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Timeline of Recent Events


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This is aimed at becoming another resource page. In this case recent(as of late 2013) happenings and a brief overview of our divergences from the 2nd Edition Freedom City Sourcebook. I trust my fellow players and the Moderation team will report any and all omissions and inaccuracies that would deceive the ignorant if I don't see them first.


An important note: the Wiki already has a great deal of information(albeit much of it antiquated, and the Wiki itself can't be edited right now) about what has happened since this site's genesis, this is the condensed version of events that could be known to the public, similar to the History sections in the Freedom City source books.







The Day of Wrath.


Tensions have risen, rumors spreading that the Terminus is mustering for another, subtler assault on Earth. Lies sown to hide the true threat until too late. Robots that had impersonated several abducted superheroes and criminals over the last few months erupt into a destructive rampage, initially concealing their artificial nature and claiming to be taking a harder stance against crime than they initially did. Controlled by the Foundry and backed by its more obviously machine minions, they spread havoc throughout the city to distract from their master, the collector AI known as the Curator, and its latest effort to reclaim the digitized city of Tronik. The kidnapped were rescued, including those taken to the Curator's ringworld museum, and senior Claremont team Young Freedom foiled the plot with Tronikian teammate Citizen managing to overwrite much of the AI's code, forestalling future attacks on Earth.


Links(in chronological order): >Test Site 1. >Test Site 2. >Test Site 3. >Counterfeit Medications. >Ace in the Hole. >Arms and the Man. >Scratch Team. >These Chains on Me. >Time and Chance. >Pale Moonlight. >War of the Worlds. >Disco Inferno. >The End of the World. >Even Angels Fall. >This Was a Triumph(Inside). >This Was a Triumph(Outside).





January 2013:


December 31st-January 1st. Super-fast heroine and Freedom League member Velocity circles the globe, celebrating the New Year in each time zone.


January 4th. A section of housing in Ashton is turned into something out of an old video game, turning out to be the work of a distressed preteen psychic after several teen heroes investigate.


January 10th. An attempt to hijack experimental spacecraft draws the attention of armored heroes Bee-Keeper, Dragonfly, Fenris and Ironclad.


January 13th. Frederick Furlong(AKA Bloody Mess) and Harold Hound(AKA the Hound) of the Bloodhound Detective Agency enter into partnership with undead lawyer Lucy Harker(AKA Revenant), broadening the trio's scope to allow for more complex cases.


January 15th. The "Day of Wrath" attempted abduction.


January 17th. A living shadow from the Shadow-World appears over Bayview, defeated by Claremont students Darren (AKA Adamas) and Subito Sondo(AKA El Heraldo).


January 18th. In one of the several post-Wrath superheroic episodes that began soothing  the city's nerves, Freedom League member Velocity and a young teleporting heroine called 'Warp' trip up a cold-generating criminal superhuman with the moniker 'Snowblind' during their attempted theft.


January 27th. Claremont students Katherine Shade(AKA Warp) and Kristin Jones(AKA Glow) foil an attack on the Branson Building(headquarters of the philanthropic Roseus Foundation), only to run afoul of a self-proclaimed god who injures Glow before he and his comrades are beaten off by Eve Martel(AKA Blue Fox).


January 28th. The Deep One infants housed at Freedom Aquarium are nearly victims of kidnapping at the hands of bizarre mercenaries, rescued by Claremont students Warp and the water-controlling Tsunami.


February 2013:


February 1st. Claremont student Mali Benjawan(AKA Crimson Tiger) returns to Thailand to mourn the death of her grandfather, and briefly joins her cousin the Black Tiger in his struggles against organized crime in Bangkok.


The mysterious time-distorting Stopwatch appears, 'possessing' Velocity's former lover Robert Harrow. With the assistance of Swedish techno-baron Magnus Katastrof and his armored alter-ego Fenris, the British nobleman is rescued from the item's power, but pieces of a prototype surface later in the year causing further trouble. Afterwards Velocity meets a future version of Robert, who claims that in one possible timeline they had a son who developed cataclysmic powers over space and time, coming to earn the name 'Collapse'. Regardless, the two become romantically entangled again, later efforts against this chronal conundrum are alongside the time essence-wielding robot Hronos.


