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Neospell Debut

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So yay! Neospell got approved!


Now I just need to have him Debut in Freedom City.


So I'm thinking he decides that he'll walk around a dangerous looking part of town in costume and wing it from there.

Talked about this in the chat and I'd like him to go hang around Southside to look for some trouble.


So now I just need a GM and some others that want in on the fun!

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It's probably worth noting that you don't actually need a GM—you could do a solo thread, in which Neospell confronts whichever evilness all by himself. Should you go this route, you'd pretty much have total control over how you present Neospell, and you'd be able to tailor the events of said thread in such a way as to make it clear to every reader why Neospell would be a cool hero to team up with!

On t'other hand, there's also much to be said for GMs and for interaction between player-characters. So…

Since you mentioned Southside, you might want to look at the thread. Many of the characters listed there are ('were'?) played by people who have drifted away from Freedom City, but and are definitely still active, and I can categorically state that Jubatus is available for threads. And apart from the three heroes I just mentioned, pretty much any hero can show up in Southside, as long as their player is agreeable. So sending up a "hey, wanna do a Southside thread" signal, as you're doing here, is the Right Thing to do.

What sort of situation would you like Neospell to get mixed up in? Mugging, gang warfare, bank robbery, smuggling, a drug deal, some other crime? Alternately, what about a "meet and greet" social-type thread, perhaps one which starts out with foiling a crime and goes on from there?

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Grats on having Neospell approved! :)


So, things have slowed down a bit for me, and though I have another thread or two I am starting, I believe I have the time to GM a thread for you CC.  (Something has come to mind based on what you posted above).


So, do you want to have it be a Meet & Greet with Jubatus?  (as Cubist has volunteered ;) )



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