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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Cambridge, England

7:20 AM (BST: British Summer Time)


Megan Howell closed her eyes as the warm water of the shower washed over her.  The twenty year old was in the house owned by her current boyfriend, Robert Harrow, who was finishing his graduate work at the University of Cambridge.  Megan was nearing the end of a year studying economics at Cambridge as part of a study abroad program through her school back in the States, Yale University.  Though she had her own apartment near the university, since the end of the Christmas holidays Megan had generally been spending more nights at Robert's than at her own place.


Of course, spending so much time with Robert had made it more difficult for the young woman to be out as Velocity, but she did what she could to get out in costume at least a couple of times a week, even if it was not for more than an hour or so (which was still enough time for her to get out to the European continent and to deal with some situation if she wanted).  Those outings had been the source of some tension, as Robert at times questioned the reasons she gave for being unreachable if he happened to try to contact her while she was out.  But thus far Megan had been able to defuse most of that and had generally tried to time her outings for when she knew Robert was busy and thus far less likely to try to get in touch with her.


The young blonde had a fair bit of experience (not that she wanted it) with the problems her superheroing could place on her relationships, particularly romantic ones.  The need to lie and keep secrets had caused tension in a number of her past relationships, but Megan had yet to really figure out when, if ever, was the right time to tell someone she was with about her dual life.  But she was starting to wonder if perhaps it might be time to tell Robert the truth.  The nearly seven months since she had begun dating Robert ,not long after Megan had arrived at Cambridge, was very nearly the longest relationship Megan had ever had. 


In some ways, the entire relationship with Robert was still somewhat unreal to Megan, particularly given how they had first met, more than two years before she had come to study at Cambridge.  It had been during the summer after Megan's senior year in high school, when she and a couple of friends took a European vacation before they started at their respected colleges in the fall.  Part of that trip included a several day stop in Ibiza, where Megan had celebrated her eighteenth birthday.  It had been that night that she and Robert had met at one of the clubs on the island, before they ended up going back to Megan's hotel room together. 


That prior night together actually was a part of the reason Megan had not yet told Robert about her powers or her life as Velocity.  There was a part of her which worried that for Robert, their relationship now was nothing more than a tryst he knew would end when she went back to the States to finish her undergraduate degree back at Yale.  Overall, Megan was starting to feel this was less and less likely, but it was still a fear in the back of her mind.  The blonde young woman's anxiety over the possibility was not helped by the fact that Robert had been somewhat quiet about any thoughts he might have on the future of their relationship after she did return to the States.  


Turning off the water, the Megan stepped out into the steam filled room, taking a nearby towel to dry herself off.  The young blonde still had tan lines from the recent vacation she and Robert had taken to the Maldives over the Easter holiday.  The trip had been very relaxing, allowing her and Robert to just spend time together with little else to distract them.  For her part, Megan had been able to get through the tip without feeling a need to use her powers, though she had gone out as Velocity the very first night after they had returned from the trip. 


Wrapping her towel around herself, Megan took another to dry her hair some as she looked into the foggy mirror.  Even if Robert wanted their relationship to continue after the end of the academic year, there was still the fact that she would be returning to the United States to finish her last year at Yale.  While Robert would be done at Cambridge next month, his father had been ill recently, and the young man would likely be needed to help in running his family's holdings, meaning any continued relationship would need to be a long distance one for at least a year or so.


Getting her hair about as dry as she could for the moment, Megan looked at her reflection in the mirror for a few more moments before turning to make her way out of the bathroom and back into the bedroom. 

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The faint morning light was starting to creep in through the curtains and provide some illumination in the dark bedroom.  Exiting the bathroom near the large bed, Megan could see Robert still asleep under the covers.  Making her way along the side of the bed, the blonde young woman gathered up her clothing from where it had been discarded the night before. 


Megan then moved over to a bag sitting on top of one of a dresser from which she took out clean clothes before stuffing the old ones inside.  Taking off her towel, the young woman began dressing.  She was about halfway dressed when she heard Robert's voice from the bed.

"So, you are going to try to make your morning class."  The handsome young aristocrat stated, a slight hint of amusement in his voice.


Megan just smiled as she continued dressing.  "My professors tend to be rather strict about keeping attendance.  And I had the unfortunate luck that one of the classes I absolutely wanted to take while I was here was only offered early in the morning."


"The simple solution would have been just to transfer and finish your degree here."  Robert offered.


Megan let out a little laugh.  "I hardly would call that simple.  There would be all the paperwork involved, and the question of how all my credits from Yale would transfer.  No, I think I just need to suffer through the early classes for the next month and a half."  But even as she dismissed the idea, Megan glanced over to look at Robert where he lay half propped up on one elbow looking at her.  While not explicitly clear, it was certainly possible that Robert’s comment was at least partially motivated by a desire that she remain.  "Though, I admit it would be nice to stay here."  She offered.


Robert gave a small smile.  "Speaking of that, once the semester ends next month, there is no reason for you to rush back to the States is there?  I mean, you won't start again at Yale until the fall.  The yachting season will be starting soon down in the Rivera.  We could go down and spend the summer on my family's yacht."


Megan paused a brief moment after pulling on a light sweater.  This time Robert was giving clearer  indication that he wanted their relationship to continue, at least through the summer, but still without any clear discussion of what the future might hold beyond that.  Then why don’t I press him to talk about that.  Megan thought to herself. 


Maybe because I am afraid of the answer.


The young blonde instead smiled, as she moved over next to the side of the bed where Robert was lying.  "That does sound like it could be fun."  Megan commented as she leaned down, placing her hands on either side of him.  "I think I could be convinced to stick around for most of the summer."  She added just before their lips met.


As sometimes was the case for Megan, her perception of time slipped some, making the moments of the tender kiss seeming to last far, far longer.  Feeling increase arousal, the young woman increased the passion behind her kiss, to which Robert, naturally, responded.  As she felt his hands come up to grab her upper arms and start to pull her fully onto the bed, Megan snapped back to normal speed, resisting against Robert's gentle pull as she lifted her face away from his.


"I do need to go to class."  She said as she did her best to slow her breathing down somewhat and gave him an apologetic smile.  "We can pick this back up later tonight."


Robert gave Megan a small smile as one of his hand reached up to gently caress her cheek.  The young woman then stood back up and started towards the door to the room, picking up her bag on the way out.

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2:32 PM (BST)


It was mid afternoon when Megan finished her last class of the day.  The day had warmed up sufficiently that the young blonde had discarded her sweater between classes.  Though she was enjoying the warm spring day, Megan still could not help but dwell some on the conversation with Robert earlier that morning. 


While she certainly found the idea of spending a few months cruising around the Mediterranean with Robert very appealing, Megan was still somewhat troubled by the fact that there had still not been any attempt to directly talk about what would happen after she went back to the States.  But then it is not as if I have brought the subject up either.  She reminded herself.  Maybe I could condition my agreeing to go to the Med with him on us at least discussing what we both want for the future.


That thought brought a brief pause to the rush of thoughts and feelings that had been speeding through her head.  Do I even know what I want out of our relationship for the future?  As she considered the question, Megan realized she did not have a solid answer.  Robert was smart, handsome, charming and rich (though that did not mean as much to Megan as it might to some, considering she had trust funds with a considerable amount of money herself).  She had enjoyed the last several months with him, even with the occasional tension.  Their relationship had in a number of ways been quite unlike any of the young woman’s previous one.


But for all of that, the Megan still struggled with some doubts.  Would their feelings for each other survive long stretches of being separated for close to a year while she finished at Yale?  Or would that distance only serve to cause Megan to grow bored with the relationship (something that had happened in a few other relationships even where there had been not such separation)?  And even if the relationship did survive her last year at Yale, would she then move to England to be with him? 


Of course, Megan had the ability to make the trip back to England in less time than it took some people to drive across town to see their significant other.  But that would of course involve reveling her identity as Velocity to Robert.  That of course led to a whole other area of questions about what continuing her relationship with Robert would mean for continued superheroing as Velocity, whether Robert knew her secret or not.  Megan knew from experience that simply trying not to use her powers was not easy, so she was not certain it was something she could just give up, never mind the sense of responsibility she had developed over the years.


Yeah, what right do I have trying to press him for an answer when I cannot even answer the question myself.  The young woman thought.


Megan was interrupted from her thoughts by a faint beeping from her bag that she recognized as coming from her Freedom League communicator. 

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A slight feeling of apprehension came over the young woman as she began to pick up her pace slightly towards her apartment.  Velocity had been on reserve status for two years now, and while she had been called to assist the League a few times, it was relatively rare.


What could they be calling me for?  She thought.


A short while later, Megan was at her apartment, and as soon as she had the door closed behind her, quickly fished out her communicator. 


"This is Velocity, responding to a call."  She stated, speeding her voice and tone up slightly as she did while in costume.


"Please hold Velocity, connecting you to Captain Thunder."  Came back the somewhat hollow voice of Cynthia, the League's robotic receptionist.


There was a few moments pause and then Captain Thunder's voice came on.  "Good morning Velocity, or I guess it is afternoon over there.  Thanks for getting back to me so quickly, though that should not really be much of a surprise."  The older hero said, a smile evident in his voice.  "How are your classes going?"


"They are going just fine.  I am actually done for the day."  Megan replied, instantly wondering if she might come to regret saying that last part.  "But I am sure you didn't call just to see how my classes were going."


