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Announcement: GM Posts, Space, and Others!


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As you may have already gathered from chat and hints dropped here and there, September 1st is time for some major new fun in FCPbM. We are making a few changes and events are upcoming. We are also going to take this opportunity to remind you of a few recently made changes which are already "live"


1. GM Post Counting. 


GM posts now count for double!


Thats right, you read it correctly. From September the 1st, not only are GM posts allowed to count for any PC (and you can split them how you like), every GM post you make now counts for two character posts. 


We are doing this to encourage GMIng, something that is highly valued and necessary for threads. We hope this additional reward will encourage more players to take the leap and GM. Remember that the site will do its best to support and encourage GMing at all times. Go on folks, take the plunge!



2. New "PL 10 Slot" is live. 


As we have mentioned, every player in FCPbM now has an extra PL 10 Slot. Effectively this means that when you join the site you have two PL 10 Characters, and one PL 7 Character. Of course, this applies retrospectively, so all existing players also gain a PL 10 / 150 PP "Slot". 


What to use that on, well....



3. Freedom City Launches into Space!


Nothing specific is happening right now, but be aware that the site is planning to move into Outer Space, and indeed other dimensions and other parts of the world. There will be upcoming site reorganisation to help facilitate this, but for now, be aware of the expansion. In particular, there will be upcoming major site events that will involve the Galaxy as a whole. That PL 10 Slot we announced? You may well want it for a space character (unless you have one already!). 


And on the subject of other dimensions...


4. Guest Star / Special Edition!


A reminder that at the end of every month, when counting up posts, you can nominate one thread starring a retired PC as "Guest Starring", or one thread set in a non-canon adventure (such as an alternative dimension) called a "Special Edition". This thread counts for full, rather than the 1/2 post count normally associated with non PCs or "what if"/ non-canon threads. 


And finally a reminder and clarification on an existing rule. 


5. Post Length is...


500 characters as a rough rule of thumb. But this is only a guideline for average post length. Whilst we will of course still not accept one line posts, or a series of short posts which look suspiciously redundant, there is no problem with posting less than this, for instance, in conversations. We would rather a good quality post than one needlessly padded out to reach the magic "500" mark. The 500 mark is merely a broad average length we would like. Sometimes you will want to post more, sometimes less. On that note, "post splitting" - that is, deliberately splitting up a post into 500 character "chunks" is not desirable, unless it follows naturally (for instance, for huge posts splitting them so they can be read without your eyeballs falling out, of for cuts in scene)

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