Early February. Former supervillainess Nicki Dee(AKA Merge Trois) reforms, heartened by Dwayne Dee(AKA Camera Obscura)'s recovery after magnate Amir al-Misri(AKA Asad) pays for the treatment her brother's mental illness required.


February 3rd. AEGIS, with the invaluable aid of several Freedom City heroes, launches an attack on an abandoned Russian underwater base in order to capture Mister Motley, the superhuman guru who unleashed the Proteus mutagen on Freedom City last year. He is captured along with a large amount of the substance. A freighter piled with explosives is stopped from destroying the local naval base by the heroines Blodeuwedd, Crimson Tiger and Tsunami despite interference from Devil Ray and the Freebooter.


February 4th. Superhuman criminals Bonebreaker and Raditron brawl in Riverside over the affections of psychic villainess Mindfire, only for all three to be beaten by incognito heroines Velocity and Young Britannia. Mob enforcer Riveter brought in by the Bloodhound Detective Agency and the shield-bearer Crusader.


February 7th. The Bloodhound Agency, along with the elusive Crimson Tiger, shuts down an underground fighting ring.


February 10th. A celebration of the Chinese New Year in Freedom City's West End is disrupted by an attack targeting Claremonter Giang Trang(AKA Tsunami), who fends off the assailants(who turn out to be sent by her father, and agent of Dr Sin) with the aid of schoolmate John Smith(AKA Myrmidon) and the Bloodhound Detective Agency.


February 25th. A gang war in Southside precipitated by an unwilling ghost is stopped by street necromancer Nick Cimitiere and super-dense bruiser Wail.


February 26th. A rescued jumper on the observation deck of Pyramid Plaza turns out to be a carrier for extra-dimensional seeds; the Freedom league and plant-controller Willow investigate and puts a stop to their originator, a mutated Green Man who had seized control of the American East Coast on another Earth.

March 2013:


March 1st. A collapsed dam in Mozambique draws significant humanitarian attention, including several Claremont Academy students, UNISON agent Mark Lucas(AKA Edge) and super-fast Jubatus.


March 4th. Madame Marvelous, the living surrealism experiment, gives a public call for underlings and winds up attracting the attention of city heroes Asad, Merge Trois and Velocity.


March 11th. A crashing spaceship alerts Freedom City's heroes to the arrival of Star Knight Sri Kyle Steward(AKA Cavalier), who enlists their help to rescue Sri Montoya from the clutches of the interstellar cult who managed to kidnap her. Radioactive villain Heavy Metal mysteriously appears at Freedom City University, defeated by the combined efforts of student Nicki Dee and Prof. Quentin Quinn(AKA Supercape).


March 12th. The Freedom league Auxiliary go to Kaiju Island on an earthquake investigation mission, while there they tangle with as-yet undiscovered enormous lifeforms.


March 23rd. The Freedom League Auxiliary and AEGIS super-agent Victory visit Iraq to help oversee the transfer of precious artifacts, running into trouble when one of them turns out to be a focus of power for the Babylonian goddess Ereshkigal.


25th March. Music journalist and infernally-powered superheroine Carmen Cantos(AKA Pitch) gets involved with some demonic happenings in New Mexico, including the elusive head of the Roseus Foundation.


April 2013:


April 1st. A Grue calling himself Phantasmagore challenges space-going heroes on Earth to stop him from destroying Farside City with an ancient superweapon battleship. The Egyptian god of darkness Set appears in Pyramid Plaza with Sekhmet, goddess of war, in tow, meeting the new Freedom League and some old villainous friends.


April 2nd. Months of missing persons cases in the working class of Freedom City comes to a head, revealed to have been the work of the Fey attempting to recreate a Victorian-era city.


April 15th. A housing project in the Fens briefly becomes a gateway to the Dimension of Doors, until several superheroes manage to detach it.


April 17th. An apartment building in Southside is mysteriously set ablaze, acting as a trap for Tsunami along with her schoolmates out on patrol.


April 24th. Embittered national spirit of France, Gallia, is confronted in England by French and English heroes.


May 2013:


May 3rd. The mystical possessed armor known as the 'Gauntlet' reemerges, defeated in its scrap metal lair only by the timely intervention of Arcturus and Revenant.


