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Clocked Out (Solo IC)


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Monday, November 5th 6:57 PM

Carrie couldn't remember. That was the main problem with this situation, no matter what she did, she couldn't remember where she was. Her body felt numb, and her head swam in and out of conciousness and she couldn't remember why she was like this. Usually she remembered, usually when she got knocked out in a fight, when she had passed out after a long night, and was pushed temporarily to awakeness she'd remember she was in bed, before going out again, or on her couch, or whether someone had hit her hard enough to put her down and the headache that came with the conciousness. There was no headache though, there was no pain, it was pleasant, but nagging, why couldn't she remember.

She tried to talk, really she wasn't sure what she was talking about. Asking questions, she was asking without really opening her eyes. What was that smell, she thinks she said it out loud. It was a weird smell, it didn't smell like her house, her house smelled, well like marshmellows, cause that was the type of scented candles she liked. It didn't smell like the Fens, it smelled, well clean, why was she someplace clean? That was a strange, was she at her sisters house, that usually smelled clean, she called out for Ali, asking if she knew where she was, she tried to move her hand towards her head, and found she couldn't. In fact when she moved her arm, she felt something else moved, like she was attached, this was a red sign, and it was at that point she opened her eyes.

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It was bright, too bright, there was a light directly above her. She closed one eye, she wanted to put a hand over her face to shield her eyes and found she couldn't. She looked down and gasped to see the leather straps holding her down. Her body reacted before she could think, she changed form and the restraints fell limped as she backed up into herself finding her back against a wall.There was another pressure, against her arm, she looked quickly, someone was holding her there, and they had a needle, and there was blood? That made her react rather quickly, at least the guy with the syringe it did, for her it was rather slow, much slower then normal, but she grabbed the arm that had her and reeled the owner in like a fish. She pulled close, pushing his back against his chest and before twisting his wrist and making him drop the syringe. She held him there, one arm barred against while the other still held his wrist out to the side and she tried to move her legs.

They protested, they tried to break free, but even dazed Carrie had a well practiced iron grip. Carrie noticed colors now, well one color, white, and this person, it wasn't Ali. Why wasn't it Ali, she yelled out this, asking where Ali was, it made perfect sense to her at the time. The others tried to get close to her, but she pushed her grip on the one she had's throat making him choke and the others back off. She wasn't thinking, and her legs still weren't willing to work properly as she tried to lean forward to get a better look. There were lots of people, most of whom were crowding around trying to look for a way to grab her, one or two were getting needles. She didn't like the needles, but she couldn't move. Not with the person, her legs as protesting as they were could move a little, but not her and the person she had. She looked some more, it was a small room with, machines, and beeping noises, and a door, that's what she wanted, she smiled to herself, put a foot on the floor releasing the person she took and tried to run only to trip face forward onto the floor when the other foot didn't react properly.

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The floor was cold, it was the only real clear thought that stopped her from passing out right then and there. It wasn't normal cold either, she could feel the cold all the way to her skin, which was weird. Why was she cold? That question didn't last as someone tried to grab her arm and pull her off, she rolled over out of the persons grip and looked up into several confused faces in, masks? Not normal masks, little white masks, she looked up, does someone have a cold? She pushed herself backwards only to have more hands grab at her, one of them actually tried to wrap their arms around her waist and haul her off, she instinctly changed form again, slipping away from the the grips and flopping back on the floor.

Remaining quite flat against the cold tile, she was quite tempted to sleep like that, except there was more pressure and this time yelling. That was strange, but she didn't like it, she crawled on her belly across the floor completely flat, slipping through the mob on the floor like skidding sheet of life sized paper, she found the door and just rather slipped under the bottom leaving the room full of people, half of which were gawking, the other half noisely shouting stuff she couldn't make sense of at the moment.

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There was a long room between that room and the next, Carrie took a second to change form and tried to push herself off the ground. She mostly got herself to her knees, and to one foot sucessfully before the door opened behind her and a couple of people tried to file in and grab her, there were pressures as well as they tried to stick her with something. She changed her hands form and drunkly lashed out with her flattened hand, it gave the closest person a ripped sleeve and shallow gash that made him drop the needle and made the others back away.

