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Terrible as the Dawn

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It had started out as a normal quiet day Dancia had been given a straightforward assignment. An interview with a young woman, Sabrina Locke, who had become an overnight success in her business. She should have noticed that the woman had been giving her strange looks when she wasn't looking. The interview was over, it was mostly a fluff piece so it didn't take long, Sabrina suddenly asked Dancia a question.


"Would you like me to show you how I achieved my success?"



Alarm bells should have rung right there and then, but Dancia smelt a story and that foolishly overcame her common sense.

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Dancia came back round the world around her a bright white, for a second she had a memory of being somewhere else before a shape appeared in her vision the blurry shape resolving into the shape of Sabrina.


"I'm sorry I had to do that but we need your help. Let me help you up."



Dancia resisted the urge to pull the other woman down and allowed herself to be pulled up, still a little woozy for whatever happened, to find herself in a ruined building open to the sky.



"The dimensional transport can be a little disorientating, though you've recovered quicker than most."



"Dimensional does that mean I'm on another Earth?"



Without replying the other woman gently steered her towards the window. Beyond was a skyline of a city but one that apparently been damaged and never repaired from a great battle.

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Dancia looked with some horror at the devastation laid upon the city below her wondering what or who could cause such destructions. And there was something familiar about the skyline that reminded of somewhere else.


"It was 1918 when the stranger arrived on the streets of Freedom City. In a maddened state they rampaged destroying almost everything in their path nothing could stop them, this world never had super's before."


"Who was it who did all this?"


The woman held up a newspaper from that time with a photograph of the mysterious assailant. Though the photo was blurry she recognized the feature underneath those crazed eyes.


"That person was you."

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How could it be her if this all happened in 1918? She did think she was older than she'd appeared, but yet...


If she concentrated she could remember details places that seemed exactly like this places. Maybe this was from her future, or even her past and she couldn't remember it now for some reason.


"How long has it been since the city was attacked?"


"Just over a year ago, time moves differently here from you own Earth you can spend days here and when you return only a moment has passed.â€


It was the least of her worries right now but at least she wouldn't be missed from her day job


"What happened to... her... after the attack?"


"She just left flying off towards the west, no one know where she went, or they don't care to say to anyone. What are you planning to do?"


"I'm going to find her and make sure she can't hurt anyone else. wait here I'll be right back."


With that she took the air flying rapid out towards the west. somehow she knew exactly where she'd find herself.

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Groome Lake Mine, Nevada


As Dancia zoomed across the country at speed amazed at how similar but subtly different this United States was from her adopted home. And it still seemed familiar to her somehow, was this her original home was that why she felt like she knew this place, was that why she knew were her double had gone?


In a few second she touched down on a salt flat in Nevada, an area could have never entered back on Prime, ahead of her was the range of hills scared with the signs of mining. Apparently, it was abandoned though she didn't know if it was her duplicate or more to do with what else was going on in the world. She did know she'd find out some of her answers in the darkness of the mine.


With as much confidence as she could manage she stepped into the mouth of the mine and into the darkness.

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As she made her way through the dark a voice came through the tunnels, her voice but it sounded strange to her ears. She knew that people talked about how your voice sounded to others but this was different it sounded like the voice had cracked.


"Now, now don't be shy I can hear you coming through the tunnels. Come into my parlor..."


She also sounded not a little unhinged whatever she had been through had obviously affected her mind.

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In a vast cave carved in the middle of the mountain sat on a throne of pure rock was her, a version of her. She sat head on hand as if an impatient queen waiting for the entertainment to arrive. But whilst there were exactly the same it would be difficult to mistake them for the same person.


Her doubles costume seemed battered and scuffed as if it had gone through several years of rough treatment, the cloak fades and frayed. And her eye they shone with madness.

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The one thing with being a hero, and working in the media to boot, was that you tended to see your image a lot. So you got used to that slightly strange disassociate of seeing your image and it not quite belonging to yourself, the only plus, if you could call it that was that you pretty much knew what people thought of you without them censoring their responses. But to actually stand there and look upon another version of yourself, especially one that had fallen so far, was a much more chilling experience. She'd hoped that this would be the only time that she'd have to experience such a thing.


"Well, I suppose at least I don't have to got to the trouble of introducing myself!" despite the levity of the statement her face was grim "For now I just want to talk to you, I'm not after starting trouble."


She stepped out from the darkness into a spot of light from the ceiling, in front of her evil doppelganger.


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The faux Dancia gave an evil sounding chuckle, crouched over on her impromptu throne, something she probably created herself. Both of them were pretty aware that she could strike at any moment, but that meant that Dancia was ready for any form of attack. If it was her she would try and throw her off of her game before striking, and as far as she could tell this faux Dancia was just as capable as herself, and worst she had the unpredictability of her madness.


"Why would I want to harm myself, what kind of monster do you think I am?" her cracked voice suggested that she'd not spoken this much in a very long time "Though I've no patience if I decide you're some form of imposter, someone out to try and fool me for some reason."

That sounded like it would be something that wouldn't take long to achieve, Dancia had to step carefully to avoid a conflict before she was ready.

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