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Incursion: Phase Three


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Incursion: Phase Three


While Earth has lay under siege the rest of the galaxy has burned with war. The Communion continues to sweep over world after world, converting most into horrific server tombs to fuels it insatiable hunger to expand its intellect and destroying others outright to create wormholes for some more diabolical purpose.


It does not do so unopposed, however, as the Galactic Coalition fights back at every turn! Lor mentats soldier on shoulder to shoulder with Grue Arcane while Khanate pirates take up arms alongside newly awakened Praetorians in a battle for their very survival! They are outnumbered and overpowered but they have a plan. Legends are about to be born and one way or another the galaxy will never be the same.



>Incursion: Black Sheep

For months Star Knight Kyle Steward has been a one man armored thorn in the Communion's paw. An ally arrives to help and catch him up on what he's missed in the meantime.

Featuring: Cavalier



>Incursion: Red Five

The Communion's machinations on Earth have been thwarted but the world-killer still looms near Pluto's orbit! Can our heroes destroy the superweapon before their home joins Lor-Van?

Featuring: Argonaut, Cavalier, Geckoman, Hronos and Sun Walker



>Incursion: Merciless

At the Coalition's secret base a final, desperate stratagem is being planned. It becomes much more desperate when the communed Star-Khan arrives to quash the resistance once and for all!

Featuring: Galvanic, Paradigm and Rock



>Incursion: Troopers

Behind enemy lines on a cyberformed server world our heroes must lead grudging allies from the Lor, Grue and more in an assault on a key communication relay before time runs out!

Featuring: Corona, Eclipse, Roulette and Wander



Incursion: Blockade Runners

To get vital intelligence regarding the location of the Communion mothership back to the Coalition our heroes will have to fight their way off world and through an enemy blockade!

Featuring: Bliss, Dragonid, Ghost Girl, Kharag and Wraith



>Incursion: Interstellar 66

With another world targeted for destruction to form another wormhole a risky deal must be struck. Are our heroes sure they're aligning themselves with the lesser of two evils?

Featuring: Dragonfly, Deep Freeze, Ruby Voxx and The Traveller



>Incursion: Only Hope

There's just one chance to infiltrate the Communion mothership and disable it from the inside, with the fate of the galaxy hanging in the balance!

Featuring: Citizen, Mater Vyrdna, Moon Moth, Seika and Temperance


Phase Three threads will be launching over the next few days. Your GM will send a PM to all involved players as each thread is posted and links will be added to this notice. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to PM the ref team!

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