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May-June Vignette: This Is Your Song!

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May-June 2015 

This Is Your Song! 

In Hell in the summer of 2015, Great King Amdusias leads his 29 legions of demons and spirits in war against his fellow lords of Hell! It's a grim struggle in which Amdusias comes close to breaching the very wall of Infernal Creation before finally being driven back to his place by a desperate alliance of all his fellows (with a little reluctant help from the mystic heroes of Freedom City). Just another story from the eternal bucket of crabs that is Hell itself. But thanks to Amdusias' bond with music and song, something strange happens in the world above during his war to conquer Hell. As his dread power waxes and wanes through the early summer of 2015, strange things start to happen as people, especially super-people, suddenly hear music and are swept up in song! 

Note that Amdusias's power also reaches out into space, indeed, into our entire galaxy! This raises many theological questions that will no doubt be the subject of much debate among knowledgeable scholars in years to follow. 

That's right, folks, it's a musical episode, in the vein of our previous vignette along those lines, as well as Buffy's Once More With Feeling and Xena's The Bitter Suite. At some point during your character's day, or night, they are swept up in a musical number! They can sing alone, with partners, in a chorus, everything you've come to expect from TV and movie musicals. Feel free to write joint vignettes too. 

Please post your vignettes HERE 


You can use already-written tunes for your character - but you must write ORIGINAL LYRICS; it's more fun that way! 

Please post your vignette by July 1, 2015 to receive full credit. Your vignette should be about one typed, double-spaced page in length. 

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