"No, I am afraid not."  Captain Thunder admitted, his tone slightly apologetic.  "We could use your help to act as the League's representative on a mission alongside some UNISON superagents over in Bulgaria."


Yeah, that is what I thought.  Megan thought to herself as she paused a moment before replying, "Umm..what is the mission and when would then need me?"


"The team is already on site in Varna, a town on the coast of the Black Sea.  UNISON has reliable intel indicating that in about six hours, members of an organized crime group based in Georgia will be delivering some weapons grade plutonium to a group of superpowered mercenaries walking for a presently unknown buyer in Varna."


"You would be assisting the UNISON team in securing the plutonium and, if possible, capturing the super mercs as well.  You will probably be back in England before midnight your time."


Megan was quite for a brief moment as she considered what Captain Thunder had said.  Given the time table he had indicated, not that she believed it would work out quite as smoothly as he believed, meant that she would have to come up with some excuse for not going over to Robert's tonight.  But the young woman knew that this was not something she could just turn down. 


"Okay, I can handle that."  She replied, her hesitation probably not even noticed by Captain Thunder given how brief it had actually been.


"Good, I knew you could rely on you."  The older hero replied.  "I will send you the information on where to link up with the UNISON team in Varna."


"Okay, if you're able to get word to them, let them know I should be there in about twenty minutes or so."  Megan replied.  "I'll talk with you when the mission is over Cap."


Lowering her communicator, the blonde young woman gave a small sigh before making her way over to her bag and digging out her smart phone.  Glancing at a clock on the wall, Megan noted that Robert was likely busy in one of his lab sessions right now, so he would be unlikely to answer his phone when she called.  Good, the young woman thought, its easier to lie to a voice mail recording than the person themselves.  Taking a deep breath, she pulled up Robert's number and called.

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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Varna, Bulgaria

5:04 PM (Eastern European Summer Time (EEST); (3:02 BST))


Velocity sped into the port city of Varna at about the time she had told Captain Thunder it would take her to arrive.  She could have been there sooner, but had needed to take care of a couple of things before she had left Cambridge, not the least of which had been the voice mail she had left for Robert. 


In the message Megan had left for Robert, she had apologized that she would not be able to come over to see him tonight as planned due to a heavier homework load than expected.  She also had stated she was starting to stress over a major paper that was due towards the end of the semester for one of her classes and wanted to put some time into working on it so that she would not have to over the weekend.  She did indeed have a major paper that would make up the majority of her grade for one of her classes, but Megan had actually all but finished it weeks ago (one of the many benefits of superspeed).  But pretending to be stressed about finishing it and her other homework at times, something one could easily expect from someone taking the class load she was, had proven to be a useful excuse for having time apart from Robert when she needed it.  But despite her confidence that Robert would not question the excuse, Megan was truly starting to tire of the need to lie to him. 


Maybe I can try to get him to talk some about his thoughts for what the future might hold this weekend.  The young woman thought to herself.  That might at least help me decide if now might be a good time to be honest with him about my powers.


But the speedster was pulled from those thoughts as the building where the UNISON team was operating from came into view.  Focusing on the task at hand, Velocity sped towards the building, passing easily through the door to the building by vibrating her body’s molecules and was then up to the third floor of the building in a fraction of a second.


Passing through a door on the third floor as easily as the entrance to the building, Velocity's speed allowed her to quickly take in the occupants of the room beyond.  There were five individuals, four men and one woman, spread throughout the two adjoining rooms beyond.


The woman was seated on a somewhat battered couch that was against the wall facing the door.  She was an attractive young woman that looked about Velocity's age and perhaps slightly taller, with a lithe build and long, platinum blonde hair.  She was dressed in a skin tight dark grey bodysuit, with silver highlights, black gloves, belt and boots that came up to her mid thighs.


Leaning up against a wall near the sofa was a tall, muscular man who was over six feet tall.  He appeared to be a couple years older than Velocity, with a handsome face and short wavy red hair and clean shaven face.  He was dressed in a similar dark grey bodysuit, his having green accents, and his black boots only going to just below the knees. 


The other three men were gathered around a table in the adjoining room.


One of the three was a man who looked to be in his late twenties, about average height with a lean and wiry build.  He had a thin mustache and a wide nose, and was also dressed in a dark grey bodysuit, with purple accents. 


Next to him was a man who appeared to be in his mid-thirties, about average height with an athletic build, dark brown hair (with a slight trace of grey) and a darker complexion that most of the others present.  He was the only one not wearing one of the dark grey bodysuits, but instead was dressed in civilian clothes, a pair of dark brown slacks, dark grey sweater and a black leather jacket.


The last of the rooms' occupants also appeared to be in his early to mid-thirties with short brown hair and was also over six feet tall with a muscular build.  He wore one of the dark grey bodysuits, with dark brown accents, and had a holster on his belt which carried what appeared to be some sort of energy weapon.  But perhaps the most striking thing about the man was that the left side of his face was metallic, with a deep red eye.


It was this last man who first noted Velocity's presence, a fraction of a second after she had entered the room.  As his right hand started to move towards his holstered weapon, Velocity slowed herself down, so she was no longer a blur.


"Hello there, I'm Velocity."  She stated quickly giving a wave that was more of a blur of her yellow gloved hand.  "I'm the representative from the Freedom League."  She then quickly added as the man in the leather jacket had also started to reach into his jacket, the others in the room tensing slightly.


The man with the half metallic face had gotten his weapon half out of its holster when the speedster had made her introduction.  Halting the motion, he regarded her for a brief moment before setting the weapon back into its holster and removing his hand from its grip.  "You are as fast as they said you would be.  Welcome to Varna."  He replied in heavily accented English.  Though she was not positive, Velocity thought that he might be Greek.


"I am Spartan."  The man continued.  "The other team members are Flechette."  He gestured to the woman sitting on the sofa.


The woman gave Velocity a wide smile. "Bonjour Velocity, a pleasure to meet you."


"Clansman."  Spartan continued, indicating the large redheaded man standing near Flechette.  The large man gave a small nod in the speedster’s direction.


"And Powerplay."  Spartan finished, indicating the thin man at the table with him.


"Guten tag fraulein."  Said the man identified as Powerplay with a smile that did not quite reach his eyes.


"Also participating in this mission is Agent Salazar,"  Spartan then added, indicating the man in civilian clothes at the table, "a former member of the Spanish Centro Nacional de Ingeligencia before he came to work for UNISON."


"Buenaas noches senorita."  Agent Salazar stated with a charming smile.


Velocity gave everyone a warm smile in return as they were introduced.  "Very nice to meet all of you."  She stated before she focused back on Spartan.  "So, I only got the basics about the mission from Captain Thunder.  I hope you don’t mind filling me in on the details."


"Of course."  Spartan replied as he gestured over to the table, Flechette and Clansman making their way over as well.  "We have gone over some of the information already, but were waiting for you to finalize everything."

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Set out on the table was a large map and a number of photographs of what appeared to be a group of warehouses along a waterfront.  "Based on our intelligence, this area will be where the Georgian Organizatsiya will be delivering the plutonium in about five and a half hours.  The target area is about three kilometers from our present location, but that is not a concern for you I would think.  Most of the rest of us will be moving into positions within a couple of hours."


Velocity spent a few moments studying the map and the various photographs.  While to most it might seem only a cursory examination, for the speedster, it was in fact the equivalent of spending more than half an hour (and could have been even more if she had really felt like they needed a more thorough examination).  "So, do we know anything about potential opposition?"  She then asked.


This time it was Agent Salazar who answered.  "The Georgian based Organizatsiya, like similar groups in Russia and other former Soviet bloc countries, has members that are former KGB or Soviet/Russian military.  While I know such individuals might not pose the greatest threat to someone with your abilities, they are still not to be underestimated.  In fact, it is likely these individuals that allowed this group to acquire the plutonium in question.  Securing that material is the primary objective of this mission.  All other considerations are secondary to that goal.  If we had information on where it was being stored, we would not be standing around here right now."


Agent Salazar then handed the speedster a stack of dossiers.  "These contain what information we have on some of the group's more prominent members.  However, we have no solid intelligence of whether any of them will be present tonight."  Velocity flipped quickly through the folders, looking at the information inside while the UNISON agent continued.  "The greater threat tonight will come from a group of superpowered mercenaries that is supposed to be meeting with the Organizatsiya representatives.  The group is known as The Arsenal and has a number of members, though it is quite rare for all of them to be on a mission together.  Their leader is an America, a former US Navy SEAL, who also goes by the codename Arsenal."  The Spanish UNISON agent then held out another stack of dossiers.  "These have information of the various know members of The Arsenal."


Once again Velocity took the offered folders and began flipping through them, studying the contents at superspeed.  "You will note that one of their members has superspeed."  Spartan commented.


"I see that."  Velocity replied, pausing briefly while looking at one of the dossiers.  "Blur huh?"


"The same."  Spartan acknowledged.  "Again, we do not know if he will be present tonight.  But if he is, perhaps it would be best if you concentrate on neutralizing him?  You of all of us can best counter his speed."


"Sure."  Velocity replied.  "I have some experience with fighting other speedsters, so if he shows up tonight, I'll focus on him."


