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City of Heroes Costume Creator

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Anyone who played City of Heroes probably remembers how extensive the costume creator was. The odds of seeing a character who looked just like yours were virtually zero. When the game was shut down, some of the players at Save City of Heroes were able to save the creator, and made it freely available.

All the instructions are on the site, but basically there's two parts - the actual City of Heroes client, and the TitanIcon file, which lets you access the Costume Creator despite the game no longer operating. The client is available through the BitTorrent, Mega and SugarSync, while the TitanIcon file is downloaded from the Titan Network forums (there's a link to it on the above page).


If you're using a Mac, TitanIcon requires a little bit of extra tweaking. It's all detailed on the Titan Network page (just scroll down to the third post), and it's fairly easy to do.


The main drawback is that the client is 4.3 GB, but people still seem to be seeding the Torrent, so if you're willing to put up with the download time, there's a great deal of costume customisation available.

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Spider, I have deleted the link, hopefully temporarily. The reason is this was a link to a bit torrent site that apparently has a reputation for piracy. 


This may be over cautious, and is certainly no reflection on you - please do not take it as such - it is merely a precaution I have taken after concerns raised by someone with far more legal knowledge than myself! it may well be that this can be cleared up and the link put back on as soon as possible. 


If you have a link to the Icon programme from one of the legacy CoH sites that might be better / safer. 

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