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Shadow of a Doubt...

The Sailor

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It seems Archetech will suddenly get a lot of attention, at least momentarily as the Incursion has happened.


Here is a proposal for ALL heroes!


A group of SHADOW agents have managed to worm their way into Archetech's lower eschelons, to attempt to steal military secrets from their Aviation Division. One of the employees, a Naomi Baines, is thought to have seen more than she should, and one of the Archetech maintenance workers are forced under duress to sabotage her aircraft.


This sets into motion a chain of events leading to the birth of Freedom City's newest superheroine! The Immortal Seahawk!


Looking for up to 5 players for this adventure, and Electra's Miss America will be #6.


The Full Grown Heroes

The non-claremont characters in this may have been called up by Miss A maybe to form a group, maybe to set up some contact info between each other for mutual assistance, I'll leave that up to Electra to set up with other players. They will be front and center though when SHADOW makes it's move. I heard some might be wanting to form a new superteam, this may be the opportunity!



If there are any Claremont characters here, they are probably at Trainor Airfield on a vocational field trip. They may be on a tour when adventure finds them!

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