"Very good."  Spartan stated with a small nod.  He then looked back down at the map on the table.  "Let us review for you what we have come up with thus far in terms of a plan for tonight."

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Varna, Bulgaria

10:24 PM (EEST); (8:24 BST))


The night air that had settled over Varna was cool, but a clear indication that winter was truly over and the summer was approaching.  Velocity was on a rooftop a short distance from the docks where the delivery was supposed to take place, along with Clansman.  The pair had been at this location for well over an hour now, which had seemed to pass excruciatingly slow for the young speedster.  As the time for the meeting drew ever closer, the time only seemed to pass slower, as Velocity found herself actually looking forward to the action starting so she would have something to focus on.


Of course, the speedster knew her anxiety and anticipation were almost certainly a result of the worries and uncertainty she had been struggling with regarding her and Robert's future prior to receiving the call about this mission from Captain Thunder.  But with the five UNISON agents counting on her to do her part when the time came, the young woman was determined to not let those thoughts distract her when the time came.  Hopefully that would be sooner rather than later.


The time continued to tick slowly by when Agent Salazar's voice came over the comm. unit shared by the group.  "Two vehicles approaching target location from the south."  Sure enough, that moment two vehicles came into Velocity's line of sight, driving up alongside the waterfront and past several warehouses that lay to the south of the area where the exchange was supposed to take place.  It was hard to make out the vehicles exact make and color in the dark, but they were both clearly SUVs of some sort.


The two SUVs came to a halt near the northeast corner of a warehouse.  Just to the northwest of where the vehicles stopped, hundreds of cargo containers were stacked in rows and columns, creating a maze like area larger than any of the nearby warehouses.  A huge crane, for loading the containers onto ships, stood just north/northeast of the maze of cargo containers. 


One of the SUVs turned to west and came to a halt in the space between the warehouse and the cargo container maze.  The second stopped facing north alongside the edge of the cocks, the dark harbor stretching out to the east.


Almost as soon as the SUVs stopped, a number of people exited from them.  Despite the distance and darkness, the technology in Velocity's goggles allowed her to count about ten individuals, many of whom appeared to be armed.  A moment later, Agent Salazar confirmed the number as several of them began to move out away from the two vehicles to create a perimeter.  "Ten likely hostiles in view, three armed with AKMs, five with PP-19 Bizons and two with no apparently visible weapons."


"That certainly sounds like they are from the Organizatsiya."  Came Powerplay's voice over the comm.   "Should we not try to make a move now while it is only them?"


"Negative."  Came the almost whispered reply from Spartan.  "We must confirm the presence of the plutonium before we taken action.  For now we hold."


"Understood."  Powerplay replied curtly as Velocity continued to observe what was going on down by the docks.  Nearby, Clansman had tensed up slightly, clearly ready to leap into action when the moment arrived. 


Shifting her attention away from the docks, Velocity began scanning the streets and areas surrounding the docks.  As she did, the young woman spotted a figure moving along a street at superhuman speeds.  "Wait.  I think I have spotted Blur."  She said over the comm.  "Approaching from the northwest."


"Can you confirm?"  Whispered Spartan. 


"I am pretty certain it's him.  Unless there is someone else with superspeed operating in this town."  Velocity replied before she noted his path and guessed what he was likely there to do.  "Hold on.  I think he is scouting out the area.  Keep your heads down."


No sooner had she provided the warning than the speeding figure had zipped over into the section of the docks where the SUVs were waiting, making a quick pass around the area.  After the high speed search, the figure moved back up to the northern end of the docks, slowing down as he began to circle underneath the huge crane and out of sight of the SUVs.  "Looks like he's done with his search."  Velocity stated over the comm.


Just then, Clansman gently touched the speedster's arm to get her attention.  Glancing over, Velocity saw he was looking back towards the north, point towards a vehicle coming from the same direction Blur had.  The young woman zoomed in on the vehicle, which turned out to be a dark colored van.  "Okay, Clansman has spotted a van that came from the same direction as Blur.  It's heading right towards the docks."


"That is likely the other members of The Arsenal making the pick up."  Said Agent Salazar.  "Keep them under observation, but we have to confirm that the plutonium is here before we make any move."

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The dark van made its way into the docks, passing by the huge crane where Blur was waiting.  The other speedster ran alongside the van for the remaining distance to where the SUVs were parked and the Organizatsiya members were waiting.  The van stopped a short distance from the SUV that was parked alongside the docks facing north.


Four individuals exited the van, making their way towards the front of the vehicle.  As best Velocity could tell, there appeared to be one women and three men, one of whom was taller than the others.  "Four additional members of the Arsenal confirmed."  Came Agent Salazar's voice over the comm.  "Looks like Bola, Widowmaker, Barrage, and Kilowatt."


"Confirming primary targets."  Spartan spoke up.  "Velocity, you have Blur.  Flechette, Bola is yours.  Clansman, you are to engage Widomaker.  Powerplay, Barrage is your responsibility.  And I will deal with Kilowatt."


"Got it."  Velocity replied.


"Oui."  Said Flechette.


"On it."  Came the response from Clansman.


"Understood."  Chimed in Powerplay.


"Remember, we must confirm the presence of the plutonium before we engage."  Agent Salazar reminded everyone.


Velocity could feel adrenaline starting to kick in from the anticipation of the coming fight.  The members of the Arsenal appeared to be talking with the Organizatsiya members who had remained near the dockside SUV.  Though it was hard to be sure, it looked to the speedster as if one of the mercenaries had handed some sort of briefcase to one of the Organizatsiya members.  "Looks like payment has been made."  Agent Salazar stated a moment later.


"Stand ready."  Spartan stated.  "But wait for confirmation of the presence of the plutonium."


The moments began to seem to stretch out far longer than they really were to Velocity, the anticipation making things all the more tense.  Down on the docks, one of the Organizatsiya members appeared to put something to his hear, perhaps a cellphone.  Then out in the harbor, there was some movement in the darkness.


"One moment.  Looks like something is happening out on the water."  Velocity stated, as she focused on the movement.  "Looks like some sort of small boat that is heading towards the docks."


"The boat could be delivering the plutonium."  Spartan replied.  "Everyone continue to hold until we have confirmation."


The waiting just seemed to get harder as Velocity watched the small boat, what appeared to be a speedboat, make its way towards the dock as if moving in slow motion.  After a couple of minutes, the speedboat finally pulled up alongside the docks.  "Another four Organizatsiya members."  Agent Salazar stated.  "Two armed with AKMs."


The Organizatsiya members climbed out of the speedboat, and it looked to Velocity as if one of them was carrying some sort of cylindrical object.  "Hold on."  Came Agent Salazar's voice.  There were a few tense moments of silence before he spoke once more.  "Plutonium's presence confirmed."


"Copy, plutonium's presence confirmed."  Replied Spartan.  "We are a go.  Keep the plutonium off of that boat until we can secure!"


Velocity glanced over at Clansman.  "Good luck."  She said with a small smile before she was off in a blur of motion, running down the side of the building to make her way over to the docks.

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Velocity was just entering the docks as she heard Flechette over the comm.   "Two Organizatsiya down.  Blur is moving."


"On my way to intercept."  The young speedster replied as she accelerated towards the northeast corner of the warehouse near the cargo container maze. 


Turning a corner, Velocity spotted Flechette down on the ground near the corner of the warehouse, on which she had been hiding along with Spartan.  The two Organizatsiya members that had taken perimeter positions near the corner were lying unconscious on the ground.  Blur was moving fast from where the exchange had taken place towards the Frenchwoman. 

But Velocity was fast enough to move between the other speedster and Flechette, her sudden appearance causing Blur to turn away as he ran into the maze of cargo containers.  The yellow clad speedster did not stop either, following closely behind Blur into the maze.


Just as she passed into the maze of containers, Velocity saw Spartan land on top of the SUV parked alongside of the warehouse, the rooftop caving in slightly under his weight.  The cyborg UNISON agent had his energy pistol in hand, blasting one of the Organizatsiya members that had been standing next to the SUV.  "Merci Velocity."  Came Flechette's voice over the comm. as gunshots began to ring out around the docks.


"No problem.  That is what I am here for."  Velocity replied.


However, Blur proved to be just as fast as Velocity, preventing the yellow clad speedster from being able to close with him.  Now that she was closer, Velocity could see he was dressed in what appeared to be black bodysuit and light armor.


With a quick motion, the young speedster withdrew several steel ball bearings from one of the pouches on her belt and sent them flying at Blur at hypersonic speeds.  But the other speedster had just glanced over his shoulder, and dodged to one side, causing the metal projectiles to pass harmlessly by before they ricocheted off one of the cargo containers with several loud *CLANGS*.


Back outside the maze of containers, there came a loud crunching noise that sounded like a car crashing into something.  The sound was followed quickly by Flechette's alarmed voice, "Spartan!"


"Do not worry about me."  Came the cyborg's response.  "Remain focused on securing the target."  Despite his reassurances, there was a slight hint of pain in his voice.


Gunshots continued to echo from the docks as Velocity continued her pursuit of the other speedster.  Suddenly, Blur ran up the onto the side of a cargo container and reversed course so he was speeding back towards the yellow clad Velocity.  In the fractions of a second while the pair closed with each other, Blur’s fist shot out with a *CRACK* as it broke the sound barrier.  But the yellow clad speedster easily saw the punch coming and ducked underneath as Blur continued on past.


