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1 John 4:1 (OOC)


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Right, so, Gabriel stumbles across them...Do I need to make a Notice check or anything for Gabe to figure out the Sidhe noble is Fae not human? I want to play the entrance right. If it needs a check, I might have Gabe come in, offer assistance...then notice something's wrong.

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Okay, since I lost the build I was gonna use for this guy, I'm going to resort to a backup of AA's pretty cool Sidhe Weapon Master build. Just two changes - one, he has Teleport 8 (200 ft/2000 miles) (Extras: Accurate, Portal [+2]) (PFs: Change Velocity, Progression 5 (250x250), Turnabout) ‘portal’ since he's a big fat jerk who isn't going to hang around to watch his handiwork, and two, his Mind Control also has Auditory on it. Not good! So, let's see if phase two of his Most Nefarious Plan ends up pulled off - he hits Morgan with a glamoured mind-whammy!

DC 20 Will Save vs. MIND CONTROL O_O (1d20+5=6)

Oooh, and apparently Crow needs to work on his will saves. Or finally pick up immunity to mental effects. Either way, Crow now sees our good friend Gabriel as a very nasty enemy of his from a ways back. Which means trouble! He ports behind Gabe, Subtle Teleport, hurling the Talon Wire! Talon Wire Snare 5! (1d20+14=34) Oofa. DC 20 Reflex from Gabriel!

Due to the seizing of initiative, Gabe gets an HP. I doubt the wire'll find purchase anyway.

Meanwhile, our good friend the Sidhe Lord is going to promptly slink away like the sneaky coward he is.

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So many options....


Free Action: Reaction, Skill Mastery Gather Info, using Well-Informed, to know who Crow is. That's a 30; I'll check his chart in a bit.

Standard Action: Emotion Control: Calm, at Crow (I'm forgoing the Area extra for obvious reasons). DC22 Will Save.

Move Action: Move over to the portal just a moment too late for drama's sake!

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Portal closed, time to take care of this kid.

EDIT: Forgot Save! 21 on that.

Standard Action: Dropping down the AOE version of Emotion Control, blanketing the whole alley area. Since I can hear him and pinpoint him, Crow's not hidden. Emotion this time is Despair. DC 22 Will Save.

Move Action: Get over to where Crow is.

Free Action: Extra Effort: Surge (go ahead and count that HP as gone)

Standard Action: Melee Attack against Crow.

24 to hit him with the butt of the spear (non-lethal damage). DC 27 Toughness Save.

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DC 22 Will Save! (1d20+5=20) Ow.

DC 27 TOU save! (1d20+5=22) Double ow, he's sitting at Bruise x4. Still kicking, though! Determined Crow is determined.

Okay, since his Stealth obviously isn't working, he promptly breaks it and goes for another standby tactic. First, spook 'im! -5 to Intimidate, trying to Demoralize! Intimidate to Demoralize! (1d20+10=30) (And I bollixed the roll. >_< That should be -5, so DC 25 Sense Motive/Intimidate/Will save from Gabe. Follow that up with a Standard Action (and another of his favorite tactics) Earth Strike Disarm! Disarm attack! (1d20+6=23) Hoo-ah. DC 27 Strength check from Gabriel. If he fails, sword/spear goes flying.

Crow then activates Teleport as a Free Action, and hits the top of the nearby buildings to catch a breather. He can still see Gabe through the Mask, though.

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I'll lay out my Action Plan, and if you don't like it, Quinn, we can rejigger it.

Move Action: Use Flight 1 to get as close to Crow as possible.

Free Action: Using a Hero Point to Stunt a new power off the Sonic Control Array . Going to produce Nullify 12 (Mind Control, Extras: No Saving Throw, Range [Perception]). Should fit nicely.

Standard Action: Nullify on Crow. Should auto-hit and auto-succeed, since it's Perception No Save.

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Okay, stunting off of his glove Summoning Array, that's 26 PP from Blast 8 to play with. Creating a Teleport Effect, detailed as:

Teleport 8 (800 ft / 2,000 miles, Feats: Easy; Extras: Portal (+2); Flaws: Medium (Bricks) (-1)) (Sympathy Transport) [25 pp]

And hopefully the joint they want is well within range of that Teleport. ^_^

EDIT (to avoid double-posting): Master Plan check! (1d20+2=20) Okay, so +2 bonus to all skill checks and attack rolls for 3 rounds, then +1 for 1 round, upon activation of the Master Plan.

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