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Psyskull - WIP


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Player's Name: Grailent
Character Name: Psyskull
Power Level: 10* (125/125PP) *Sidekick
Size: Small (4PP) 
Unspent Power Points: 0

In Brief: Alternate Universe Time Traveler, Floating Psychic Skull Seeking Redemption.

Alternate Identity: Emile Christian 
Identity: Secret
Birthplace: Straubing, Bavaria
Occupation: Kindergarten Teacher
Affiliations: Chimera II (Partner,) Saint Johnathon Elementary School
Family: Annette Christian (Mother, Deceased,) Axel Christian (Father, Deceased) Astrid Christian (Sister, Deceased)

Age: 34 (DoB: June 20, 1939)
Gender: Male
Ethnicity: German
Height: 2'0/5'6
Weight: 40 lb./130 lb
Hair: None/Brown
Eyes: None/Blue

Emile is floating skull. He looks like a clean, bleach white skull, that is floating.

When under the effect of illusion, he appears as studious looking man, with longer hair tied back and traces of stubble. He prefers to appear with longer coats and more covering clothing.

Power Description:
An extremely intelligent and insightful psychic, reduced to a floating skull. Has kept all of his mental prowess, abilities, and faculties, and has gained the immunities of a skull that needs no oxygen or sustenance.

Emile Christian was born in 1939, at the dawn of the age of super heroes, though he had no way of knowing this at the time. His family were fairly well off, his mother a succesful baker, his father a professor. They never truly seemed scant of money, and were in his earliest years happ as could be. Things changed as Germany's occupation hardened. Emile wouldn't understand fully what had transpired for many years, but what he did know, was that they had lost everything. Their jobs, their friends, their home. They were forced to move, to a small shanty town out of sight and mind of the Nazis.

Even after the war ended, the family's situation did not improve. Along with the new addition of Emile's baby sister, and the drought of resources their new home provided, his parents spirits had been broken. The losses they had endured, the horrors they had witnessed independent of their son, had stopped any hope of improvement. They lived in squalor for many years.

This changed when Emile became an adult. Now of legal age, he was reached out to by a nearby university, in a much more well of town. He showed much promise, his studies in psychology already bearing fruit locally, as his town's recent mental improvements showed. They would fund his trip, give room and board, and generally accommodate his less well off status. The only downside, abandoning his family. With a heavy heart, he accepted.

That was an exciting time, when Emile had as much to study as he could dream, and when he discovered his own burgeoning abilities. There had been reports of smaller mutations developing in those situated in his birthplace, theorized to be the by-product of nearby Nazi experimentation, But Emile was much more, severe. His powers would only develop more and more as he grew.

Graduating with accords as a psychology major, opening the town's newest psychiatry clinic, Emile's life was looking up. News from family brought that down, of course. His sister had written him, telling of the recent passing of their parents. She told him of her now bankrupt state, reached out for help, accused him of abandoning them. He couldn't let it stand. But, though he got plenty of well-off patients, he himself got very little pay. What could he do...

It got easier as time passed, using his powers. People were all too happy to reveal secrets, transfer money. At some point, his sister told him she no longer needed his assistance financially, but he couldn't stop. It was just too, intoxicating. Soon, heroes began to come around, searching for the lost funds. They couldn't stop someone of his skill, of course, but he played their little game. Making up a simple costume, the people of the world would treble before, "The Sinister Psychosis!"

If you were to research the Sinister Psychosis today, you would learn that he soon moved operations, grouped with several others with similar goals, to Freedom City, to enact a heist for one of the most valuable gems in the known world. You would also know that this failed, that Psychosis, jailed and trapped in the city, faded away into history. You can find a minor exhibit in the Freedom City Museum of history that details him and several other European villains.

In another world, another time, however, he was never approached about any heist. Instead, he was approached by a shadowy group, a splinter faction of an american governmental branch, looking for someone of his 'talents' to keep members in line. The pay was too good to pass up, and he happily accepted. Psychosis never learned the full story about the facilities going ons, only that they had found a unique specimen, and were using American humans as test subjects. On of these American's, a young man named Leon, he felt a certain kinship with.