Thanks to her goggles, Velocity could see the supermerc's location behind her as she drew out another handful of ball bearings and turned slightly to send them flying back behind her.  This time she managed to clip Blur with one of the hypervelocity projectiles, causing him to let out a slight grunt of pain before he turned off down a side passage and out of sight.  Velocity continued on her path before turning down another alleyway heading in the same direction, hoping to be able to intercept Blur somewhere ahead.


The voices of the others continued to sound over the shared comm.  "Powerplay, move to secure the plutonium!"  Stated Agent Salazar.  "Keep it off that speedboat!"


"I am trying!"  Came Powerplay's somewhat annoyed response.  "I have to deal with the gunmen shooting at me first."


Velocity came to another intersection among the columns of cargo containers when Blur suddenly appeared to her right.  Another *CRACK* echoed in the space between the containers as he once again launched a supersonic punch at the yellow clad speedster.  But Velocity had spotted the other speedster in time to once again avoid the attack. 


While she was in position to try to counterattack, the young woman was a bit concerned about what seemed to be happening back near where the meeting had taken place.  There seemed to be a chance the plutonium would be taken back aboard the speedboat and back into the harbor, where it would be harder to secure.  So, instead of keeping her pursuit of the other speedster, she instead turned away and sped back towards the dockside where the exchange had taken place.

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It only took Velocity a couple of seconds to reach the location of the exchange.  Her speed and the all-around vision provided by her goggles allowed the speedster to rapidly take in the situation.


The SUV that had been parked facing to the west, and that Spartan had landed on, was now lying upside down about sixty or so feet further to the west.  Spartan had apparently been throw with it, as he was not fighting the Arsenal supermerc called Kilowatt, also dressed in black similar to Blur, by the wreckage of the vehicle.  Bright arcs of electricity flashed around the supermerc as he shot a bolt of electricity at Spartan, who just barely managed to dodge the attack.


Several of the Organizatsiya had apparently moved west to engage Flechette, and were now sprawled unconscious along the ground next to the warehouse.  The Frenchwoman had moved closer to the exchange point, leaping up onto a cargo container as two other of the Organizatsiya members were firing bursts from their sub-machineguns at her.  But the agile UNISON superagent was easily able to evade their fire.


Clansman had also arrived, and was currently facing off with another of the Arsenal mercs, the tall, blond haired one known as Widowmaker, the mercenary group's strong man.  Considering where the two powerhouses were currently slugging it out, namely the space once occupied by the SUV Spartan had landed on, it seemed likely that Widowmaker had been the one who had tossed the vehicle away.


Up towards the huge crane to the north, Velocity could see Powerplay, surrounded by a glowing purple energy, and the Arsenal member known as Barrage, who was surrounded by green glowing energy, locked in what appeared to be a telekinetic battle.  The Austrian UNISON superagent seemed to be holding his own, despite the fact that he appeared to be ground bound, while his opponent was airborne.  The two of the Organizatsiya that had been on that section of the perimeter were on the ground unconscious near the van the Arsenal members had arrived in. 


Two Organizatsiya members armed with AKMs were standing on the docks near where the speedboat was tied up, their weapons at their shoulders as the scanned for clear targets.  Another three of the Organizatsiya, one of whom was still holding the cylindrical container, were still gathered in the space between the dockside SUV and the van.  Along with them was the female member of the Arsenal.  Like the others se was dressed in a black bodysuit and body armor.  She was holding a small axe in one hand, and had several pouches on her belt and a bandolier she wore over one shoulder.


In the few fractions of a second it took Velocity to note all of this, she decided the best course of action would be to get between the man holding the plutonium and the speedboat.  The yellow clad speedster zipped over by the two men armed with AKMs.  *CRACK*  Her fist launched towards the first, hitting him squarely and knocking him into a stack of crates near the edge of the docks.   *CRACK*  She quickly followed up with another supersonic punch into the other man, knowing him to the ground as well.


Just as both men were crashing unconscious to the ground, Velocity skidded to a halt facing the other three Organizatsiya and Bola.  "Oh no you don't!"  She stated with a small grin, while preparing for their inevitable attacks.


The three Organizatsiya came to a halt, surprise evident on their faces.  Two of the brought up pistols, firing shots at the speedster, but Velocity was easily able to dodge the slow moving bullets.  The third, the one carrying the plutonium, turned away and started running towards the cargo container maze, though how he thought he had any prayer of outrunning the speedster was unclear.


But before Velocity was able to close and knock him out, she caught movement in the darkness as Bola threw something at her.  The projectile twirled through the air, proving to be the weapon that was the mercenary's namesake.  Her aim proved far better than the two Organizatsiya gunmen, as the cord between the weighted ends connected with Velocity's front leg.  But even as the primitive weapon started to wrap around her legs, the speedster’s superhuman reflexes kicked in.  Twisting quickly to one side, Velocity managed to escape being entangled by the bola, which flew harmlessly out into the water of the harbor. 


Velocity finished her turn facing Bola once more, but before she could act further, she spotted Blur emerging from the maze of cargo containers and start directly towards her.  The yellow clad speedster was just able to dodge aside as he reached her, an audible *CRACK* echoed over the water from his supersonic punch, and he continued onward down the side of the docks.

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Velocity could see that Flechette had incapacitated the two Organizatsiya that had been shooting at her with some sort of quick energy bursts that she threw like knives.  The Frenchwoman was now closing with Bola and the Organizatsiya member holding the plutonium, who was still running towards the cargo container maze.


The other UNISON superagents all seemed to be doing well enough against their respective opponents for the moment.  With the plutonium turned away from the speedboat, Velocity determined she could focus back on dealing with Blur.


In a flash of yellow, the speedster was off, following in pursuit of the Arsenal speedster, who had a short lead on her.  The two sped away from the meeting place, weaving among the warehouses and stacks of cargo containers at the southern end of the dockyards.


As Blur turned sharply to run among some cargo containers, Velocity saw a chance to try to cut him off and turned at an angle in the same general direction.  Her maneuver allowed her to intercept the other speedster as he ran down an alleyway among rows of cargo containers.


*CRACK* her left fist shot out at supersonic speeds, aimed at the side of Blur's jaw.  But the other speedster was able to veer away just in time as Velocity's fist connected with nothing but air.  The yellow clad speedster managed to fall into step parallel to Blur as they continued to race among the cargo containers.


Blur then swerved back towards the female speedster, his right hand coming up for another attack.  Seeing his approach, Velocity slowed down just slightly, causing the other speedster to pass in front of her as his fist shot out with another *CRACK*.  This was followed immediately by a loud *CLANG* as his attack hit the side of one of the cargo containers, denting the metal inward.


Velocity's hand shot out in a blur of motion, launching another volley of ball bearings.  This time the yellow clad speedster connected with three of the hypervelocity projectiles, which hit squarely into Blur's back.  The other speedster contorted slightly in pain from the impacts, but did not break his stride.  Instead, he continued on straight ahead, running up the sides of one of the stacks of cargo containers before disappearing over the top. 


Scowling slightly, the yellow clad speedster turned to her left, as she moved to circle around the stack of containers.  Just as she rounded a corner, she spotted Blur rushing right at her.  This time, the mercenary speedster did not try to punch her, but brought both arms up to ram her.  Velocity began to try to twist out of the way, but Blur managed to clip her right side, sending her spinning through the air as she was knocked off her feet.


Despite the pain she felt from the impact, Velocity was able to quickly pull her knees up towards her chest and execute a tight backwards flip, allowing her to land on her feet.  She skidded backward about five feet, maintaining her footing, as she watched Blur speeding away from her.


The yellow clad speedster was only still for a fraction of a second before she was off once more in pursuit of the other speedster.  While she was focused on her fight with Blur, Velocity could hear some of what was going on back at the exchange site over the team’s comm.


"Widowmaker and Bola have the plutonium!"  Came Flechette's slightly concerned statement. 


"Clansman, are you able to assist in pursuing them?"  Spartan asked in a slightly strained voice.


"Widowmaker just managed to catch me off guard, but I am fine."  Came the Scottish superagent's response.


But Velocity had little time to contemplate whether she should go back to help, as Blur once again ran up the side of a cargo container, this time reversing direction to come right back at her.  This time, the yellow clad speedster was ready.




Her right hand shot out at supersonic speed right as Blur closed with her.



The punch connected solidly with the left side of the supermerc's jaw, knocking him off his feet and sending him flying a short distance to slam into the side of a cargo container.


Velocity reversed her course to loop back towards the supermerc, but Blur recovered quickly, getting back to his feet in an instant.  Turning towards the superheroine, the black clad speedster brought both arms up in front of him as his body began to vibrate at incredible speeds.  A shockwave of vibrations emanated from his outstretched hands, arching trough the air at Velocity.


The yellow clad speedster was just able to dodge the shockwave, which continued on a short distance before caving in the side of a cargo container behind her.  Having missed his target with the attack, Blur was off once more, with Velocity in close pursuit.

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The pair weaved in and out of stacks of cargo containers as they raced around the southern section of the docks.  Blur was constantly glancing back over his shoulder as he tried to shake Velocity's pursuit.  The yellow clad speedster sent another volley of steel ball bearings at him, but Blur managed to dodge aside.


