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September PP Awards - Sing a happy song!


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Without further ado, September 2013 PP Awards!


There were a few late posters who have been added. As a reminder, please try to ensure your threads are posted by the end of the month, or with a few days of the end of the month, otherwise you risk having them not counted at all! A simple suggestion is to add the threads you join into the "active threads" list as and when you join them. 


But for now, lets got on to business!



Changeling 1 PP

Catalyst 1 PP

Silhouette 1PP bumping her to PL14!



King of Suits 1 PP

Heraldo 2 PP

Osprey 1PP

Wave-Eye 1PP


Avenger Assembled

Edge 3 PP

Harrier 3 PP (and now Maxed   :D )

Citizen 1 PP

Comrade Frost 2 PP



Silver Spider 1 PP

Wisp 1 PP


Blue Rose

Kit 1 PP



Wander 1 PP

Fleur 1 PP

Miss Americana 1 PP

Papercut 1 PP



Giain Knight 1 PP

Dragonfly 3 PP




Jack of all Blades 3 PP

Midnight II 1 PP

Wail 3 PP

Ghost Girl 1 PP

Set 4 PP


HG Morrison

Foreshadow II 1 PP

Glamazon 1 PP


Knight Disciple

Fenris 1PP

Cobalt Templar 1 PP

Gabriel 1 PP



Blue Jay 1PP



Glow 1 PP



Blue Fox 2 PP

Willow 2 PP



Supercape 4 PP

Rene 1 PP

Lord Steam 1 PP

Bloody Mess 3 PP

Pitch  4 PP



Tiffany Korta

Blodeuewedd 2 PP

Merge Trois 1 PP

Revenant 2 PP

Young Brittania 1 PP


Totally Fallacious

Boreas 1 PP



Tsunami 3 PP

Velocity 2 PP

Synapse 3 PP


Thunder King

Crimson Tiger 1 PP

Solar Sentinel 1 PP

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