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Graduation Day:

The Claremont Class of 2011

"I can't believe we're finally graduating!"

s/fx of screaming and explosions as a wall of black fire erupts across the city

"Everything I've done has been leading up to this moment. But if you still don't trust me, I know someone you will."

A giant robotic tank emblazoned with a swastika rumbles across a burnt-out cityscape

"It's not about today and it's not about tomorrow. It's about the world we leave behind for our children and grandchilden."

A hi-tech cityscape whizzes by underneath with WELCOME TO FREEDOM CITY! on the side of a passing hovercar

"Mom? Mark!?"

A too-perfect city towers overhead, the people smiling with delight as they greet each other

"This world will burn like the lie it is!!!"

A city covered in the bones of millions, inhabited only by the worse-than-dead

"At last I am free to 'smite' the world as I did in days long past!"

"We have to stop him. Nothing else matters. Let's go."

One of those fast whirly montage things plays over the faces of everyone on Young Freedom

"THIS IS IT!" Really big explosion!

Coming next week: Graduation Day! An FcPbP summer event.

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