The supermerc turned back slightly, extending a hand back towards Velocity and vibrating his body to send another shockwave at her.  The superheroine managed to twist just enough so the shockwave only clipped her, not even causing her to break her stride as she continued in pursuit.


A clearly annoyed look crossed Blur's face as he turned sharply to one side and once again started up the sides of a stack of cargo containers.  This time, Velocity had an idea on how to try and stop him.  Continuing straight ahead, the yellow clad speedster suddenly accelerated, causing a loud *CRACK* as her body broke the sound barrier at just the right angle.




A massive sonic boom sounded behind her as she continued on, sending a shockwave in all directions.  The shockwave slammed into the cargo containers at the bottom of the stack Blur was racing up, hitting them with enough force to crumple in their sides.  Just as Blur reached the top of the stack, he found his footing shifting and giving way beneath him as the upper containers began tumbling down now that their base had given way.


The supermerc reacted quickly, leaping off the container he was one, and rebounding off the one below it.  Making a series of leaps and hops off the tumbling cargo containers, Blur was soon back on the ground, rushing away as the containers landed on the ground behind him with a tremendous amount of noise.


The Arsenal speedster spotted Velocity coming right towards him, having looped back around after triggering the sonic boom.  The black clad mercenary continued directly towards the superheroine, his right hand shooting out as they closed with a loud *CRACK*.


But Velocity was ready for Blur's attack, ducking under the punch and then bringing her own fist upward at supersonic speeds with another loud *CRACK*




Velocity's fist connected with the underside of Blur's jaw, the impact of the blow snapping his head back as he was lifted off his feet and sent flying backwards.  The supermerc slammed into a cargo container some fifty feet away, before falling to the ground where he collapsed into a heap. 


Velocity skidded to a halt, tensing slightly for a possible counterattack.  But after a few moments, the speedster was satisfied that her opponent was indeed down.  In a flash of yellow, she was moving once more, zipping back towards the location where the exchange had taken place to see what was developing there.


The speedster arrived at the dockside a few moments later, finding that things there seemed to be over.  All the Organizatsiya members that she could see were unconscious, as was Kilowatt.  Powerplay and Spartan were near dockside SUV, both seeming to be alright.


"Blur's down.  What’s the situation with the plutonium?"  Velocity said as she skidded to a halt near the two superagents.


"Clansman, Flechette, have you secured the plutonium?"  Spartan asked over the team's comm.


"Oui, we have it."  Came Flechette's response.


Velocity gave a small sigh of relief, smiling at the two UNISON superagents.  "So what do we have left to do?"


"I believe we just have to wrap things up."  Powerplay stated as he stepped next to Velocity, placing one hand on her shoulder.  "Good job."


Just as the Austrian superagent's hand touched her, Velocity felt a strange jolt through her entire body.  The young speedster suddenly felt sluggish, as if her body were made of lead.  At the same time, she suddenly found her head spinning as the constant stream of visual input from her goggles three hundred and sixty degree vision became too much for her to process.


But even through all that, she saw Spartan raise his energy pistol as Powerplay stepped back away from her.  She knew she needed to try to move away to dodge what looked like an attack, but even as she had that thought, the blast from Spartan's pistol slammed into her chest, sending her flying backward into a stack of empty packing crates.  Several where knocked aside, as Velocity landed on top of some of the crates.  Others stacked nearby came tumbling down on top of her, as everything went black.

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Some time later…


For Velocity, the first sign she was regaining consciousness was the sounds of someone speaking a language she did not understand.  When her eyes snapped open, her head began to swim as she was bombarded by the rapid visual inputs from her goggles three hundred and sixty degree view.  Normally the speedster was able to process all the additional visual input with ease, but right now, she found she could not handle it all.


The dull ache she seemed to feel everywhere and the feeling as if her arms and legs were made of lead brought back memories of Powerplay doing…something to her, and then Spartan knocking her unconscious.  But all of that was quickly pushed to the back of her mind as Velocity managed to focus on a man that was standing over her.  He was dressed in civilian clothes and was speaking in what sounded like Russian, with a Bizon sub-machinegun slung over one shoulder.  As he pulled her upright, the yellow clad young woman swung her right hand at the man.  The punch moved far too slowly, but still managed to catch the man by surprise, hitting him on the side of the jaw. 


But the man barely seemed to register the punch, as his left hand came up to quickly grab Velocity's wrist, his other hand releasing her upper arm and grabbing her other wrist.  Gripping tightly, the man then pushed her back down on the packing crates she had been lying on.  There was a jolt of pain, and black spots flashed before her eyes as her head continued to spin, but Velocity was still able to catch a look in the man's face that she did not like at all.


A feeling of desperation coming over her, Velocity tucked both her legs up towards her chest before kicking her feet at the man's face as hard as she could manage.  The kick succeeded in causing the man to stumble back a few steps, releasing his grip on her wrists.  But he otherwise seemed unhurt, as he quickly focused back on the yellow clad speedster.


The man took a step back towards Velocity, one hand coming up as if he was preparing to slap her, when someone suddenly appeared behind him.  The new figure hit the Organizatsiya member in the back of the head with the grip of a pistol, the blow causing the man to collapse forward onto the ground unconscious.  Somehow Velocity was able to focus on the face of Agent Salazar, who was now standing over her.


"Are you alright?"  The Spanish agent asked, holding out a hand to the young woman.  The agent had a bruise on the side of his face, but otherwise appeared unhurt.  Taking the offered hand, Velocity allowed Salazar to pull her to her feet as she used her free hand to lift her goggles up off her eyes.  Removing the constant stream of three hundred and sixty degree visual input certainly helped relieve some of the dizziness the young woman had been feeling, but she still felt as if her entire body was made of lead.


"I think so."  Velocity replied, her tone and vocal speed normal as well.  "But…I can't move like normal."


Agent Salazar nodded his head, a serious expression on his face.  “Powerplay must have suppressed your powers.  They will return, but we cannot count on that happening in time to help us get out of the danger we are currently in.â€


Velocity gave the older man a confused look.  "Powerplay suppressed my powers?  Why?  What is going on?"


Agent Salazar pulled Velocity off to one side and into the shadows behind some stacked crates.  "We have been betrayed."  The Spaniard replied in a low voice.  "Spartan and the others have taken the plutonium and left us unconscious for the Organizatsiya reinforcements that have arrived."


"But why…" Velocity began before Salazar held up a hand to cut her off.

"We do not have time for this right now."  The agent stated.  Reaching under his jacket, Salazar pulled out a small energy pistol which he held out to Velocity, grip first.  "Take this, in case you need it."


Velocity looked at the offered weapon for a moment, not sure about taking it.  But the moment was brief, even at normal speed, and the young woman took the pistol somewhat tentatively.  From somewhere else on the dock, she could hear people shouting in Russian.  "We need to try for the speedboat."  Agent Salazar stated, as he began moving along behind the stacks of crates.


The yellow clad speedster followed after the Spanish agent, but while she was not ungraceful without her powers, she was still somewhat disoriented by their loss and having been knocked unconscious.  She had only moved a short distance when she bumped into a stack of crates, which toppled over with a loud crash.

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Velocity froze as the crates crashed to the ground.  Agent Salazar looked back at her with a frown on his face.  Then, from somewhere nearby, there were more shouts in Russian.  "Run!"  Agent Salazar said in a low hiss, as he turned and started off at a sprint.


Running was something that was normally as easy as breathing for Velocity.  But without her powers, it felt as if she was trying to move through some sort of thick mud or the like.  The sound of the approaching voices, however, helped to spur her forward, as she struggled to keep up with Salazar.


Thankfully the speedboat was not far away, though the young woman was still struggling to keep pace with the UNISON agent, who was already aboard and beginning to untie the lines.  Not wasting any time, Velocity jumped aboard, the boat rocking violently from the sudden addition of her weight.  The motion sent Velocity tumbling to the deck.  "Ow."  She muttered, the fall stinging slightly as Salazar made his way past her, having remained on his feet.


"Stay down."  He said in a loud whisper as he sat at the boat's controls, turning the ignition and bringing the boat’s engines to life with a muffled roar.  That sound increased as Agent Salazar put the boat into gear and it started forward as the power to the twin motors increased the speed of the boat's propellers.  He quickly shifted into higher gear, as the boat began to pick up speed, bouncing across the tops of the waves as Velocity pushed herself into a sitting position.


Just then there was the sound of automatic weapons fire from behind them and boat began weaving sharply from side to side as Agent Salazar executed evasive maneuvers to make them a harder target.  Velocity had to grab the armrest of a chair to keep herself from falling once again, as the sound of some bullets impacting along the boat could be heard over the sound of the engines, causing her to duck back down low.  Though she had been shot at more times than she could count, for some reason, this time felt more terrifying than any of those others, save perhaps the first few.


After a few moments, the gunfire ceased, and Agent Salazar straightened out their course once again.  Breathing a sigh of relief, Velocity stood fully up and moved to take a seat near the Spanish agent.  "We need to call for backup."  She said, reaching into her belt to take out her Freedom League communicator. 


[colo=red]"No!"  Agent Salazar replied unexpectedly, grabbing the communicator out of Velocity's hands.


"Hey!"  She yelled back.  "What are you crazy?  The plutonium has been taken by four rogue superagents, I don't have my powers at the moment, and we were almost just killed!  We need to call for backup!"


