Salvatore Dali level surreal as well. :D

For an in-game way of explaining this, she's stripping away the mental filtering over each image, and that in turn reveals more of the data that was always there.


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OK, here's the Power roll for Oracle's telepathic probe. Sorry for the long wait.


This is basically trying to filter down some of the blue light, and lets her ask ONE question. I've formatted it in the post, but have no idea if the roll gets past the threshold set by Cerulean's mental blocks. The alternative is to describe taking 20 on the check, which can push this to a 30, or spending a Hero Point which might get better results.

Not sure if you want me to describe the resulting action or if Eileen should. :D

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No worries on the wait, things happen.

I don't believe you can actually take 20 on a Mind Probe check, but since you rolled an 18 in any case, it's largely moot (although if the threshold in question was 30, I could see your point).

However, we end up with an unexpected...partial result. :)


Oh, as well. you might want to add a signature to your profile, as I'm sure you've seen on most people here, that both links to your character sheet and gives a short description of PL and character concept, so people can easily reference what your characters can do when they need to.

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