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Shadowboxer - The Tailor - PL2 Hero (NPC Tier 1)

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Power Level 2 (30 PPs)

(submitted by Shadowboxer)

Name Koppel Abe Kempinski

Occupation Tailor

Legal Status Citizen of the United States with no criminal record

Identity Public, although few people know he is The Tailor.

Other Aliases The Tailor

Group Affiliations None

Marital Status Married

Place of Birth New York City, New York

Known Relatives Maria Kempinski (wife), Jonah Kempinski (son), David Kempinski (son), Charlotte Kempinski (daughter)

Height 5 ft 10in

Weight 140 lbs

Eyes Blue

Hair Grey

STR 9 (-1) DEX 10 (+0) CON 10 (+0) INT 16 (+3) WIS 12 (+1) CHA 15 (+2)


SKILLS Diplomacy 4 (+6), Drive 2 (+2), Craft (artistic) 7 (+10), Knowledge (art) 7 (+10), Knowledge (business) 7 (+10), Knowledge (current events) 4 (+7), Notice 5 (+7), Profession (tailor) 8 (+9)

FEATS Ambidexterity, Equipment, Inspire, Skill Mastery (Craft, Knowledge (art), Notice, Profession)


EQUIPMENT Tailor Shop (Kempinski & Sons: Size: Tiny; Toughness: 10; Features: Communications, Concealed, Fire Prevention System, Security System, Workshop)

COMBAT Attack +0, Defense +0, Damage -1 (melee), Initiative +0, Grapple -1, Knockback -0


Abilities 12 + Saves 3 + Skills 11 + Feats 4 + Powers + Combat - Drawbacks = 30

Where do superheroes go when their costumes get torn to shreds during their latest brawl? In Freedom City, they visit the Tailor.

Koppel Kempinski is a thin, middle-aged man, recognizable by his neatly groomed hair, delicate gold-rimmed glasses and soft curved features. Born in New York City, his great-grandfather immigrated to the United States from the Czech Republic at the turn of the century. There are rumours circulating in his family that Koppel's great-grandfather changed his last name when he arrived in New York, but no one knows for sure.

His father and his grandfather were tailors and Koppel followed them in the profession. During his apprenticeship, a superhero saved his father's shop from burning down, leaving Koppel and his family eternally grateful to superheroes in general. Soon, Koppel became interested in superhero costumes and began offering his services to them. Before long he moved to Freedom City, where the superhero population is large enough to support his newfound business. Although his family was initially dismayed at having him leave New York, they eventually realized that making costumes made him truly happy, and what better place to do that than in Freedom City?

Koppel is often seen drinking a cup of tea during the day, stealing sips as he chats with customers. While working on superhero costumes, Koppel loves regaling his encounters with the many different heroes he met during his career. He enjoys lawn bowling in Liberty Park and volunteers at Temple Ben David. His wife Maria is said to make the best kneydlach in the neighbourhood, and the couple have two sons and a daughter.

Game Notes

Although he is well known for his elegant suits, Koppel's other specialty is not public knowledge. Heroes looking for the Tailor require a Gather Information check against DC 20. Anyone with a +8 or higher Wealth bonus can afford his services. Customers must show up in costume, ask for an estimate and use the password, which changes weekly. Typically, the password is an innocuous sentence.

Kempinski and Sons is a small tailor shop located underneath a garden-style apartment in the West End. Customers have to walk down a small flight of stairs to reach the front entrance. The shop is kept meticulously clean and organized. His workshop, where he works on superhero costumes, is behind a secret door that is opened by pressing a button below the cash register.

If players sit and listen to one of Koppel's stories about the deeds of past heroes and roleplay the scene well, Referees may use his Inspire feat to add the temporary bonus for one future encounter.

The Tailor does not repair, design or construct power amour, add electronics or weapons to existing costumes or work with complex and alien materials. He simply offers superheroes fashionable, comfortable and durable costumes for a reasonable fee.

Gather Information Check

DC 5 "Say what?"

DC 10 "I heard there's someone in the city who repairs costumes."

DC 15 "There's this guy in the West End that can fix that for you. He supposedly does good work."

DC 20 "Go see the Tailor. Here's the address and the password."

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