"I am fully aware of our situation.  But stop and think a moment."  Agent of Salazar replied.  "Right now, the only people that know what happened back there, namely that Spartan and the others have gone rogue and taken the plutonium, are ourselves, the members of the Arsenal, the Organizatsiya members, and, of course, Spartan and the others.  Most likely, Spartan and the others believe we are in the hands of the Organizatsiya, meaning we are not likely to live very long."


"As neither the Arsenal or the Organizatsiya are likely to be talking, it may be some time before UNISON or the Freedom League figure out what happened.  That means Spartan and the others believe they have a small window in which they can try to sell the plutonium themselves.  But if we call in now, they may get word of that and know we are alive, and thus the knowledge of their treachery is out as well.  If that happens, they will likely go underground for a time and wait to try to sell the plutonium.  In such an event, there is a very good chance we will lose any opportunity at taking a second shot at securing the plutonium."


Velocity looked at the older man in a stunned silence for a moment.  "What?  Are you saying we go after them?  There are four of them, and I don't have my powers!"

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The Spanish agent seemed undeterred.  "As I told you, your powers will return.  But, yes, I am saying we need to stay quiet and let everyone believe we are dead, or at least missing.  I can try to get a lead on how they plan to sell the plutonium and we will have the element of surprise when we go to secure it from them.  I do not want to risk the plutonium being lost because Spartan and the others go to ground for awhile."


"I don't want that plutonium to get out there either."  Velocity replied.  "But…"


Once again the UNISON agent cut her off.  "Then you are going to have to trust me on this.  We have a narrow window of opportunity to still accomplish our mission, but it is only available if we stay 'dead."  The older agent glanced over at the young woman for a moment and then added.  "If I am not able to get any information on how they plan to sell the plutonium in a couple of days, then we will report back in.  Is that acceptable?"


"A couple of days?"  Velocity repeated quietly.  Her head was still a bit fuzzy, and now that the adrenaline from the escape from the docks was wearing off, she was starting to feel cold and very vulnerable.  It had been one thing to lie to Robert about being too busy tonight to see him, but to just be gone for a couple of days.  She had no idea how she could even try to explain that.


As these thoughts were running through her head, the young woman glanced down at her costume.  Years before she had ever met Robert, she had set out on the course that had led her to being a member of the Freedom League.  She had responsibilities, even as a reserve member.  Captain Thunder had asked her to go on this mission because he had faith she would get it done.  If that plutonium was to get out there to the wrong people, who put it to use, and she could have stopped that from happening, or worse did not even try to stop it from happening…Velocity was not sure if she could ever forgive herself. 


She then looked back at Agent Salazar.  Velocity had little doubt that he had saved her back there on the docks.  She did not even want to think about what might be happening to her right now if he had not been there.  The Spanish agent was also counting on her to help him finish the mission, despite the fact they outnumbered two to one by the rogue UNISON superagents, even if her powers did come back.  "All right."  She replied, her voice still quiet.


Agent Salazar gave her a small nod as he focused on steering the speedboat.  Sitting back down, Velocity had not even been fully aware that she had stood up after Salazar stated his plan, the young woman looked back behind over the dark water towards the retreating lights of Varna.  "Do you think they are following us?"  She asked.


"I do not believe so."  The Spanish agent replied.


Well, that's a relief at least  Velocity thought.  "So where are we going to go?"  She then asked out loud.

"We are not far from Turkey."  The experienced agent replied.  "I still have a small safe house not far from the Turkish/Bulgarian boarder.  We can hole up there for the night and then plan out our next steps in the morning."


Velocity had a slight feeling of hesitation about the idea of spending the night in some isolated location with Agent Salazar, but then quickly realized that was foolish. "Well, you're the expert at this."  She stated, as she wrapped her arms around herself to try to help against the old breeze that blew out over the water.


Agent Salazar saw her shivering and reached over to pick up an olive jacket that was lying on the seat on the other side of him.  "Not a very insulated costume is it?"  He asked as held out the jacket to Velocity.


"Well, normally I would be running around at supersonic speeds, or faster.  Tends to help keep me warm most of the time."  Velocity replied with a small smile as she took the offered coat and put it over her shoulders.  It smelled of motor oil and gasoline, but it was certainly warmer.


The speedboat continued to bounce atop the surface of the Black Sea as they continued heading south towards Turkey.

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Friday, May 4, 2012

Kiyikoy, Turkey

2:52 AM (EEST); (12:52 AM BST)


Velocity's feet were aching when she and Agent Salazar finally reached his safe house.  They had beached the speedboat about an hour after reaching Turkey, meaning they had to walk another hour to reach the safe house.  Agent Salazar had explained he was afraid the Organizatsiya might have a way of tracking the boat.  He had even told Velocity to leave the jacket they had found on the boat as well, loaning her his instead.


The safe house was located in the small town of Kiyikoy, located along Turkey's western Black Sea coast.  The tow was rather rustic, with small houses and fishing boats docked along the waterfront.  The streets were completely deserted, given the late hour the pair had arrived. 


The safe house itself was a very small house located near the water towards the eastern end of the town.  Velocity was very certain it was smaller than her parent’s garage, and probably her apartment back in Cambridge as well.  "Not much to look at."  She said out loud, managing a small smile despite how exhausted she was.  "I was expecting something more…well, suave for one."


"That would rather defeat the purpose would it not?"  Agent Salazar replied as he led the way to the front door.  "Particularly in a town like Kiyikoy." 


"Well, wouldn't your unusual comings and goings in a little town like this draw attention as well?"  Velocity asked.


"Not quite as much as you would think."  The Spanish agent replied.  "Particularly if one is discrete about such things."  He moved along the wall to the right of the door a short ways, coming to a section that was brick.  Reaching up, he pressed against a particular brick, causing a panel to slide open reveling a digital key pad on which he entered a pass code.  There was a slight clicking sound as the door's locks disengaged and the agent pushed the door open.  "It is not much, but will provide us a place to rest and plan our next steps."


The room just inside the door was rather small and looked like a combination living room, dining room and kitchen.  There was a slight odor of mildew and a layer of dust that appeared to cover everything.  There was a small sofa along the right hand wall, a table with three chairs in the middle of the room and small stove and sink along the left hand wall, underneath a pair of windows that looked out at the water.  There was a small open doorway on the wall opposite the entrance with a curtain on a rod drawn across it. 


Agent Salazar closed the door behind them, locking it once more.  "Please make yourself comfortable."  He stated as he walked over to Velocity.  "I don't think you need that anymore."  He added, reaching down to gently grasp the energy pistol the speedster was still holding in her hand.


Velocity looked down at the weapon a moment, having really forgotten that she even had it.  There had been something comforting about having the pistol, even though she rather doubted her ability to hit anything with it if she had needed to.  But the Spanish agent was likely right, she did not need it anymore.  Letting the weapon go, the yellow clad speedster moved over to the sofa and dropped down onto it.  It felt so good to finally be off her feet.


Agent Salazar returned the pistol to one of the shoulder holsters he was wearing as he made his wave over to the curtain covering the doorway on the back wall and drew it aside.  Beyond was what appeared to be a small bedroom, least as best as Velocity could tell from her angle.


"We should both get some rest."  Agent Salazar said aloud as he made his way into the other room.  "You may of course have the bedroom, I will sleep in the front room."


"There may be a few things here that might fit you."  He continued as he moved about in the other room.  "But I cannot guarantee there are many.  We will have to get you some more clothes in the morning."


Even through her exhaustion, Velocity understood the implication of the Spanish agent's words.  But she decided it might be best to get an explicit confirmation.  "Wait…are you saying that I am going to need to be in civilian clothes?"  The speedster was not certain how comfortable she was with the idea.


Agent Salazar returned to the front room, a small stack of blankets and clothes in his hand.  Setting them down on the table in the middle of the room, he took a seat in one of the chairs and looked over at Velocity.  "We will need to be keeping a low profile when we need to move about the next few days.  That," he indicated her bright yellow costume with its black and white checkered stripes down the side, "is rather quite the opposite.  Besides, I would imagine you would rather not wear it for several days straight."


The Spanish agent paused a moment, before he continued.  "But I imagine your bigger concern is removing your mask.  I can appreciate that.  While I may see your face, you do not have to tell me your name, and I have little intention of otherwise trying to discern your identity."


"As for when we are out in public, I believe we should be able to provide you with some anonymity.  While the veil was outlawed by Ataturk back in the 20's, there are still a fair number of Turkish women who wear headscarfs in public.  Add some sunglasses and that should be about as effective as your mask."


Velocity was quiet for a few moments as she considered Salazar's words.  She was still not completely comfortable with the idea, but recognized that it was likely necessary.  "Alright."  She said at last.  "I guess that makes sense."  Focusing back on the Spanish agent, she then continued.  "So, what is the plan from here?  How are you going to try to learn how Spartan and the others plan to sell the plutonium?"


"Well, that is part of the reason we need some civilian clothes for you."  Agent Salazar began.  "I still have some contacts here that might know something, ones that won't tip off Spartan or the others that I am still alive.  We will have to go to Istanbul for me to meet with them however."


"But we can discuss this more in the morning.  For now, we both need some sleep."  He then added, as Velocity first noticed the exhaustion that was evident on his face.


The yellow clad speedster let out an audible sigh.  "That means I need to get up."  She stated with a faint smile before she managed to force herself to stand back up from the sofa.  "Well, good night then."  She said as she started towards the doorway to the small bedroom.


