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What happens when you go BEYOND THE IMPOSSIBLE and pass Orichalcum?

We give you a reward -

No, you've had plenty of those already - A rank!

A title named in honor of the ultimate alloy of gold and silver, a metal with a rare and ancient history in Freedom City - and in the real world as well! 


Prince Heru-Ra tossed coins made of this greenish and silvery gold alloy to crowds of peasant children in Ancient Egypt, while the light of the Beacon first reflected off the capstones of the pyramids decorated with this Anatolian amalgam.


We find it in the works of Pliny the Elder and the writings of the Prophet Ezekiel, on rings and seals and statues, and in a thousand other places across our history. 


(And by a strange coincidence, it bears the name of the very first player to reach this exalted level!)

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you...





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