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The Bear Necessities (OOC)


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  • 2 weeks later...

Fortitude Roll [DC17]: (1d20+6=9)

And it fails, dropping its toughness in the process. Ow.

TOU check: (1d20+2=19)

-7 for the TOU drain, and we're looking at 12, making the elemental Bruised.

Arcturus can't physically harm it and he knows it... so he uses a Hero Point to stunt a spell off of his Enhanced Strength:

Will Check [DC19]: (1d20+12=16)

He fails his Will check and his spell fizzles. Ouch.

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It does, in fact, hit. And elementals ARE living creatures, so... :)

That said, Fort and TOU saves are in order:

Fortitude Check [DC17]: (1d20+6=17)

TOU Check [DC17]: (1d20+2=22)

(Forgot the -1 from the Bruise. But still...)

It actually resists the drain AND the damage. Hoo. ^^

Marcus concentrates, and attempts to use his magic one more time (since he still has the power active from last round):

Will Check [DC19]: (1d20+12=25)


Ranged Attack roll (Blast 9, Accurate): (1d20+11=21)

And a toughness check for the elemental:

TOU check [DC19]: (1d20+2=15)

And again, I forgot the -1 from the bruise. FFFFFFFFFFFFF...

But, having failed the check by 5, the elemental is stunned and takes another bruise.

IC post forthcoming!

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