"Good night."  Agent Salazar answered in return.

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Velocity pulled the curtain back across the bedroom door as she heard Agent Salazar moving around in the other room, likely getting ready to go to sleep.  Looking around the bedroom, the young speedster saw that there was a small bed along the right hand wall, on which Salazar had set out some clothes.  There was also a small table next to the bed, with a chair.


On the wall opposite the entrance to the bedroom was a closed door, most likely a closet.  Next to that was a short dresser.  On the left hand wall of the room was another door, this one slightly ajar, leading into a small bathroom.


Walking over to the bed, Velocity looked down at the clothes set out for her.  There was a pair of olive shorts and a white, V neck short sleeve shirt.  Reaching up with one hand, the young woman completely removed her goggles, which had been pulled up on her head since Agent Salazar had rescued her back on the docks in Varna.  At the same time, she also removed her mask and the brunette wig that she wore with it.  The young woman looked at the wig a moment, before making her way into the bathroom and turning on the light. 


Velocity's reflection in the mirror did not make her feel much better.  Her long blonde hair was rather a mess, as often happened after being stuck underneath the mask and wig for a long time.  Normally, she would be able to brush it back out at superspeed, but that was not an option right now.  The young woman also saw just how tired and exhausted she was in her reflection.


Taking the brown wig, Velocity set about fixing it into place, something she had never done without her mask before.  At least having it on might allow her to feel she had done at least something to protect her identity for the next couple of days. 


That thought brought back to mind that she was going to have to be gone for longer than she had anticipated, let alone how long she had told Robert in the voice mail she had left those many hours ago.  She needed to come up with some new excuse to call him with in the morning now.  But what could she say that would explain being just suddenly gone for several days? 


When she had finally gotten the wig in place and all her blonde hair up underneath, something that was far more annoying to have to do at normal speed, Megan made her way back into the bedroom.  Reaching up, she began unzipping her costume and taking it off to change into the clothes Agent Salazar had found for her.  It was an odd feeling to have to take off the costume at normal speed, she had really only ever changed in or out of the costume using her superspeed.


Once she had her costume off, Velocity began putting on the borrowed clothes.  The shorts turned out to be a bit loose, but the shirt fit fairly well.  At least they were clean.  Just changing out of her costume helped her feel somewhat more relaxed. 


Climbing into the small bed, the young woman began to once again consider how she was going to explain to Robert that she was going to be gone longer.  Pulling her costume’s belt over to her, Velocity opened the pouch in which she had placed her smartphone, planning to check and see if Robert had left her any message.  She thought perhaps she might get an idea what to say based on his tone or what he might say, or that maybe just hearing his voice would help her come u with some excuse when she called in the morning. 


But, when she took her smartphone out, Velocity found that the screen was cracked and that she could not power up the device.  Oh damn!  She thought, as she lowered down the damaged phone and rolled over to look up at the ceiling.  Without her phone, she had no way to try to call Robert in the morning, assuming she could even come up with some believable excuse for where she was. 


Of all the times the speedster had found her responsibilities as Velocity interfering with her personal life, this had to be about the worst.  Most of the other times she was only sneaking away for a couple of hours, or having to cancel a date or something similar.  This time she was going to be just be gone out of the blue for possibly a couple of days, in all likelihood without even a chance to try to come up with some story, however weak, as to why she had to be gone. 


Velocity's strong feelings for Robert made the situation all the more difficult, making her feel all the worse about hiding this aspect of her life from him and having to lie about it.  But, on the other side was the seriousness of the situation she and Agent Salazar were trying to deal with.  The rogue UNISON superagents had material that could be used to produce a nuclear weapon, which could be a threat to countless lives.  If she did not do everything she could to try to stop that plutonium from falling into the wrong hands…she did not even want to think about that. 

Rolling over on her side, the young speedster tried to push all the chaotic thoughts from her head as she closed her eyes to try to get some sleep.

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Friday, May 4, 2012

Kiyikoy, Turkey

11:20 AM (EEST); (9:20 AM BST)


Velocity sped across the surface of the Black Sea a few miles out from Kiyikoy, reveling in the full return of her powers.  The young woman was still in the olive shorts and white short sleeved shirt Agent Salazar had provided the night before, as well as the yellow boots she wore as Velocity.  She was also wearing her high-tech goggles, now that she was able to once again easily process the constant stream of information from the device’s three hundred and sixty degree vision.  The rest of her costume was back at the safe house, hanging up to dry in the small bathroom after being hand washed.


When she had woken up this morning, Velocity had instantly realized her powers were back.  After more than five years of living with them, the young woman had found that she had not liked being without them one bit.  She had felt vulnerable and weak, something she was not at all used to feeling.


But they were back, and as best as she could tell, there were no lingering effects from what Powerplay had done. Now she was feeling considerably better about facing Spartan and the others, just as long as she made sure not to let Powerplay lay a hand on her again.  Though, given he had done so under the guise of an alley last time, the chances were much better now that he would not get another chance.


Velocity had briefly considered running back to England, now that her powers were restored, in order to talk to Robert.  The only problem was she still had no idea would she would say to him to explain why she would need to leave again.  There was also a slight uncertainty about whether she could trust herself to want to leave again if she was back with the handsome young aristocrat.  Agent Salazar was relying on her, and the speedster did not want to do anything that might jeopardize his plan of playing dead to surprise the rogue superagents, even if she was not entirely convinced about the likelihood of success for the plan.  The risk of losing the chance to get a hold of the plutonium was just too great, regardless of what it might ultimately cost her personally.  So, she had remained in Kiyuikoy, settling for a brief pass through the southern half of the Black Sea to help her pass the time and try to take her mind off what might happen when she got back to England.


As she was closing back towards the safe house, Velocity's goggles spotted Agent Salazar at the door, having returned from his trip to a nearby larger town to buy some clothes for both of them.  Accelerating slightly, the speedster crossed the remaining distance in a fraction of a second, zipping through the door just as the UNISON agent opened it and skidding to a halt in the small room beyond. 

"Thank you sir."  She said with a small smile as she looked over to the door and Salazar made his way inside.


The Spanish agent gave the young woman a slightly disapproving look as he closed the door behind him.  "While I am pleased that your powers have returned, that is hardly what I would call ‘keeping a low profile."


The speedster gave Salazar a small shrug and an unabashed smile.  "I just had to get out and make sure they were completely back.  Besides, I stayed out in the empty parts of the sea, keeping well clear of any ships.  I doubt anyone saw me."


She then regarded the various bags that the Spanish agent was carrying.  "So…what did you get me?"  She asked with a playful grin.


Agent Salazar smiled slightly.  "Ah, right onto the subject of clothes."  He commented as he sat down most of the bags on the table in the middle of the room and help up one that he opened up, showing a long dark blue dress.  "This should suffice for you until we get to Istanbul and can pick up a few more things, as needed."


Velocity stepped over to the Spanish agent, taking the dress and holding it out to study for a moment.  "Hmm, very stylish, if a bit conservative."  She stated.


"Conservative is what we want here."  Salazar replied.  "It should allow you to draw a bit less attention to yourself.  Well…as much as you can anyway."


Velocity lowered the dress to look over at the Spanish Agent.  "Why thank you Agent Salazar."  She stated with a smile.


"I rather doubt that you need me to tell you that your attractive."  He replied dismissively as he handed over another bag.  "This is a tesettur."  He stated, indicating the bag.  "A light, topcoat that a fair number of Turkish women wear out in public.  Along with the headscarf that is in another bag, this will provide you a modest appearance which should further help with blending in."


Velocity took the offered bag.  "So, when are we going to Istanbul?"  She asked.


"I'd like to leave within the hour."  Agent Salazar replied.  "The sooner we get to the city, the sooner I can start trying to see what I can learn about any plans Spartan and the others have for selling plutonium."


"And what if they already had a buyer lined up?"  Velocity asked, having thought about their plan a bit more while she had been out on her little run.


"Well, then we will likely have a much more difficult time tracking them down."  Agent Salazar conceded.  "But either way, we won't know unless I speak with some contacts."


Velocity gave a small nod.  He was right, they would not know unless he spoke with his contacts.  She had not really expected a different answer, but still wanted to voice the concern.  "Well, I guess I should get changed then."  She replied, as she took the clothes he had gotten for her and made her way back into the bedroom, drawing the curtain back across the doorway behind her.

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  • 3 months later...

Later that afternoon…


Velocity made her way through the narrow streets of Istanbul's Grand Bazaar.  The speedster was wearing the dress, testture, headscarf and sunglasses that Agent Salazar had bought for her.  Her costume was safely tucked away in the handbag she was carrying.  So far, her 'disguise' seemed to be working reasonably well.  While she attracted some attention as she made her way through the bazaar, it was not any more than she was normally accustomed to, and possibly even a bit less.


The Spanish agent had also instructed her to act more formal when out in public, and to smile less, as both would help in avoiding any problems.  While normally the young woman might have had a bit more trouble with not smiling as much, at the moment it was not proving too difficult, given her current mood. 


