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Agnus (IC)

Tiffany Korta

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London, England, United Kingdom, Earth

7:30 GMT, 23rd November 2012, a Thursday

“Bad Wolf!â€

There were many bad ways to be woken up in the morning, but being slobbered on by dog must be one of the worst. Agnus pushed herself up and gently guided Wolf, her parent’s dog, off of the bed. Whilst she did that she tried to work out exactly where she was, well she knew she must be at her parents’ house, but how exactly had she ended up here?

Getting out of bed the first unusually thing was that the room seemed much bigger than the last time she had visited, either she had shrunk or the room had grown.

“Agnus breakfast.â€

Oh well the first think was to get coffee, she could try and work out what had happened later.

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Pulling on a dressing gown over her oversized Back to the Future T-Shirt she thumped down the stairs her head still full of fluff. Had she been drinking again last night?

The radio on the Kitchen was on blaring out Voodoo Childs “Here come the Drumsâ€. Her dad was reading some old paperback book whilst her mum was reading today’s paper.

“What you reading Dad?†she gave him a kiss on the cheeks.

“Oh some old franchise Sci-Fi novel I picked up cheap. Seems the hero’s been killed in his pass, causing a paradox that some shadowy cult…â€

“Dad spoilers!†She didn’t know how he managed to be some geeky and some cool at the same time.

She went to pick up a mug of coffee and seemed surprised that it was so hot. Shouldn’t it be, it was though she wouldn’t normally bothered by the heat?

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“How can you read that at the breakfast table?†her mum was always the more serious of the two “Say’s here that playboy superhero, what his name Asad is talking of bringing his team over to the Uk on a goodwill mission. If half of what the tabloids say about of him is true I don’t trust him to set foot on British soil.â€

Wait no he wasn’t quite like that was he? Agnus had the feeling that she actual knew him quite well, very well indeed. She felt herself blush.

“Are you okay pumpkin? You seem a little flushed?â€

“What no I’m find Dad, just remembering someone.â€

“Well he must have been good the colour you’ve gone.†Her mum might be more serious but she still had a wicked sense of humour. To distract everyone she turned up the telly that was playing silently in the corner. Something about it had caught her eye anyhow.

“…only a few years ago Carmen Yeh was a winner on a talent show now she’s back with a new album called Compassion she’s her in the studio…â€

Wait no Carmen had come second, she had won that contest and had a pop career. The pieces of the puzzle were beginning to come together…

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