Inching on her knees with one foot on the door she saw the other door open and a much bigger person came in. He didn't have a mask, and he came right at her. She reacted almost immediately, pushing off with her foot and slamming her head right under his chin. It knocked him out cold, and Carrie just managed to avoid his toppling form by toppling herself the manuever itself making her quite dizzy as she leaned back what was a sink trying to regain her balance as the other people looked on in shock. It took her a second, but she realized there was no one behind the big guy, so she took the opportunity to stagger out into the hallway.

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The hallway was a blur of white and some grey with shiny white tiles on the floor, and big square flouresent light up ahead. She could likely make a connection about what this reminded her of. There was a place she was before that was like this, but she couldn't put her memories together to find exactly what. There was wood paneling about hand level that she used as a rail to steady herself so she could walk forward, where too, she wasn't exactly sure. She just didn't like that room, the room with the straps, and the people in the masks. They unsettled her somehow.

Absently she looked at her arm where there was blood, there had been a little hole in it, it was looking down that she realized she was scarely dressed, and scarcely in this case meant that her entire front was exposed while she had some sort of thin thing hanging from her neck to the back. This bothered her considerably less then it should of, which is what she found odd. She was also still a smidge cold, but that had to wait as more rather largely built men came towards her, they didn't look happy. Which, didn't actually bother her much either, though this was less strange as she was rarely bothered by rather largely built men looking angry simply because of how many she had to fight through as hired muscle whenever she had to raid anyone who had any sense to get security. They had the same look too them, though strangely enough they were clothed in light teal outfits, like that would disguise anything about they posture and the way they looked. She laughed weirdly at how rideculous they looked, they didn't appreciate that.

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  • 2 weeks later...

More of them came, it didn't matter. She didn't even fight, she just walked, and as she walked they tried to grab her and fail. It wasn't because they weren't strong, or capable. They were probably excellent fighters, and excellent grabbers, they were likely great at grabbing people off the street, or kidnapping grown men or fighters. But they had never tried to grab someone who so easily slipped through there fingers, literately. Every time they touched her Carrie changed form, unconsciously pulling away flat limbs being grabbed, or ducking out of grips around her waist or her neck each one getting ranges from papercuts, or gashes depending on how hard they had a grip on her. She would just laugh, as they tried, she was drugged, and the attempts in her mind were hilarious even as she ducked and tried to go, somewhere she wasn't sure where. Then she saw the stun guns come out, and she didn't feel much like laughing anymore.

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The surge of electricity brought her to the floor once more. She couldn't avoid it, she could barely walk, and it surged through her, breaking the numbness and threatening to push her to blackness. But no, she wouldn't go to blackness, the room, she didn't want to go to that room, with the straps, with the people in white. She didn't know why, but she wouldn't. She pulled herself inch by inch forward, but someone tried to sit on top of her to stop her, she slipped forward regardless, when they saw she wasn't going down yet she heard the electricity. No, not again, she'd go black if she hit again, she looked back as the man who had tried to sit got up, and she saw where her leg was under his. With a quick flail she flexed back her foot to the spot as best as she could. It impacted something soft and the man fell back. It wasn't much, just a moment and looking to the side she panicked before she found herself a door next to her, she hadn't noticed, she grabbed the bottom side with her hand and grunted as she pulled her flat self under it's doorframe and out of the hallway.

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The room was colored in neutral pastels, there was no windows like the rest, and there was a bed with some lumpy shape laying on it. It would of been calming if not for the smell, the clean one the other room had. Still Carrie would of been content to pass out there in that room, but she could hear them.

The door muffled the sound very little with how very much noise they were making, the ones with the stun guns, they were going to come in. The sense of urgency to get away wasn't enough to make her legs useful but she could still crawl and there was another familiar room off the pastel one. It had a porcelain throne and a long curtain on the side, but also it had a vent.