The pair had arrived in Istanbul several hours ago and then checked into a hotel room towards the outskirts of the city.  They had then set out so Agent Salazar could meet with some of his contacts.  The Spanish agent was currently in a nearby bar, meeting with one of his contacts.  He had already had met with another earlier in the afternoon, but had not learned anything useful.  So Velocity was left waiting outside, browsing the stalls and shops in the area around the bar and doing her best to look like just another shopper to avoid appearing out of place.  That was not very difficult to accomplish, as she was rather fond of shopping, in this case the venue was just more exotic than her typical shopping trip.


With all the time she had to wait on Agent Salazar, Velocity would have thought she could have come up with some sort of excuse to tell Robert when she got back to England.  The young woman was starting to get concerned about what might be going through Robert’s head right now.  He had likely tried to call her already this morning, and at some point during the day was going to wonder why she had not called back. 


But at the moment there was nothing Velocity could do about that, other than run back to England briefly.  However, that was still out of the question, not only because it would probably be harder to leave again if she did, but also because Agent Salazar might need her help while she was away.  So, the speedster was stuck waiting for something to happen while dwelling on Robert’s possible reactions when she finally got back to England.


Trying to distract herself from those thoughts, Velocity instead tried focusing on the various shops around her.  The Grand Bazaar, a massive covered shopping area, was quite impressive.  There were literally hundreds of shops and stalls scattered about the dozens of covered streets, selling all manner of merchandise.  While the clothing shops did not necessarily have all the high end designers that the young woman was used to purchasing, there were a number of very cute outfits.  And there was quite an impressive selection of jewelry to be found as well.


She was just beginning to look over a selection of bracelets when she spotted Agent Salazar emerge from the bar where he had been meeting with his contact.  Turning away from the tempting bracelets on display, the young woman made her way over to meet the Spanish agent.  His expression was rather neutral, though it was much of the time, so it was difficult to tell if he had learned anything useful.  But, as she reached him, Velocity saw Agent Salazar give a small smile. 


"They plan to try to sell the plutonium off tomorrow night."  He stated.


"Tomorrow night?"  Velocity replied with a slight hint of distress in her voice.  That was a whole other day she would be inexplicably gone and unable to call Robert to try to make some excuse.  Quickly pushing those thoughts from her head, she gave Agent Salazar a somewhat weak smile.  "But that's great, we still have time to stop them.  Are they going to sell it here in Istanbul?"


"No, in another city to the South, Marmaris."  Agent Salazar replied. 


"Maramis?"  Velocity asked as they started to make their way to the nearest exit.  "Where exactly is that?"


"Along Turkey's western coast, an area sometimes called the 'Turkish Riviera."  Stated Agent Salazar.  "Marmaris is a particularly popular destinations, due to its very active nightlife."


"Active nightlife?"  The young speedster asked with a small grin.  "Sounds like it is the Turkish version of Ibiza."


Agent Salazar gave a small smile of his own.  "That is probably a rather accurate comparison."


"Hmm, why would they want to try go there to sell the plutonium?"  Velocity asked.


"Lots of tourists there this time of year, easy for potential buyers to be a little less obvious for one thing."  Agent Salazar replied. 


"Well, sounds like it will be a fun place to search for some rogue superagents."  Velocity replied.  "So, what's the plan?"


Agent Salazar was quiet for a few moments, apparently considering her question, as they exited the Grand Bazaar.  "We should be able to get down there by this evening on a train.  Tonight we will be able to stake out the nightclub where the auction will be taking place, as well as the area around it."


"Okay, sounds great."  Velocity replied, though without much enthusiasm.  While normally she would jump at the chance to go clubbing, especially somewhere known for having an active nightlife, in this case, it was hard to feel excited given the fact it involved more time during which she would be missing, with Robert having no idea where she was.  "So…do we still need to remain out of contact?"  She then asked, thought she was rather certain what the answer would be.


"I know this has not been easy for you."  Agent Salazar replied, a sympathetic look on his face.  "But we have a lead on them and a chance to secure the plutonium again.  Our being 'dead,' or at least missing is the only thing providing this opportunity.  I cannot do this on my own."


Velocity reluctantly nodded her head.  "Yeah, I know."  She was quiet a moment, then looked back up with a small smile.  "Well, let's get going then."

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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Marmaris, Turkey

8:35 PM (EEST); (6:35 PM (BST))


Nestled among low foothills along the southwestern coast of Turkey, not far from the Island of Rhodes, the city of Marmaris boasted long beautiful beaches and clear blue waters, making it a famous tourist resort in the section of Turkish coastline known as the "Turkish Riviera."  However, for many, it was not until after the sun set, that Marmaris seemed to fully come alive, as the younger tourists set out to enjoy the city's vibrant nightlife.  While the city contained a wide range of venues, from beach front restaurants and bars to bustling terraces for nightclubs or discos, the true center of the city's famous nightlife was Bar Street


Located near the Marmaris marina and only half a kilometer from central Marmaris, Bar Street was a collection of nightclubs and discos where the partying often ran until just before the first light of day.  With the wide variety of options available, from dress code parties to laser shows to foam parties, and a host of music genres to choose from, Bar Street regularly drew in thousands of tourists every night.  And tonight was no different.         


Scores of men and women were currently making their way along Bar Street, dressed in an array of club attire.  Amongst the various other clubbers, were Velocity and Agent Salazar.


The pair had arrived in the city early yesterday evening, renting a small hotel room and spending the night scouting the area around the nightclub where the rogue UNISON agents would be selling the plutonium.  Velocity in particular had been the one to go into the nightclub, as well as a few of the other nearby clubs, given she was about the age of the average patron for the clubs.  Normally the young woman would have thoroughly enjoyed the chance to check out new clubs, but this time that excitement had been tempered by the seriousness of what she and Agent Salazar were there to do, and the fact that she was not there with Robert.  So she had done her best to appear to be someone out for some dancing and fun, while artfully rebuffing the various advances she had received over the night.


From what she had seen, Marmaris certainly warranted a return trip with Robert, assuming their relationship survived this weekend.


The nightclub, Switch, was located right in the middle of bar street.  Based on what they had learned the night before, the plan was for the two of them to make their way into the club in civilian clothes until they could locate the plutonium.  While Velocity did not particularly like the idea, she had been unable to think of a better way to try to locate it, at least not without possibly tipping off Spartan and the others that she was alive and well and here looking for them.  She was also somewhat anxious about the fact she was likely to end up having to fight four rogue superagents in order to secure the plutonium, one of whom had been able to suppress her powers. 


So, tonight she was dressed in a short, black, sleeveless cocktail dress with a largely open back.  Of course, she was not wearing a headscarf with the outfit.  Agent Salazar had offered to get her a black wig to wear, but since that would have required dyeing her eyebrows to match, she had opted to stick with the brown one she wore in costume, as her eyebrows were dark enough to at least look natural with that one.


Agent Salazar was wearing a pair of khaki slacks with a white polo shirt.  His dark hair was slicked back, and he had added a fair amount of jewelry to complete the image of a rich forty-something man and his much younger companion.      


As the pair made their way to the entrance of Switch, the only second looks they received as they made their way into the club were those that an attractive young woman would typically receive.

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The nightclub was already packed, the loud base of the house music reverberating through the cavernous and dimly lit main room.  Strobe lights and lasers flashed over the large dance floor, providing some additional lighting to the dim neon spaced around the bar and seating areas.  As Velocity and Agent Salazar entered the main room, the young woman lightly nudged the Spanish agent, giving a slight nod with her head towards a door along one wall with a large, muscular bouncer standing beside it. 


Last night, the young speedster had managed to confirm that the door lead to a series of private VIP rooms and seating areas.  Of course, confirming this had meant having to deal with a very grabby rich kid.  Luckily, she had only had to put with him long enough to confirm what was back there, and then had been able to give him a very satisfying slap before storming out.


Agent Salazar nodded in understanding of Velocity's signal, steering the pair towards the bar.  Once there, he ordered them drinks and inquired about getting a private room.  As he had expected, the bartender apologized that none were available for tonight, but indicated they could get a seat in the section of the seating area that had been roped off from the rest.  The Spanish agent paid for one of the tables in the sectioned off area and then he and Velocity made their way over to their table.


The pair sat for awhile, sipping their drinks as they scanned the dance floor and otherwise observed the other patrons of the club that they could see, looking for any sign of the rouge superagents.  Despite herself, Velocity could feel the steady base of the music starting to get to her, making her want to get out on the dance floor.  Luckily, that fit perfectly with Agent Salazar’s plan, allowing the speedster to get out to a different vantage point as they looked for their targets.


Taking one last sip of her drink, the young woman got to her feet, and, playing her role, bend down to seemingly give Agent Salazar a kiss on the cheek before seductively sauntering off towards the dance floor.  Years of cheerleading in high school for a football team not known for winning games allowed her to put on a believable smile as she reached the press of bodies out on the dance floor, hiding the nervousness and anxiety she actually felt. 


The steady beat of the music helped as well, as the speedster moved among the mass of people and out towards the middle of the dance floor.  Thanks to years of dance lessons, and trips to other night clubs, she was quickly able to gracefully match her movements to the beat of the music.   


Time began to flow by for Velocity, even with her rather unusual perception of time.  But while she usually just allowed herself to focus on the music and have a chance to spend some time operating at normal speed, tonight she could not allow herself to do that.  Instead, the young speedster took the opportunity presented by being out on the dance floor to regularly glance around the club, studying everything around her at superspeed, looking for any sign of the rogue superagents.

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