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Rain Check (OOC)


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Vampire Grappling Carrie Unharmed

Carrie Grappled Unharmed 3HP

Asad Unharmed 3HP

Teen Vampire Unharmed

Vampire Theif Unharmed

Vampire has to made grapple, and succeeded in grapple, so he's gonna do an unarmed vampiric strike. He doesn't have to roll cause he has Carrie grappled, so DC 25 for her, she loses a bit of her toughness because being grappled renders her flat-footed.

19, so she's bruised and dazed for a round. She's dazed so she can't attempt to break the grapple, Asad's turn.

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Righty then, Vampire's gotta roll to maintain his grapple, 18, well lets see, Carrie's opposing roll, 26, so she breaks the grapple, he uses a move action to shuffle back into the darkness, so stealth, DC 20, so Carrie rolls notice, 28, Carrie's gonna spend this round smacking the bejeezus out of him, 25 that hits, that's DC 27 toughness for him, and 18, he's bruised and dazed. Asad's turn.

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14, unconcious. The TV's gonna try and grab Carrie, he rolls stealth to do it all sneaky like, 28, so Carrie counter rolls notice, 12, so she doesn't notice, so she's flat-footed, so he rolls the grapple attack, 20, so that hits, and grapple roll, 20 as well, Carrie's opposed grapple, 30, so he fails the grapple roll.

Top of the round,

Vampire Bruised/Dazed

Carrie Bruised 3 HP

Asad Unharmed 3HP

TV Unharmed

VT Unconcious

Dropping daze on Vampire so HP for Asad and Carrie. Vampires gonna use the vocal mind control against Asad so he doesn't, you know, tear him a new one.

27, ouch, make a will check.

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Carrie has to roll Sense


It's the TV's turn, so he sneaks around, so 22, and 25 Carrie sees him, so no advantage, attacks Carrie, 27, well that hits, it was almost a crit but not quite, DC 21 for Carrie, 27 so she's fine.

Top of the round, Vampire has to roll concentration to maintain his control, which, wait, what, the build doesn't have it, that doesn't make a lick of sense. Huh, well it doesn't make sense for the build, so I'm gonna say he has like say, six ranks, that gives him +10, he has to roll base ten (you can't take ten on a concentration roll,, Carrie has to roll sense motive to know Asad's being controlled, DC 20 12, well she didn't make that,.


12, he fails too, so yeah, Asad's no longer under control. But yeah, before we go into that, lets post him doing stuff while under the control.

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