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WIP - The Apparition


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Player Name: RonRX

Character Name: The Apparition


In Brief: In time of need, an ordinary person can find itself empowered by an otherworldly force and become The Apparition.


Residence: Unknown, Variable (Depending on host)

Base of Operations: Anywhere.


Alternate Identity:

Identity: Secret, Variable (Depending on host)

Birthplace: Unknown, Variable (Depending on host)

Occupation: Wandering avenger, Variable (Depending on host)

Affiliations: None, Variable (Depending on host)

Family: None, Variable (Depending on host)



Age: Unknown, Variable (Depending on host)

Apparent Age: Unknown, Variable (Depending on host)

Gender: Unknown, Variable (Depending on host)

Ethnicity: Unknown, Variable (Depending on host)

Height: Variable (Depending on host)

Weight: Variable (Depending on host)

Eyes: Glowing

Hair: Usually none (Depending on host)


The exact appearance of The Apparition vary, depending on it’s current human vessel. Usually The Apparition takes the form of a vaguely idealized version of it’s human vessel, with an eerie appearance. Something like a very life-like mannequin. It’s skin become a pale shade of blue and vaguely translucent. It’s features become cold and grim and the eyes become glowing blank orbs. Clothes usually appear as a black mantle and hood, with the rest of the detail varying between each vessel.


Power Descriptions:

Not sure yet.



All across the world, all across history there come a time when a savior is needed. Perhaps there was a terrible disaster or, more likely, there is an evil to be stopped and undone. It can be anything from a small-scale danger to a world-threatening evil. Sometimes, a savior answer the plea of the people. Is it an angel, some divine guardian? Is it some sort of collective hallucination? Or perhaps some unknowable entity from beyond.


Whatever the case may be, an ordinary person may find itself suddenly merged with an otherworldly entity and transformed into a nameless being (which will henceforth be called the Apparition for simplicity). The merging is always a willing act and never forced upon its human host. Once the host willingly allow the entity to enter, it physically become The Apparition and is granted its powers. The two being, human and entity, become one and creates a new composite personality, which grants The Apparition the skills and knowledge of it’s human vessel. When the situation has been resolved and when evil has been dispatched, the entity leave.

Personality & Motivation:

The entity which empower humans, transforming them into The Apparition, is hard to define. It is an alien mind, which seems strange given how The Apparition appears when there is a need for a hero. From what can be understood, the entity does not know why it empower humans or when it started it's one-being crusade on evil. Nowadays, it simply does so because it is what it has always done. Despite it's alieness, the entity has a very strong sense of justice and a strong motivation to safeguard life, althought it is perfectly willing to take one life to save another. Fortunately, since it's vessels are always fundamentally good people, it's human half ensure that The Apparition has a moral compass. If anything, it is an entity which live very strongly 'in the moment'. When The Apparition appear, it is because it has a purpose and it's purpose must be fullfilled.



So, The Apparition! A bit of a mash up of The Spectre, Ghost Rider and of course Captain Universe. A very weird and unusual character concept which is better explained here than on the actual character sheet.


The Apparition is a legacy/mantle passed on to various people in need. It means that each thread, it is possible (and likely) that a new person will be channeling the powers of The Apparition. The entity itself has it’s own mind and personality, but how it acts and think depend on the person it is currently empowering. While it keeps its memory between adventures, how it act and think can and will vary depending on who it is inside of.  The Apparition has a small array of Enhanced Skills and Feats representing the most likely candidate for it’s channeling. This array has the Uncontrollable flaw, meaning the GM can force a change in the array. This mean sometimes The Apparition has skills which are useful to the thread and sometimes it doesn’t. Generally The Apparition should manifest from one of the nameless bystander/NPC of the relevant thread. If it doesn’t we can assume it was already “on the case” while inside someone.

So yes, I know this is a difficult concept to pull off but I fully believe it can be done. As for limitations to such a character, well it’s simple; it is in fact limited by it’s player, as The Apparition would only manifest in threads which I am playing in. We can assume it is busy somewhere else in the World.

Currently there is no definite crunch for The Apparition as I want to run the concept by the refs and see what they think of it before finalize the crunch.


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So I love the concept.  The FC Atlas' even had a similar concept limited to the Republic of Malta.  It's a neat concept for sure.  But, I'm not sure of how fun of one it would be to play in such a setting for a PC rather than NPC.  The main question there would have to be on how the Apparition interacts with others. Now you were thorough on the motivation, but it didn't give a real insight to its personality.  For all I know the Apparition doesn't even speak.  Which isn't necessarily a negative.  But, it might be potentially get boring for you as a player to have a character with no interest in forming any sort of relations with other characters and pretty much only shows up come time to smash up the bad guys.

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