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Tiffany Korta

Karma, Yakshini, Karma (OOC)

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K, Sorry in advance for my very bad Hindi, I'm rellying on google translate.

If you're intrested what being said is.

"Who are you? Why are you following me?"

and Revenant reply is


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Revenant : simple strike (1d20+10=11)

DC 25 save for Mage (1d20+10=30), he’s fine.

Kapalini is going for the Golem, ranged damage (1d20+7=21)

Golen vs DC 22, 1d20+12=16, Yay Golem is Stunned and Injured.

Golem is Stunned, so misses his go

Finally the Mage, another Hellfire (1d20+9=24), another hit

Revenant vs DC 27, (1d20+10=29), no wounds.

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Revenant : A simple girl of simple strikes : (1d20+10=23)

Mages save : (1d20+10=17). Stunned and Bruised. And knocked prone.

Kapalini going to try to stun the mage, to hit (1d20+3=21)

Mages save vs 17 (1d20+10=24), Mage is fine.

Golem is going after Revenant. (1d20+7=27) ouch a critical.

Revenants save vs DC 28, (1d20+10=23), Stunned and Injured. Is it wrong that I’m the first to hurt my own character? :D

Oh and a 25ft knockback.

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Revenant recovers from her injury. Injury and finally regeneration, I am complete :D.

Kapalini will try again to stun the Mage. (1d20+3=19), Mage needs to make a DC 17, (1d20+10=26) still fine.

Golem goes for last hero standing, tries to hit Kapalini, (1d20+7=14), another hit, DC save vs. 23 1d20+6=12 Staggered and Stunned.

Things are not going well.

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