May 14th. A high-ranking employee of Martel Enterprises goes missing, re-emerging amid rumors of Blue Fox's involvement and a strange conspiracy.


May 20th. Mary Venn, pianist protegé to one of Angela Beaudrie's cousins, is freed from her demonic bargain by Riff and Pitch.


June 2013:


June 3rd.  Fragments of the Stopwatch prototype surface in Russia, recovered by Velocity and Hronos alongside adventuress Heather Steed.


June 7th. Bizarre happenings at the D'Ascenzo family estate, rumors spreading of an occult source after the known magician Nick Cimiteré investigates, along with intrepid music reporter Carment Cantos.


June 13th. Armored entrepreneurs Baron Magnus Wilhelm Katastrof(Fenris) and Jessica Parker(Ironclad II) collaborate on excavating sunken ruins discovered in the Sea of Galilee, despite Overthrow's best efforts.


June 29th. The Carnivale celebration in Rio de Janiero, Brazil, is disrupted by anarchistic women wearing mind-controlling masks, including national heroine Lady Brazil herself. Visiting heroes called upon by the city's mayor managed to stop the chaos.


July 2013:


July 4th. Independence Day, marked by a surge of attempted patriotism-themed crimes, though none disrupt the festivities that include several of the city's most prominent citizens including mayoral candidate Jonathan Grant and Summit Transnational magnate Amir al-Misri.


July 14th.


July 18th. The long-lost Syme family estate mysteriously reappears on Lantern Hill.


July 20th. A second bank robbery perpetuated by animated inanimate objects occurs, this time by the appliances and furnishings of the Hanover Credit Union, stopped by a motley band of superhumans composed of a seemingly different Foreshadow, Freedom League liaison Comrade Frost, young psychic Amelyth and the obscure mystic Gloaming.


July 24th. Earth-Victoriana ambassador Lucien Lockwood(AKA Lord Steam) calls upon former visitors to his world to put a stop to a political uprising.


August 2013:


The long-serving members of British super-team Vanguard mysteriously vanish. The Ministry of Powers promptly announces a search for them, later that month enlisting the aid of local powers to form a new iteration of the group.


August 2nd. The deadly vigilante Hangman is foiled in his attempted murder of Damian Alvarez, a recently acquitted criminal, by Cannonade, Foreshadow and the Bloodhound Detective Agency.


August 25th. Young weather-controlling hero Boreas and UNISON agent Edge encounter a massive creature from Sub-Terra while managing the Erta Ale volcano in Ethiopia.


September 2013:


September 1st. Socotra, the isolationist and powerful island nation ruled by the hydraulic tyrant Typhoon, is rocked by both the disappearance of their monarch and the appearance of a massive corpse in their busiest bay. The Liberty League investigates, and chances upon a divine conspiracy.


September 3rd. The Bloodhound Detective Agency takes up the case of a stolen statue, discovering far more than they bargained for.


September 7th. National heroine Young Britannia is attacked by monsters from the mystical Shadow-World, vanishing into a portal to that dimension only to return practically immediately with reports of a universe almost overtaken by darkness.


September 30th. The technicians responsible for the nano-machine drone armor pits on a world conquered and destroyed by the Terminus the year before come under threat by super-powered visitors from the Counterverse, and are defended by Gabriel and Harrier.


October 2013:


October 1st.


October 10th-11th. Blodeuwedd and Crow investigate a mystically-charged murder, in the course of which uncovering a strange change in Avalon of Faerie.


October 24th(25th local time). While vacationing on the island of Wakaya in Fiji, Velocity's lover Robert Harrow is kidnapped and taken to a Null Time outside the normal universe. Finding her way there with the help of Hronos, she finds out a great deal more than expected.


October 26th. Dr. Stratos is expelled from the Crime League after a botched bank robbery, leaving his captors Glow, Cobalt Templar and Starchaser with quite a few questions. The League experiences a notable change of membership in the aftermath.


November 2013:


November 2nd. Street hero Cannonade, Foreshadow and the Bloodhound Detective Agency serve as witnesses in the trial of the vigilante criminal Hangman, both to make sure he doesn't get away with his crimes and to help eradicate the lingering legal traces of the Moore Act.



December 2013:

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