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Monday, November 5th, 10:34 PM

Carrie was very warm, in fact she was sweating, and only when it become uncomfortable did she start to open her eyes. She saw metal, and this made her blink, and slowly mouth what the hell as she tried to push herself up only to find her head hitting something metal when she tried. This made her blink again and she tried to move her arms around. She didn't have much space to do so at first, they were locked too her sides from the enclosed space, but once she flattened them she pulled them front and felt around her. She was in a box, area


Reaching down she felt also, that she was not dressed, which was, weirder. She moved her head up and looked ahead of her, the box extended about a foot or two forward and then went upward which meant,

"I'm in a vent."

She said it outloud and found her voice and throat dryer. She might of paniked, but she was much too numbed to weirdness to do so. She had been in vents before, in her other form she could move around them comfortably, in this one she was just small enough for it to contain her when she changed back. This brought up a lot of questions, the main one, why was she sleeping in a vent, no, scratch that, why was she sleeping in a vent naked? Changing form she successfully managed to flip herself over like a pancake and look outward towards the other end where some light was. There was a closed grate, so she was in a vent, naked, and the grate was closed behind her. Ohh, and she had no idea how this had happened, no sense of time, and was hungry enough to eat a horse. Well, nothing she could do about it right now except leave, afterall, the pounding headache, and shallow pile of sweat told her she was most likely incredibly dehydrated as well. Hopefully she could get a drink before she had to think more on the subject.

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  • 1 month later...

Carrie peeked out of the bathroom door gingerly, her current lack of covering made her rather uncomfortable in the unfamiliar, room. Hospital room actually, that's what this place looked like. Not that she had any idea whatsoever why she was naked, in the vent in the bathroom of a hospital room, an occupied hospital room. Though the occupant was out like a light. Taking a quick search she found a hospital gown in the closet, which was, well better then nothing. She'd really of liked something more substancially covering, but as she sat for a moment and let her legs stop prickling from previously falling asleep while she was in the vent. She was sore, it was weird, but she was. Specificially her shoulder felt very stingy if that was a word, so she chalked it up to more strange things. She kind of hoped it was a dream, it felt sort of like that, starting in the middle of something and not knowing how you got there, but then again, she usually wasn't so worried about things in dreams.

Eventually she steeled her resolve to get out of the chair, and take a look around outside. She opened the door and slowly peeked out into the hallway, still not entirely comfortable with the small amount of cover she had procurred. Glancing around the corner she saw, well a doctor. He was just walking along clipboard in hand. She approached and cleared her throat with a quick umm, he looked up at her, and his expression changed almost immediately to that of complete horror and surprise.

"You! You, orderlies, ordlerlies, SHE'S BACK!"

Carrie was taken aback by the reaction as the man turned on his heel and ran away,

"What the hell?"

She said it as she watched him run, and then saw from the direction the doctor was running, two large guys in scrubs come down the hall, each one was armed with tazers. With the look in their eyes, it didn't take her but a second to realize there intention, and as such she turned on her heel herself and ran. She might of fought them, might of, except she had no idea where the heck she was, why that doctor reacted that way, and more importantly how she got there. Her mind was being less cooperative with information on that part. So she ran, and hoped that eventually she'd run into an answer or two.

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  • 3 weeks later...

Camera, camera, camera,

She counted them as she ran, there were a lot of them, which made her nervous. She's always hated having an audience, and in this case, someone in this building was looking for her. Too many questions, not enough answers, and why was she so dang sore. Her back particularly, she didn't have a bruise there, so she probably hasn't been shot. That doctor, he was scared of her, why, what would she do to a doctor. Or those orderlies, she caught a glimpse as she turned a corner, they were rather, well built. Then the hospital room, this was a hospital right, but where was everyone? There was no nurses, or patients in the hallways, usually someone was around. But no, it was empty except for the well people chasing her, and they still were, and she was beginning to tire. Why was she so tired? She could run for miles, she'd made sure of it, but her legs ached, and her back was sore, and she wanted a break, she wanted answers, what could she do.