The first meeting was pure circumstance, the lad had been wandering about, Psychosis had been patrolling, they had met and struggled, and locked themselves inside the room they founds themselves in. With little to do, Psychosis struck up conversation, and fond that the Leon was not to different from himself. Even after being found, the two met in secret. Something about him, brought forth something Emile hadn't felt in quite some time. There was still some level of animosity, of course, as prisoner and jailer have, but a true trust was clearly developing.

Trust that would be put into play, one fateful day. The facility was attacked, super heroes who had been trailing them. The Heads of Staff had gone mad, activated a self destruct function in the facility. Emile wasn't willing to die for a paycheck, and he began to flee. Something stopped him as he passed Leon, and he found himself opening his cell. Emile screamed warnings, and he woke with a start, the pair making their way as fast as possible outside the facility.

Even at the very edge of the station's borders, it still wasn't enough.They were doomed, Emile knew. His life flashed before him, and he knew this is what he deserved. But Leon was different, he was an innocent, a victim. He used all of his strength to create a field of protection for his friend. In his final moments, he noted something peculiar. It seemed the heroes were going to try to counter the blast with one of their own. Fantastic.

He felt searing pain twice over, heard static and otherworldly sounds. He only had a moment, as a hand grasped at his shoulder and pulled him down, to note the strange hole where his force-field had been. He fell for some time, in pain all the while, before, finally, losing consciousness. He awoke with a start, to a strange setting.

A field, untouched by explosions or society. TO his left, an unconscious Leon. His right, a fisherman. He moved toward the man, noting a strange feeling of loss, and was startled when the man screamed and fainted. He looked down, behind him, nothing. Nothing...

Emile would never truly get over his losses, and spent a good while in shock, but eventually he was shaken out of it by Leon's awakening. Without purpose, the pair wandered for a time, in a world alien to them. Eventually they drifter toward America. Crimes were present every step of the journey, and eventually Emile decided they would their purpose, his redemption. It took some coercion, but eventually Leon came around.

People were none to happy with the floating skull and the monster man, carrying the  name of historic villain. Leon had deferred to him in the matter, as he was poor with names. (Emile himself was little better.) Eventually, enough was enough, and the headed for Freedom City to gain some semblance of respectability.

Committing what would hopefully be the only crime of their new careers, the pair stole the original Chimera's mystical mask. The pair decided to settle in the city for a time, Leon working odd jobs. Emile, refusing his original profession, decided to work somewhere similar to his father, as a teacher. Of course, the only openings were in the kindergarten grade level, but, it was a start. 

Personality & Motivation:
In public is a generally jovial and sarcastic individual. In private, Emile is more serious, though he is still capable of humor. 

Holds Leon and his students in high regard, but can disrespectful to strangers and those he dislikes. Emile is extremely prideful of his powers, as well as his intelligence.

Powers & Tactics:
A powerful psychic, more focused upon mental manipulation, allowing others to do the work. Has many distraction techniques, and can be a useful asset to team-mates. In a pinch can create a forcefield to improve his and allies defenses.

Is also a skull, immune to disease, suffocation, etc. Uses mental flight to propel himself.


Redemptive: Emile could be considered an idealist, in that he believes that others can see the errors of their ways as he has.

New Leaf: Emile was once a villain, and he is greatly ashamed of that fact. He is sincerely determined to redeem himself, and prove that he is worth trust and compassion.

Public Relations: Somewhere along the monster friend with a villain name, the skull thing, the still unconfirmed theft of public property, and the super power of bad first impressions, the public found something to dislike about Psyskull.

Secret: Superhero Identity, Secret Skeleton Head.

Partner: Psyskull and Chimera II are more partners than sidekick and hero, but the two are nonetheless protective of each other, the only still living remnants of their old lives.

Struggling: Though he has stable employment compared to Leon, Kindergarden Teachers are not payed well.

