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Velocity revisited


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Hello, I am a old player here, though I have not been very active for a few years for a number of reasons.

I would like to have my character, Velocity, unarchived. My character sheet is here. Dr. Archeville thought it would be best to post here to have the character looked over to be sure everything is compliant with the current house rules for the site.

Looking things over, the only thing I saw that could have been a problem is the changes made to Defensive Roll (which she has 2 ranks of). But, it is not really a problem for her, as she is PL 13, but is currently only at PL 12 caps. So with the house rules for Defensive Roll, her Toughness would be +11 (when she gets to use Defensive Roll) and her Defense is +15, meeting the PL 13 cap with -2 Tough/+2 Def tradeoff.

Of course, I could have missed something else.

I also have 12 unspent PP, and plan to spend at least some of those, as well as wanting to make a couple of small changes, with GM approval.

First, the changes to what I currently have that I would like to make, if approved:

I would like to drop a rank of Attractive (from 3 to 2), freeing up 1 pp.

I would also like to drop the point of Equipment that was for a contribution to a player run supergroup I was only briefly part of, freeing up another pp.

Here is what I would like to spend some of my unused power points on:

1) Spending 2 pp for +1 BAB (bringing it up to +5) to help her reach PL cap of +13 with her Strike power.

2) Spending another 2 pp to increase her Super Speed Array to 13 (26 pt reserve). This will increase her Strike power to Strike 13 (brining her attack/damage to the PL 13 cap). The Sonic Boom alt power will also increase to 13 ranks, as will the Spinning alt power.

3) Spending 3 pp on Saves, +1 to Fort, +1 to Reflex and +1 to Will power (making them +11 Fort, +14 Reflex and +8 Will)

4) Spending 2 pp in skills (for 8 ranks). Increasing the following skills: Acrobatics +2 (total ranks 14); Kn: Business +4 (total ranks: 7); Gather Information +2 (total ranks: 8)

5) Spending 1 pp to increase her Speed power to 9 ranks (which can go up to 11 ranks when using one of her speed array alt powers).

6) Spending 1 pp to increase her Quickness power to 9 ranks (also making it 11 ranks when using an alt power in the array)

7) Spending 1 pp to increase her Enhanced Feats power to 13 ranks total, adding another rank of Improved Initiative (for 9 ranks total)

That will cover the 12 unspent pp I currently have, and, depending on GM approval for the changes to what I currently have that I would like to make, I might have 2 left unspent in the end.

I look forward to getting involved in some stories here once again.

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