Then in her head, she got an answer, it was simple though it went against her principle nature, she turned around and sprinted past, this surprised the 'orderlies', she ducked right past them, she was so small compared to them, and turning a corner, she found the doctor who had yelled out before. She grabbed him with her free arm, and forcibly dragged him into the nearest room she could find. It turned out to be an MRI scanning room. She shoved him in and closed and locked the door. It took a second, but she found a chair at one of the panels and wedged it down. Standing in front of the door she panted quietly and looked at the doctor,


She wheezed out, but she stepped forward, he stepped back, still dazed and scared,

"Where the hell am I?"

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The doctor retracted from the question,

"The MRI ro..."

"You know what I mean,"

She snapped it out between wheezes as she steadied herself against the door frame her back against the door,

"Where am I?"

The doctor looked into her eyes,

"A hospital, you've, we're...."


She stepped forward the doctor stuttered,

"It's true, you were in a, a terrible accident, suffered internal damage."

Carrie stepped forward, but hesitated, her insides,

"But I feel, I don't,"


He squeaked it out,

"You can't feel it, but the adrenaline, once it fades, we need to get you back to bed. You need too,"

Carrie instantly stepped forward and put a hand on his mouth,

"Suppose your right, suppose your wrong, but if I was in an accident, if there was damage, where are the scars,"

She pulled back the dress, her shyness replaced by outrage, there were scars on her torso, white lines etched into the fair skin, one or two holes, but all were healed and closed, there were however, no new markings, she had examined herself in the bathroom mirror thoroughly, there was light rashes on her legs and limbs from her confinement in the vent but no scars. The doctor stared for a half second his mouth gapping, and moving without words looking. Then he stopped and straightened himself, and talked with authority,

"Look, this is a hospital, you are not well you,"

"Where are the nurses?"

"Wait I just said,"

"Why did those orderlies have tazers, that is not standard hospital equipment,"

"Well you see,"

He eyed the door, there was a banging, it seemed the orderlies had figured out which one they had ducked into and were attempting to break it down. Carrie took a step closer,

"What is going on here,"

The doctor was still staring at the door,

"We had some trouble during, during surgery, you, you woke up, and then,"


"You were hurt, we had too..."

This time the interruption was the door breaking down. The orderlies tried to file through, Carrie reacted instantly, she pulled the doctor close and held him close to her, barring an arm across his neck,

"Stay back!"

She yelled it,

"Stay back or I break his neck,"

The orderlies looked unsure for a second, the doctor was positively whimpering. Carrie was, in the back of her mind, scared to death about the implications. What if it was true, what what if this was just an innocent doctor. But, but things didn't add up, his explanations didn't account for the strangeness of the hospital. She had been to tons, none were like this, even as a place of death, this place, lacked the life that a hospital had, people across hallways, nurses, and the orderlies with stun guns, no hospital would ever shock a patient, even a rowdy one, too many complications could happen. She held him tight to her chest and looked at the orderlies, trying to figure out her next move. Something happened, something involving her and surgery, what though, she needed a clearer picture, she needed,


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Carrie was way too good at finding security rooms. It was a solemn thought as she turned down the hallways, and after weighing the different doors opened the one with all the glowy monitors. The fact that there were some occupants ins said glowy room was little reason to fret. Plus they're combined body mass were great for barricading the door. Time, familiarity, and a sitting position had given Carrie time to reasonably come to terms with the pains, fogginess, and general messed up condition of this situation. Something was wrong, she might be, scratch that, was an exceptionally paranoid individual, but there was an innate advantage to paranoia, mainly, when the world was really out to get you, you could cope better then the average person. Her fingers ran across the keyboard as she switched video from monitor to monitor. There was a lot of sorting to do, from what she could gather this place, whatever it was, wasn't a hospital. It looked like one, had the trimmings and facilities, had staff trained to tell people what it was, but it lacked the real human aspect of it. People that cared.

Every person in the facility in all the videos were either in white coats, hospital gowns, or scrubs. No outside clothing, no jeans, or shirts, there had been no visitors in this place. There weren't even signs of visitors, every hospital room was exactly the same, there was no cards, no flowers, no balloons not a single personal item or comfort beyond an IV hooked to someone on the bed. The bedridden were only visited by orderlies who walked them around, fed them and then put them back to sleep. So, no, this wasn't a hospital, it was a very well stocked disguise, but it wasn't a hospital, that left the question, what was this place?