Relic: Though he has mostly figured out the lingo of the new world, and is a quick study on advances in Psychology, His track of pop cultrure and history leave something to be desired.

Teacher: Though he often can find time for super-heroics, Emile is still a dedicated teacher. He is protective of his class, and threating them is one of the few things capable of irking him.


Abilities: -9 + 6 + 0 + 12 + 12 + 0 = 30PP
STR: 1 (-5) 
DEX: 16 (+3)
CON: -- 
INT: 22 (+6)
WIS: 22 (+6)
CHA: 10 (+0)

Combat: 1 = 2PP
Initiative: +7
Attack -4, -5 Base, +1 (Size)
Grapple -9, -5 base, -4 (Size)
Defense +8, +0 base, +6 Dodge, +1 Size, +1  [+0 Flat-Footed]
Knockback -8

Saving Throws: 5 + 2 = 7PP
Toughness: +0/*+12(+0 Con, *With Force-Field), +0 flat-footed,
Fortitude: Immune
Reflex: +8 (+3 Dex, +5)
Will: +8 (+6 Wis,+2)

Skills: 22R= 7PP
Bluff 4 (+4) Skill Mastery
Concentration 4 (+10) Skill Mastery
Knowledge (Behavioral Sciences) 4 (+10) Skill Mastery
Knowledge (Theology And Philosophy) 4 (+10)
Language 2 (English, German[Native])
Sense Motive 4 (+10) Skill Mastery

Feats: 16PP
Improved Block (+2 Block)
Improved Defense (+6 Dodge)
Improved Initiative (+4 Initiative)
Move-By Action
Master Plan
Skill Mastery 1 (Sense Motive, Bluff, Knowledge (Behavioral Sciences), Concentration)
Set Up
Ultimate Will
Uncanny Dodge (Sight)


40pp + 23pp +  4pp = 67pp
Immunity 40 (Life Support, Fortitude) [40pp]


Psionic Skull Array (Alternate Power 7) [23pp]

  • Base: Telepathy 7 [14pp]
  • AP: Illusion 3 (All Senses) (Extras: Action) [13pp]
  • AP: Confusion 7 [14pp]
  • AP: Mind Switch 6 (Extras: Attack, Area) [14pp]
  • AP: Mind Control 6 (Feats: Consciousness Extra: Mental Link) [14pp]
  • AP: Power Control 7 [14pp]
  • AP: Force Field 13 (Feats: Selective) [14pp]
  • AP: Mental Blast 3 [12pp]
  • AP: Mind Shield 12 (Extras: Affects Others 1) [13pp]
  • AP: Mirror Image 3 [12pp]

Flight 2 (25 MPH) [4pp]

Size 4 + Abilities 30 + Combat 2  + Saves 7 + Skills 7 + Feats 16 + Powers 67 - 9= 125/125 Power Points

DC Block


ATTACK           RANGE        SAVE                      EFFECT
Unarmed          Touch        DC 15 Toughness (Staged)  Damage (Physical)
Telepathy        Perception   DC 20 Will                Mind Probed
Mental Blast     Perception   DC 19 Will                Damage (Mental)
Mind Control     Perception   DC 20 Will                Controlled
Mind Switch      Perception   DC 20 Will                Controlled (Switch)
Illusion         Perception   DC 20 Will                Illusion'd
Confusion        Perception   DC 20 Will                Mental [Confused (Varies)]
Power Control    Perception   DC 20 Will                Mental [Power's Controlled]


Chimera II's 'Sidekick.' Any tips, advice, or insight is greatly appreciated!

I've separated the two as Chimera already has replies. They'll be linked together once they are placed in the bank.

Edited by Grailent
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If this guy is the Sidekick of Chimera, then he's PL 10 as well. Either way, he doesn't remotely hit his caps.

Why does he have Con 5 and Dex 5? As a construct, he should have Con -- and Fort Immunity. I'd think a skull flying under its own power would have a lot more Dex!

Why doesn't he have an arry? Most of his powers could be folded into a general psionic array, giving him more PP to work with.

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