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I'll buy that for a Dollar! Who earns what?


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Another spare 30 minutes avoiding chores and stuff:

Here is the rundown on the occupations and wealth of our PC's! I have ordered this in terms of the benefit (wealth) and complication (struggling).

I have made a very vague and arbitrary attempt to list the categories in terms of how much they earn - although it is very hard to do so. However, it probably makes sense for instance that a university lecturer earns more than a steelworker. M&M isn't very granular when it comes to wealth (a good thing!) - however I though it might be interesting to look at where our players stand, particularly the high end.

I have also done my best to summarise occupations (and again, apologies for any errors or liberties I have taken). There were some (mainly in the normal wealth category) who I simply couldn't assign an occupation to. I was rather surprised we have nineteen students! people grow out of Claremont Academy and get jobs, after all!

Without further ado!

Billionaire Club (Wealth 3)

Doktor Archeville (Inventor, former CEO)

Asad (Heir, Businessman)

Fenris (Aristocrat, Inventor)

Sage (Heiress)

Lord Steam (Aristocrat, Inventor)

Millionaire Club (Wealth 2)

Ironclad (Inventor)

Stormbreaker (Space Pirate)

Omen (Heir)

Adamas (Heir)

Velocity (Heiress)

Midnight (Heir)

Jubatus (Businessman)

Rene (Artist)

Gina Evans (Computer Programmer)

Rich (Wealth 1)

Young Britannia (Musician)

Rift (Musician)

Supercape (Professor / University Lecturer)

Silver Spider (Scientist)

Crimson Tiger (Heiress)

Getting by (Standard)





Lady Winter




Wander (Head of security)

Harrier (Deputy Head of Security)

Victory (AEGIS agent)

Philothorian (Alien Zookeeper)

Comrade Frost (Hero Liason)

Gaian Knight (University Lecturer)

Equinox (University Lecturer)

Fulcrum (Artist)

Edge (UNISON agent)

Revenant (Lawyer)

Siphon (Reporter)

Bloody Mess (Private Eye)

Jack of all Blades (Self Defence Instructor)

Voltage (Computer Technician)

Catalyst (Lab assistant)

Arrowhawk (Lab assistant)

Solar Sentinel (Firefighter)

Wail (Teacher)

Crusader (Teacher)

Gabriel (Teacher)

Nick Cimitiere (Barista)

Fleur de Joie (Florist)

Cannonade (Steelworker)

Heraldo (Grocery store worker)

Geckoman (Student)

Arcturus (Student)

Errant (Student)

Tsunami (Student)

Warp (Student)

Beekeeper III (Student)

Blue Jay (Student)

Temperance (Student)

Blodeuwedd (Student)

Kit (Student)

Glow (Student)

Net Fly (Student)

Starlight (Student)

Papercut (Student)

Ghost Girl (Student)

Wraith (Student)

Myrmidon (Student)

Wisp (Student)

Cobalt Templar (Student)

Nickels and Dimes (Struggling as a named complication)

Silhouette (Freelancer)

Overclock (Musician)

King of Suits (Janitor)

Crow (Student)

Synth (Odd Jobs)


Dead Head

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