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There was a banging on the door, Carrie switched the feed with a few clicks and found quite a little crowd forming. Mostly orderlies, but a few doctors were around. In fact there was a female one squeezed in right beside where the door would open. The idea formed as she moved around.


There was a shuffling from behind the door, and a voice squeaked out. The orderlies cleared back a little,

"Okay, okay I'm coming out,"

They were a bit confused but still on guard. The doctors kept close to see what would happen. What happened did so faster then they could blink. The door cracked open, and a shy looking face came to the door. She looked very small compared to what they faced earlier, she moved hesitantly as she opened it some more, in her hospital gown and looked exposed. Glancing around she looked like she was going to take a sheepish step forward, but instead faster then they could blink she grabbed one of the female doctors, yanked her through the door and slammed it shut shaking the doorframe. The orderlies tried to push it down, but like all the doors in the building it was well made for taking a beating.

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The woman might of screamed, but Carrie very quickly gave her to international sign for zip it as she pushed the bodies back against the door. The female doctor took a second to examine Carrie, she didn't know what to expect, but this wasn't it,


"How what?"

Carrie cut her off sharply as she stood up and looked at the doctor. She hesitated, but gained her footing,

"Why did you take me,"

"I need answers,"

The idea donned on the Doctor,

"No, you need help,"

She said it firmly, Carrie turned to face her,

"Which is why I'm asking, where are we,"

She said she was asking, but she didn't sound like it as she turned away from the doctor,

"Also, please tell me why the hell is half of this place after me?"

"Well for one you kidnapped a doctor?"

Carrie turned back towards the doctor,

"I mean before that, don't try lying, this isn't a hospital,"

Carrie said it flatly as she went back to the screens and flicked through some of the videos. The doctor started to inch towards the door as she spoke again,

"You're sick, you need help, we can do that."


Carrie didn't turn around,

"Please don't try and make a break for it, number one, they're probably gonna taze you if you open the door. As I said, you're my size, they might make a mistake."

She turned around and with a quick step she was in front of the doctor again, the doctor flinched,

"Where are we?"

"Please, please don't,"

"Don't what? Hurt you, what do you think I can do to you, I'm half the size of those guys, yet they're running at me with stun guns, why?"

Carrie reached forward to grab the doctor and she shrunk back,


This shocked Carrie more then the doctor, who was quivering now. Whatever facade she had put on to try and hide her fear, it was gone now, fear, the doctor was afraid of her, not Silhouette, of Carrie. She put a hand on her head,

"Oh, no,"

She looked down, at the doctor,

"Oh no, oh, what, what do you think?"

The doctor scrambled towards the door but Carrie beat her to the punch, and hit the wall a few inches from the doctors face. She looked at the woman and glared at her. She was afraid of her, and now it was time to use this to her advantage,

"What do you know?"

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  • 1 month later...

The doctor crumpled, she was whimpering, and then the door broke down, and Carrie was gone.


They were confused, she had been there, and then she hadn't. There was no real requisite, she was gone, she had disappeared like a phantom in the night. They went over the computer to check the screens but something crashed behind them. They turned, to investigate and when they turned again they found the screens had been knocked out. The plug pulled.

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  • 4 weeks later...

Carrie could run without her footsteps making a sound. But she didn't. She let the sound echo, once she had gotten out of the thing she didn't really hide. They were scrambling though, so it was only one or two at a time, she didn't really need to slow down.

Fear drove her forward, but it wasn't blind panic, it was simple cold realization that she was found out. Not only that, it was an unknown. Not a friend, not family, something bigger. What exactly they knew, well she couldn't be certain. Probably wasn't the mask, but that she was dangerous, which at this point she didn't mind proving.

But what could she prove now? She didn't know where she was, and in all the running she had yet to find a viable way out. But who could she asked the doctors proved unrelenting, and interrogating the muscle would be troublesome, she needed someone not in on it.

The realization struck her to a stand still and the. She turned on her heel and headed to one of several rooms she'd passed before. The patients rooms.

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